on writing


Woven between the lines there sits a gem.

Unpolished, camouflaged, and enigmatic

it lays in plain vision,  yet somehow remains hidden.

It is shy and therefore, it only seldom reveals

its structured geometry to those who look hard.

Every word counts for something,

and each comma or period has a purpose.

Those who realize this simple truth,

see the cloaked jewel with ease.

For a poem’s disguised truth awaits discovery

not just in the explicitly stated,

but also in the blank white spaces.

They are the glue that binds together each

sentence and that which makes poems whole.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes you have to look deeper.

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Watching the words play on the page,

he begins to learn the rules of thier game.

He converses with the referees and officials,

known to most as grammar and punctuation.

He is introduced to the all the players,

but noun, verb, and adjective are the starters.

Eventually, he is confident enough to coach

his own team and becomes an author.

He develops his tactics and strategy,

and slowly his playbook thickens.

He wonders if one day he and his players can go

the distance and together become champions.

Such a wonder, that such a wondrous

world arose from twenty six scribbles

and a few meager symbols in between.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

A few thoughts on poetry.

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