He said “how’s your friend? Or do you even want to talk about it?”



I do

Want to talk about it that is

Just not with you

And it’s not because you aren’t great

or don’t matter or because I don’t like you

I do

I really


Really do

It’s just that

When it comes to the deep and nitty gritty

emotional stuff

The mess life builds over time

The grim on the side of the shower


It’s just a big deal

You know

It’s trust

A lot of trust

And I like you

I do

I really


Really do

And it’s new

So new

The kind of new that needs a run or two in the wash

before it’s soft enough to snuggle in

The kind of new that smells awkward in a nice way

The kind of new that makes you smile and giggle

and leaves dye stains on your skin

It’s not the well worn, wrinkled, comfort that I need right now

I mean

The level of vulnerability

The amount of ‘me’ you’d have to see

in that conversation

It’s just too much

Not for you



But for me


So I do

Want to talk about it

Just not with you


With you I just want to exist

In a shiny awkward smelling bubble

Where time stands still and love

is possible again


I mean

If that’s okay


With you



Author's Notes/Comments: 

not sure I like this one

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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

i hope you like it better now

because i love this poem. its got so much honesty and depth in it, and yet it appears so effortless.  it looks like one of those perfect poems that appear perfect and fully formed out of nowhere.  the best poets strive for that "unedited" feel, sort of like putting on makeup to look like a natural beauty.  i think this poem achieved that apparently effortless expression.  also it has an incredible level of realism.

running_with_rabbits's picture


I am very glad you enjoyed this piece so much :) thank you for your kind words 

Much Love


allets's picture

Cool Written Emotion

The conversational tone, the talking to is so well executed. It is deftly unified and comes full circle by the end. Nice. - Stella



running_with_rabbits's picture


Thanks love

it's funny how all the pieces people like the best I write in this 'not aware I am writing' mode so I don't really notice them

Much Love