Trampled grass is greener



We wrote poems on napkins

turning Canada day into

metaphors for the night

to follow,


spent Fridays making one

of two dinners he knew

how to cook himself,


Sundays playing

castle defender



as if our success in the game

didn’t speak loud and clear

to our ability to be a ‘team’,


and I find it sad

how the whole time

I was dating him

I had wished he was you,


that after all this

watered down time

has sunk into my pores,


all the poems of ‘us on fire’

are burnt into the page,

after having you,


I find it sad

that I look back

on that time


with nostalgia



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I really love how this poem

I really love how this poem wandered from something seemingly care free into this. Is was beautifully done. 

Let your teeth show

running_with_rabbits's picture


thank you

Much Love


allets's picture

"...watered down time..."

reached from the page and wrenched at my heart - an adventure indeed :D Stella



running_with_rabbits's picture


Glad you enjoyed it love

Much Love