Unrequited Love

The One

Once upon a time I met the man of my dreams.
Turns out falling in love is easier than it seems.
He was kind, loving, smart and funny.
Strong, good looking, self-sufficient with money.
He was stubborn, grumpy and a pain in the ass.
Taught me to be tough, helped me find my inner sass.
He was everything I’d looked for all of my life,
and for what he was looking for I’d be the perfect wife.

But something stood between us, something unclear
I waited, I watched, I prayed more than a year.
He made me laugh, smile, helped me be better
I stood by him, comforted him through all kinds of weather.
I believed if trust and dedication I did show
that his feelings for me couldn’t help but to grow.
But they didn’t…couldn’t…wouldn’t…simply are not there
I have cried as wondered if he ever would care.

And now I’ve accepted it never will be
No matter what I say or do, he just doesn’t want me.
I’m going to move forward, try to move on.
So why does my heart feel so very wrong?
There are other men around, others who can see
and truly appreciate wonderful me.
The problem is I feel like I’m settling for them.
because as nice as they are, they just are not him.

They have wonderful features, nice enough hearts
but aren’t the complete package – not right from the start.
I’ve lost the one with whom I was meant to be,
So now I’ll just choose someone to tolerate me.
My heart’s just not in it, though I know I’ll be kind
I can’t dedicate my whole heart, my soul and my mind
because there are pieces of me that aren’t mine to give
Those pieces are his for as long as I live.

It’s tragic, it’s sad, other relationships are doomed
But I’ll smile, be perky, I’ll give them the moon.
I’ll dedicate myself as much as I can
Keeping a secret inside – that they aren’t the right man.
They’re not the person I was meant to love
they aren’t the one who was sent from above
to show me how deep true love can run.
I’m going to just settle because I can’t have The One.

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Enough Says the "Soul"


Enough you, with this silly whining.
What you see's lost, write off as so!


But, not long ago, the sun was shining
And loved as no boy will ever know;
She led the way, I went dancin' after,
Replete were amorous days, thereafter.

When I hotly lusted she always bowed
So that my wild oats should be sewed.


But she's now cold, is too removed.
Reach instead for this witty forebode:
You were desperate and blind,
You were lonely, feeble of mind.

Hound for her not like dogs for a bone,
Like a scoundrel mutt from the pen,
But to merely forget and bemoan
That her you met, again and again.

And mark her as object unknown
In your thoughts as I will in mine.
And get thee again to thine throne,
Search thee there for femme divine.

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Just poems

Window panes in the dark
secrets locked within...
Twisted whispers whirl about
dance the dance of sin.
Broken mirror on the floor
yesterdays hope reflected...
Dreams dangle from a noose
forbidden love rejected.
Cinders pop beneath the hearth
vacant words to vapor...
crimson color stealing sight
Blood of her hearts raper.
Nevermore was softly sung
while razor ripped thru flesh...
pleads for help screamed unheard
As body made final thresh.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was in a dark mood when I wore this.

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It's confusing, to say the least

I always knew that there was something odd,
Something off, but brushed it away.
Now that everything's clear of the misty fog,
My feelings are no longer astray.

I still feel the same, though,
But just a little weirded out.
And even though it's been awhile ago,
I'm not filled with doubt.

It was really shocking,
but I kind of expected it.
It explains everything,
And yes, I even choked a bit.

It was hard not to,
seeing as I adored you.
I always thought that you were who you were,
But I'd still be your admirer.

It's not that bad,
It was just a little strange.
The truth is just a little bit hard to stomach,
A little bit out of range.

It doesn't change anything,
although it might feel a little awkward,
It will take awhile to let this sink in,
Because it's still a little disappointing.


By: RaiLiet_lurvs_BL

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because I just recently discovered that my muse is a she. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with that, but the fact that I thought that she was a guy was way sinked in into my brain for far too long that it's a little weird to start calling what was supposedly "him", a "she"...

Haha. xDD. She's still my obsession though. >:}. For everyone else that viewed this poem as something else, feel free to do so, but keep in mind that this is the real meaning of the poem...
Feel free to say your thoughts about the poem... (Or about my A/N. xDD.)
For HER.(<---- Convincing myself. xDD.) And for the people who can relate to the poem.

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So Hellbent about you

I glanced at the sky,
searching for something.
Look away, I tried,
But I knew something was missing.

That shade of blue,
There was something nice about it.
That certain hue,
There was something painful about it.

I stared,
not knowing.
evening out my laboured breathing.

Something hot and wet slid down my cheek,
I unconsciously bit my bottom lip.
Those astray clouds seemed like pieces unfit,
And suddenly, everything just seemed so bleak.

That wasn't a tear.
No, it wasn't.
I held no fear.
No, I didn't.

It was something else,
That I knew.
When I stare at the sky,
It painfully reminds me of you.

The truth is,
I'm not over you.
But honestly,
I never did understood why I was so hellbent about you.

By: RaiLiet_lurvs_BL

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As always, this poem is for anyone and everyone who can relate to the poem. :).

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I stare and yearn

I feel it
It's deeply embedded there
And I wish it wasn't
If only I could tell you 
If only this world wasn't so filled with hate.
So I'll keep it locked inside
Maybe you'll find the key
But that would be like winning the lottery to me. Even better I think.
Hearts can be so cruel.
I wish mine would stop this torment.
I don't seek recognition or pity,
I just want you.

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Hopelessly Torpe

Contented from a far
Gazing at you my star
Foolishly dreaming
Romantically hoping

But chances are so dim
Decided out of whim
Never cause a scene
Love left unseen

Feelings unrequited
Nothing is expected
Unknown admirer will always be
Hiding behind poetry

I will not take risk
Just to steal a kiss
My conviction is eternal
My direction is final

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The word torpe is used to describe men who does'nt know how to approach the girls they like. Sometimes even a man who is confident in other aspects of his life can be seen as torpe when it comes to girls.

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Unrequited love


I feel complete in your arms
When we are together I feel happy
I love you more then words
When we are apart I want you
I think of you all the time

You don't know how I feel
When we are together we have fun
You don't know how hard I fall
When you go with someone else
You don't know the hurt

I will endure it
You will notice me
I will always stand by you
You will never find the one
I am the one for you

We will always be friends
Going will be rough
We wil get through it
Going will be smooth
We will survive

We have eachother
Friends first
Lovers second
Loyal to the end
End of life

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Something kind of like lost love

Take a walk through my veins,
run your fingers down my arms
rest your cheek in my palm,
Grab hold of my heart and
take my breath away as you walk
right through me.
Do you even remember that I am alive?
Was it so long now, that we
sat too close, just far enough
away from anything real?
The love we had, but were not in.
And now, you walk right past,
outside the lines of my heart.
We couldn't help but laugh at ourselves.
Our walks were aimless,
making circles with our words.
Hiding under covers in the dark
of your room,
And I hid.
But you never found me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I seriously do not have a clue what to title this, sorry! Hah. And actually, the poem itself needs (a lot of) work. But, for now, here it comes to rest.

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