No silver lining to be had!

                No silver lining to be had!

My past has been a war thats never ceased

And year after year it has gradually increased

My present has been a whirlwind of nothing but bad

So I think to myself there's no silverlining to be had

It feels like all the good in this worlds just gone away

And the sky and its light has turned a deep shade of gray

It's hard to keep going when the world's starkraving mad

And confirms my belief there's no silver lining to be had 

I'm fighting a battle within me that does not have an end 

So as i laying in bed with my demon it's me he's condemed

To the life he's set before me that my happiness hes forbad

Thus sealing my fate that there's no silver lining to be had







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope you like it!!!

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Silver & Gold

Not quite gold

But somehow always compared to it

I've heard of its value,

Its mention through the years

Mostly exsting in wedding bands

Or in cutlery for the wealthy.

I do not know its worth

I do not know gold's either

And there the comparisons continue

I wonder if the element minds

Remaining in second place,

Always being looked down by gold,

Its perfect big brother,

If you will.

Silver makes good heart-shaped lockets,

I'm sure it also serves

To uncover a deadly monster

Featured in Supernatural.

I'm sure silver does not like being silver.

I wouldn't want to be silver.

I think gold is what silver wants to be.

It does not want to end up a knife,



Silver wants to be wanted

So much that others fight for it.

Silver wants to be looked at

For its bright color,

Not the dull grayish one

It comes with.

Silver could be gilded,

Though that would make it worthless.

But I don't think silver is that bad

If you really think about it.

Gold attracts too much attention,

While silver is a reserved one.

I know silver wants to be gold,

And to stop being compared and contrasted


But maybe at the end of the day

Silver just wants to stay silver

Smiling Again


Whispers of the wind

Papers on my bed

Three hours of my sleep

Lonely words are said


The night is young

I hold my tongue

From telling the truth

Hiding it from you


You always have seen me through

You ask me to go with you

Somewhere I can smile

Away from their sight


It has been a long hard week

Take me now and be real quick

I want to go out and kill this night

I have to get out and smile tonight


Even if we see that menace

I know I'm happy with this

As long as you're with me

All things are like a dream


I'm smiling wide again

Fogetting what happened

I know this is a bit strange

I ask you don't go away


Nobody asks me if I am fine

My friends never bother to ask me that

Nobody like you make me smile wide

They don't know if I fake smiles or I am sad


The night is dying

I can't help laughing

Whenever you're here with me

I forget all those bad things

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an ode to my brother in law 2

current affairs
current silver price $32.2 ounce
12 month silver price $52 ounce
all previous bets are off
cos world economics
are cooking the books
and changing the timeline
ponzi scheme crimes
whole systems rigged
to go to shit
just been extended
far from mended
cant borrow from banks
people bailout; no thanks
banks buying our food
commodities too
they know the only thing
going to be worth anything
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Silver Chimes


My friend borrowed my blue phone

She for me opened a note

You sent me a smiley face

You frowned on the name I made


Recalled we were arguing

All we said were too crazy

You'd pull out Bible verse

I gave you science curse


But you said I should believe

No matter how I would live

It was the very first time

Someone made me feel all right


I learned all weren't fine

I watched it lose its shine

Like the songs out of rhyme

We ended with a sigh


All the memories you left behind

They rung like thunders and silver chimes

They were beautiful flowers though not all

Should have saved it when I saw it would fall

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"SILVER CHIMES" is a poem about a past relationship and its immediate effect to you.

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My ode entiled,' if your not buying gold and silver right now'

current affairs

If you're not buying Gold and Silver right now,
you're with the paper terrorists.
And to this system you do cow tow
Residents when you should be tourists


Moving your valuables out of reach
Of the pharma, weapons, banking cartel
Who thrive on war and hate peace
Make money from the export of hell


Gold, silver, old copper coin
Gemstones, other things of value
all about to be kneed in the groin
if you don’t have any; your screwed


paper with pretty pictures on
really wont do you very well
Especially when hyperinflation
turns your heaven into hell


shitstorm about to hit the west
a roof will not protect you
when fiat currency’s stressed
your air will be deep blue


governments supposed to protect
the cash worked so hard for
the banking system un-checked
will no doubt leave you all poor


the moral of this story is simple
buy gold, silver and copper to protect
your hard work from swindle
cant steal it from under your bed

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