Unrequited Love

Blues For My Man

I don’t wear
A gardenia in my hair.
But baby,
I still sing the blues.
Thank you for the heartache,
And a special thanks, for the attitude.
When you first laid eyes on me
You were like Billie Dee
(And I Miss Ross)
Swooning for your dizzy charms
So thank you for that sweet gesture.
(short and sweet)
And thank you very much for my song.
How could I ever resist,
Your honey suckle kiss,
Tumbling down my bare spine?
(you know I loved it when you kissed me there)
Baby, thank you for those tears I cried.
And thank you for the dry bitter wine.
Good morning heartache
Hear I go again
Good morning heartache
Can’t no other song spin
Me and Billy got this thing
And it’s more than the swing that I do when I hear her croon.
“I cried for you” She sings!
And baby,
I cry for you.
Finally someone gave me something to pout about,
Something to shout about
Something to wail out loud about!
You put the b flat
In my tune
So thank you for the heartache,
 Yes, I thank you for the heartache!
I said, I love you for the heartache!
And a special thanks for my new attitude.
Can’t you hear me singing the blues?
All of me
Singing the blues,
Why not take all of me
Singing the blues?
Can’t you see
I’m no good without you…?
By Ayesha K. Faines Copyright 2010

One Day


One day I will fall in love.

One day I will find happiness.

One Day I will realise that we weren't meant to be,

that you just didn't feel the same.


But that day is not today

and there is always hope. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The very first of my poems (if you can call them that) that I wrote in an old notebook. 

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I tried to blindfold my heart,

But just like predicted, I failed.

The ropes were breaking,

But I wanted to continue walking on them.

Dreaming only hurts when it's

Confused with reality,

And that's exacty what I did.


I had to take an exit there

But I didn't want this to end

It's become a routine to have you there

At the burst of my thoughts,

Trying to escape through my lips,

But I won't allow it.


You have become more than a person

You are now the controller of my emotions

You decide whether I can smile today

I have given you more than myself

Love’s Touch

Love’s Touch



Some people aren’t meant to feel love’s touch


I was born to be such


Never had a woman’s love never will


How does love feel?



Knew a woman in two thousand and eight


Invited me to her place but I was to late


By the time I got there, she was with another man


Love is just something that I will never understand



Walked around with a stupid look on my face all day


If anyone noticed, they did not say


No one knew that my heart had been broken


If they did no word of it was ever spoken



Love is suppose to feel good that’s what they say


I have never felt love that way


I don’t believe that to be


Love has always been linked to pain for me



Some people aren’t meant to feel love’s touch


I was born to be such

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Almost Forever

Letters To Andy

I cannot say forever,
Since I haven't dealt
with tomorrow.
So, it's been too long,
Too unbearable
That I haven't seen you
In almost forever.
And after tomorrow,
I'll say I know what
Feels like,
But the next day is
The pain is also
My heart cannot withhold
The screams for help,
Because heartbreak hurts
For almost forever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another Letter for Andy. I haven't seen him in far too long. And I have no idea when, or if I'll see him again.

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Every morning as the sun does rise
I wish I could look deep in your eyes
to tell you how much you mean to me
to have you here where you should be
I wish you had never gone away
that you had known just how to stay
but you left me here all alone
in a hollowed out version of our home

The battle you wage within your mind
is one you’ve fought alone for too much time
when will you learn to lay down your gun
and open your heart to the only one
who can heal your past pain, help you to see
just what a magnificent man you’ve come to be
and how much love is what you do deserve
despite whatever in the past you have heard

my love for you is unconditional and pure
yet the distance between us pierces my core
I want nothing more than the best things for you
just the opportunity to show you what it means to be true
but your defenses are strong, your walls just too high
for me to find a way past them I look to the sky
and pray with every drop of passion in my soul
that God will find a way to heal and make you whole

for now I just wait, in pain and despair
and wish there was a way to show you that I care
for you and your life and your happiness and heart
while I wait for a time when you show that you’re smart
enough to accept the unbridled joy I can give
that will let you take advantage of what it means to live
to truly embrace all you’ve been given
and take full enjoyment in the life that you’re livin’

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Mayor Dbag

Ghosts of you linger like a smoke-filled room
Haunting my spirit
Singing the same sad tune
Tonight, I’ll put you out like a half-smoked cigarette
Throw you away before you ruin the rest of my pack
I’ll guzzle you like a glass of red
Then rid myself of you like the excrement you are
Turn the lights down low
Slide the deadbolt
Slowdance with myself to the songs of your demise
Shatter the rose-tinted glasses
Laugh heartily at the pieces of you
Drive over you like a speedbump
(you’d make a great one)
you’ll be my man in Reno
I’ll be your Johnny Cash
tattoo your name on a police report
May God have mercy on your soul!
(if you have one)
leave you under the bridge submersed in troubled waters
decorate the dumpster interior with pictures of you
leave you to hang with your kin
kerosene fills the air
this is the way our story ends
I’m the bang
You’re the whimper.

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Could've Been

I should have not let you go.
I should have ran out after you and told you no,
but I did not and just stood there.
Watch as you walk away after you crush our love and did not even care.
I was not lying when I said everything went cold.
Tears streaming down my face felt like tiny ice particles.
This love story is where I play the broken-hearted girl,
You came into my life and gave it glory before you shatter my world.
One moment I'm fill with hate,
Hurt with this anger and depression from this fate.

I'm living in a world with just you and me.
Where our tears seems like it bleed.
I have a locked heart, pushed you away, and you have the key.
I'm worse than any cruel dictator or war criminal because making an angel mortal was my deed.
I'm lying to myself when I said you're the one I no longer need.
It just that I don't want you here at time like these.
(This story is where the boy) Sitting in rehab and lashing out at everyone, not letting you for the third time see how worse I can be.

The next moment I want you here to talk your sweet talk,
Or take my hand and go for a walk.
Along the lake shore,
Is it too much to ask for it once more?
You could not tell me all of this will end up in ruin, before I fell in love?
Was it worth my heart torn apart knowing there will not be any more doves?
You are the only one who knew what I was thinking even though I sat there silently.
I always thought I was the person that could wait forever for love, but this pain will not let me wait patiently.
My mind fill with anger and depression all the while make me beg. (Grief)
Which make this coldest winter yet. (My belief)

I'm surrounded by people some with the exact same case,
Yet alone barely able too see your face.
I walk away that night,
My heart fill with fright.
I had to force myself not to turn around.
Got into my car before you could make a sound.
Took the plants out my cancer sticks,
Then my greens to make the mix.
Took a puff, gave you a quick glance, and knowing you're going to blame yourself thinking you did something wrong,
Broke your heart, couldn't tell you the truth, and drove away listening to a sad song.

I always told myself that you will come back.
My drug addiction is something I don't slack.
Given you up was hard but at least I gave my final goodbye.
I have been drinking quite a bit from my tea cup cause by your lies.
I thought everything was perfect.
Most people give up a life time, which I'm bless young, to learn what love is.
Even though we're not together you're still my greatest bliss.
My memory bring me to a night under the star, where you move your lips close to mine, and gave me my first kiss.
I ponder the reason you might have the same thoughts.
Care, open mind, and love is what you brought.

The best thing about love is the little things that don't matter much.
The sweater you knitted, I wear it everyday to remind me of your touch.
My eyes open, bringing me back to reality, seeing my homework pile up on the desk.
I should have ran back to you but I didn't and my biggest regret.
Should have ran back to hold you, tell you the truth instead of leading you on.
I am starting to let people make me believe you are not worth it, wasting my life having you as the person I fond.
Possibly the fact that you have completely given up on us.
My phone rang, made me relive that night we discuss.
Didn't pick up because of guilt knowing you loving me is your greatest flaw.
Why won't you answer my phone call?

A story where I'm the boy in deep trouble who gave you up to protect you from harm.
This love story is where I play the broken-hearted girl and need to be back in your arm.
This love story is where I'm being punish even though I did not commit a sin.
A story where every single minutes of the day I think about what could've been.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

All criticism accepted. I need feedback to improve my writing skill. I'm new to this and will probably be posting more sad love poem.

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You Never Loved Me

Ours was never special
All are illusions in my head
You treat me so casual
Heart has been misled

You hold my hand like any other
No different from the rest
Kissed me like you have kissed so many
Embraced without caress

I considered you my true love
While you thought of me as just an option
You were my heaven sent from above
Whereas you regard me as very common

I guess I assumed too much
A weak minded fool
And so continue living, as such
Life can be so cruel

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She has never really loved me the way I love her :(