Winters Winds

A bitter wraiths breath curls forward

washing all before it in blue-black rivulets

seeking the havens of crevices and corners.

"shrink back!" screams your skin, roiling

their feathery fingers licking dead trees

bark splintering and splitting into remneants

of lost dreams and forgotten hopes.

I chase thee.

Frost tipped wings unfurl

kissing the sky with lavender lips

caressing her ebb and flow, touching whorls

and whims of coriolic decree

and she lifts up, she creates, she destroys

without a second glance behind her bony shoulder

knowing that I will never reach her.

I race thee.

Pull the tattered folds of this greatcoat closer

worming toungues of lies threatening resolve

of the thin fabric that shields me from the baleful glare

of a pale gray wintersun

that spits wan rivers of white gold

shafting the needling slants of silver

with unrequited love.

I face thee.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written in jail

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