RainyNight in Georgia



Color me gray

as the sky fades to black,

color me sad,

on this cold rainy night.


Rainy night in georgia,

takes it`s toll,

as the rain,

falls on my soul.


I miss you sweet heart,

i need you to hold,

i need you to touch me darling,

touch my soul.


I guess i never,

should have let you go,

now i feel you honey,

down in my soul.


You see,

true love never dies,

and as i stand here in the rain,

my heart still cries...

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A saturation of longing and

A saturation of longing and and rewgret. Could be a country song. See you with a guitar singing it Smile

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lol,u don`t want to hear me

lol,u don`t want to hear me sing,thank you for the visit

ron parrish

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A Great Lyric

Such longing in this write. Heart and soul. "...color me sad/on this cold rainy night..." Ooooooh be still my beating spirit! Enjoyed twice. ~allets~




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Thank you very nuch !

Thank you very nuch !

ron parrish