Vain Love

Out of sight,

Out of mind.

It has been eight years,

But still I never forget.


I stopped waiting for you.

I have been in different relationship.

Like a ball,

I kept bouncing back to you.


I miss you,

You don't miss me.

I love you,

You don't love me.


Why I am afraid to lose you?

When you are not even mine.

I can conquer everything,

But not your love.


I want to be the one for you.

But you are the moon,

And I am the sun.

We would never meet.


If I could give you one thing,

It's the ability to see yourself through my eyes.

Maybe finally you can see the real me,

For you to see and look at me.


We aged and change,

Maybe this time we could meet.

Put all these things behind the past.

Start all over again for a better version of us. 

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