Unrequited Love




I don’t know how to let go

Even though you’ve tired of me

How can I live with myself


This didn’t last forever?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

deticated to Alex, the moments we spent together, more real than this life.

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love seperated by words

i feel so confused right now.

it's like "yes, i do. do you?"

and there's no response.

then there's acting like i'm invisible,

only longing looks exchanged.

maybe it's the other case,

maybe but probably not true

knowing what's there


i would pour my heart,

like i've done so many times

and my heart still needs repairs at the end.

i know that'll never happen,

better person than i am,

but that wonder lingers.

don't listen to what people say,

it's the gut feeling you need to go for.

there's change everyday.

if it's wait, i'll wait.

if there's nothing-say.

because i will go mad if i have to live this way.

you may never read this, only other eyes will

maybe, just asking

since i'm only wondering.

eh, i feel dumb :/

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I feign casual

And your responce

Is equally so

I laugh

You will not see

My heart break

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Deticated to: Alex

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Be My Nothing


There is a desperateness in my voice,

as I clutch on to your last nerve.

"Please don't leave me!" I beg.

I have no right to ask you to stay,

but it hasn't stopped me before.

The look you give shoots me through the leg,

crippling, but not enough to kill.

I need your presence to fill the void,

left by another boy.

But you see through me now,

so I can't make you stand still.

If only I wasn't such a weakling,

just another piece of dirt on a shoe.

I yearn to be more to you,

more to everyone on this planet.

Alas, I am not anything.

Just nothing.

I solid lump of desperate nothing,

begging you to be nothing too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love Me, Leave Me, Just Do It All With Me Near. PLEASE?

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I Wish I Could Love You...

I wish I could love you

Like you love me

I wish I could say

That you were the one to be

It’s obvious to see

That we are not right

I hope I can tell you

On this awful awful night

You said that you loved me

You said I was the one

You said you’d never leave me

I can’t believe what I have done

I’ve led you on for oh so long

I want to tell you

That I was so wrong

From day to day

And night to night

What can I do or say

To make this go back right

You were my friend

My friend indeed

I wish I could love you

Like you loved me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have never written a poem in my life. Just wanted to receive some feed back. So please COMMENT :)

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Text Screen Romance


You glue me to my phone.

A day without it scares me,

just like a day with out you.

I close my eyes and hope to hear its buzz.

And if it doesn't come,

I drop into my sadness.

Only a few inches from me when I sleep,

the cell phone wakes me with your message.

I smile,

I cry,

I get frustrated;

so many emotions in so few words on the screen.

The stickers glitter in the sunshine,

and my hand finds the charm hanging off it.

You've chained me to a tiny piece of micro-chips

and I know why I don't fight it;

because on the phone you are mine,

but in my heart, it will never be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Such a cute way to deprive yourself of a normal relationship ;]

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When i look into your eyes,

and see that beautiful smile

my heart jumps and my stomach jitters,

the soft feeling of your hand holding mine

makes my heart burn with desire,

if only i could feel your lips aganst mine,

if only you could hold me close

so i can feel your body press

against mine

I wanna lay in bed holding you tight

with the promise of never letting go

i wanna make love to you from sundown

to sunrise.

though my wishes will never come true

when i think of happiness i think of you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

umm just some feelings i guess

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The Painting Merchant Girl

Most Recent

I knew a girl once

Who cried so hard

And so long

And so often

That the tears

Corrosive and salty


Tiny canyons in her cheeks

Then everyone (Especially HE)

Could see how real her tears were.

Said HE to the merchant

“You cannot take back what you give!”

“Then I shall grow a new one!”

The merchant weeped

“Though –

Like a starfish’s arm

Not quite as big

Not quite as strong

Not quite as trusting.”

HE nodded

Then left with her heart

I knew a girl once

Who, one day, decided to paint

She threw away her previous fiasco

And dipped her brush into thin air

Stroking away at something invisible

And there she sat

Painting something no one could see

Until her masterpiece finished itself

And no thin air was left on her palette

Or in the room

She was smothered.

I knew a painting merchant girl once

Who used to write for me

The most beautiful words

She had the ability to string them together

Like pearls on a necklace

But now…

She’s too busy

Re-growing her heard

Crying a canyon of tears

And trying to breathe.

She writes no more.

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Silver Scales

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Our fish wasted away

Into a sad mound of

Silver scales

Because I forgot to feed them

They now know my hunger.

I starved as well

Simply because

All I consumed was your love

And you didn’t feet me enough.

Because of you

Father Time and I have become quite intimate

Counting away the hours

And it’s strange… but I have this bad feeling

That I will wait for you forever.

Please don’t leave me alone in a world I have wrecked.

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