Unrequited Love

Everything You Are:::

September 07

How can I just forget everything you are to me

You are the reason I go on living

You are the answer to why I keep on breathing

You taught me more than anyone I know

You taught me lessons never taught in school

You taught me faith and to believe

Taught me how to trust that you would never leave

You taught me what love really is

and you love me unconditonally

You proved to be different time after time

Taking my pain and carrying it on your shoulders

Lightening my load

and I wanted to share forever with ou

no matter how diffifult the road

You still mean everything to me

although you have said goodbye

I only hope you come back and give us another try

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To Her


I have seen your face.

It haunts me.

It follows me.

Are you mine?

Am I yours?

What must I lose?

What must i gain?

I have seen your face.

It makes me smile.

It makes me happy.

Where are you?

Who are you?

What must I feel?

What must I do?

I have seen your face.

Tell me who I am.

I have seen your face.

Tell me who you are.

I have seen your face.

Who are we?

I have seen your face many times.

Am I alone,

    Without you?

Am I alone,

    With you?

I write for you.

I want to know you.

Are you real?

I have seen your face.

It haunts me.

It follows me.

Why do you do this?

Why do I let you?

Can I stop you?

Will I stop you?

I have seen your face.

I am lost.

Find me.

I have seen your face.

Haunt me.

Follow me.

Be with me.

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Depressed Poetry

When I cry

you wipe away my tears

whenever I smile

your right there with me.

Always taking care of me

especially when I'm sick

talking to me for hours

treating me like a queen.

I'm falling in love

soaring through the clouds.

Flying with an angel

holding me tight.

And when I wake up

from this beautiful dream

Watching you hold

her tight....

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How could I have had possibly known?

How might I have guessed?

That I would have fallen for you,

Fall for you. It's for you I fall.

After just one touch. Just one.

How now can I bear to see you?

Now how could I begin to face you

Without the betraying of my heart.

Without betraying my heart. Without.

Do you feel the same way? Do you feel?

My thoughts are troubled tonight. Yes troubled

Please stay with me tonight. Stay please.

Speak to me from your heart. Speak!

Why won't you speak your heart? Please speak.

The silence of my yearning is deafening. So loud.

I feel much too timid to talk. As if the sound of my voice

Will echo around our world for evermore.

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I write.

I use to write.

My notebooks have many blank pages

My notebooks have many filled pages.

Words of Joy, Love, Fear, Anger.

So many pages.

Pages torn out.

Pages covered in tears.

Pages covered in blood.

Each page has a meaning

Every word, Every line.

I write.

My muse is gorgeous.

My muse makes me laugh.

My muse makes me cry.

Cry, Laugh, Smile, Eat, Drink, Sleep, Run.

Pages filled with it all.

Blood, Tears, Sweat.

Pages filled with it all.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i have it as unrequantied love for that as much as i love to write i don;t have enough time to do it as much as i like

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You Didnt Want To

June 2007

You were the one in my heart for so many years

I couldnt tell you because of all of my fears

I wanted to know you but to you I never existed

I wanted you to care but it is me you never even noticed

I had to go ruin everything by writing that letter

But I honestly thought it would make things better

I said I loved you, how could I ever be such a fool

You thought it was the funniest thing ever becuase to you I was so uncool

Why would you even want to be a friend with someone like me

The hugest joke, too blind to see

You werent looking for love, you sure were not looking for me

I was hooked onto you for so long, you only longed to be free

So on the day you moved for away,

I asked if we could be friends someday

You said you were sorry but you couldnt

You werent the best correspondant so you shouldnt

I think that was just a lie

and you just wanted me to go away

So I wouldnt bug you ever again

but it hurt that you didnt even want to be my friend

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In memory poem of an unrequited love

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reoccurring feelings

This wind brings sorrow

from feelings lost long ago

and it still hurts me more

when i realize i can't let you go

i should keep this a secret

'cause it'll hurt to much

to say it out loud

just another canceled touch

i will be your friend

who wants to be your lover

i am falling and falling

and i can't seem to recover

please stop dancing around me

with those big beautiful eyes

I could tell you anything

But it'll all just sound like lies

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Blue Shirt

Hyacinth garden

I am not co-dependant! I am resIlIent!

I have a past I do not lIve there.

Chaos or quIet, I wIll remaIn sIlent.

If we were ever to meet agaIn,


hope we never do!  


will smile politely, as strangers might.

BUt, tonight is not then.

it has not been that long

since we woUld bend.

Since we woUld arch and dip starrily.  

Like green and yellow colors, we coUld blend.

YoUr image is as vivid as yoU are spirited in oUr pictUre.

The pictUre with yoU as yoU.  



my shirt of blUe.

With smiles from both oUr faces for the camera

and the gathered few.

We both already knew that “Y”oU woUld not remain with me.

How yoUr face is able to hide the trUth inside.  


can never know?    


face made sUre


blUe shirt below was concealing


blUe show.


needed YoU then.


am convIncIng myself I wIll never need that way agaIn.

That Is why I left that shIrt behInd.

That last nIght,

I saw you


you last



Me wIthout My shIrt of blue.

Dylan ElIot


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Shattered Heart



My heart breaks

Into a million little pieces

Glass shards that slide

Through thick blood

And I choke

It's too hard to breathe


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Deticated to Brent

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