Unrequited Love

Between Dr Who and The Twilight Zone

I first heard it by telephone today.

Between Doctor Who and The Twilight Zone,

Fumbling wildly, for the right things to say.

The Sun sank sullenly, ending the day.

As if nature sought to set the right tone.

I first heard it by telephone today.

"Can you cope, let me know? Are you alone?

He was a good man and I wish I’d known"

Fumbling wildly, for the right things to say.

"How? Did he suffer and what time of day?"

Faintly voiced answers, chill to the bone.

I first heard it by telephone today.

"I’m so sorry my love," is all I say,

"You made a mistake, I'm happy alone."

Fumbling wildly, for the right things to say.

"Now she‘ll atone till her dying day,

While I dream of axe blows, splintering bone"

I first heard it by telephone today.

Fumbling wildly, for the right things to say.

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I kinda wish

That she'd pick me

To be her first

Girl date-e

Some time ago

Around grade six

I realized my likes

Of both guys and chicks

I remember asking her

If I had such attractions

Would she deny me

Or return said actions

To my dismay

Not greatly at the time

I was framed guilty

Without committing the crime

It was sadly at that moment

I felt a small part

Inside of my cage

Lock away in my heart

Though she was my friend

And I best to her

I felt it was better

That my feelings defer

For the longest times

Those feelings weren't there

But somewhere backed

I knew of my care

Though since that day

When I was "rejected"

My feelings for her

Were never neglected

I was always there

Whenever she'd call

I was always waiting

To soften her fall

Whether it be family

Or even a guy

I always tried to be

A shoulder to cry

But lately I've felt

An increasing desire

Her feelings for me

I want to acquire

I could be so great

I would treat her so well

If only for a moment

Her heart for me fell

She recently spent

Over a night

And whilst we were talking

I was full of delight

Knowing of only

One location

Where she could sleep

Was my elation

And through that night

As we had slept

Her body on mine

Had unknowingly crept

She cuddled against me

Gently breathing low

I could not move but

Was happy doing so

For a moment I watched

Her beautiful face

Sleeping right next to me

Unknowing her place

A saddened thought

Came into my mind

How this moment with me

She'd not consciously find

And to my surprise

Earlier today

She shared with me

A hopeful array

I wanted to ask

I wanted to say

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"Astronality" 4 - 3 - 09

on cloudy nights with no tell-tale lights

cities burn emberish afar

through everafter we float

traversing the void, suspending time

as the third eye opens i witness

a burst of new light, filling

a'blivion we so boast and attest

is what we desire most

dancing kaleidoscopian pegs

become our LiteBrite of motion

baring the rythm of our love

the footnotes of our echo

as we shine into the deep

dim in envy

the stars will cower and let us be

as eyes to feast and fair

dripping constellations

tattle-tale romance

stories that visually enslave

to a white with many shades...

so gaze upon a pegestry of lewd

and know that i think of you

for ever after we'll have stars

and a story of lingering darts :)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

if you need any clarification on this one, i guess just imagine a guy imagining lol

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As I gazed into  
large glowing eyes,
Clear as crystal,
shining like

I was caught off
My protective  
shield was down.

For a time, I was lost                                    
in their beauty.
Swallowed up in the

Opaque pools of water,                          
Inticed me,                                  
I wanted to wade in,

Feel splashing                                                
around my ankles.
Get wet, be taught
to swim in those
Know of all their
Learn everything
about them.
Experience their energies,
Linger there awhile.

Become familiar with            
We spoke in silence.

Not a word was uttered.
I understood, they

I had been caught  
in their clutch,

My guard is up now,
My shield has been

Crystal Pools only
happen once in a
life time.  

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

crystal pools only happen once in a life time....

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She's Almost Leaving(from Twisted)

Twisted Branches

i watch her sleeping

i never can myself

if i blink and she's gone

i'll cut out my eyes

so i can pretend

she's here again

till i don't hear a sound

then i'll go deaf

and i'll go numb

so i won't feel a thing

i never feel at peace

but at least i feel her near

upstream the breeze through the curtains

she's barely breathing

she wants out so badly for heaven

she's almost leaving

i watch her dreaming

she never smiles

at me like these hours

and i don't make a sound

and i can pretend

i'm there with her

like i don't hear a word

of what she whispers

and i like to think

that she won't face no harm

where ever she's at peace

have a use when i'm sitting near

upstream the breeze through the curtains

she's barely breathing

she wants out so badly for heaven

she's almost leaving

upstream the breeze through the curtains

she's barely breathing(i know i don't have enough to give)

she wants out so badly for heaven

she's almost leaving(you've given me another reason to live, they've been running out)

i always knew someday she would  but i couldn't let go(i never kept you there)

still she slipped between my fingers   out the window(you couldn't bare to break my heart)

off the ledge one evening  with all hopes exhausted(i know what kept you there)

while i was sunk in my chair  finally sleeping((i couldn't bare to miss your heart..beat)

she floated away

a free fall escape

a parashoot in my face


now under the breeze through the curtains

i'm barely breathing

i want out so badly for heaven

i'm almost leaving

under the breeze through the curtains

she's heavy breathing(i know i didn't have enough to give)

she wanted so badly for heaven

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Painfilled heart-- 2.26.2009

Confusion infiltrates my devastated mental state I'm in!

Love shattered like shards of splinters that pierce me through my wounded skin

Anger fills me like a flask of wine overflowing with madness

as I'm trapped in this bitterness of dark depression of sadness.

The illusion of a fairytale I once believed in, sinks deeper into a feeling of inconsistency

between reality and what as a child had faith in..

regret overshadows me, encompasses my every sense of emotion

my heart bleeds with a cry that screams into an explosion

corrosion stains every crevice of my heart with doubt as I bellow from the depths of me, "I WANT OUT!!!"

Tears fill my cup of disbelief, as I try to stand tall without strength in my feet

my soul is weak as I find myself trapped in this nightmare of an inescapable sleep.

My hands quiver with just the thought of facing my emotional demise

as my body shivers in this cold grip of senseless lies of what I once held true

a love of dreams come true and castles of gold and rainbows of happily ever after, but this perfect world of mine has shattered as the blue birds and nightingales scatter into dark caves of insane laughter.

Hunger to live no longer matters as my heart is overwhelmed with the hymns of melancholic clatter

drowning out the sweet voice of harmony that once danced with me under moonlit balconies.

Love fades into the cold dark storm of uncertainty.......

By JPS 2/26/09

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem written for my friend Amanda Leona R., who suffered through a broken heart

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I want to share with him

Even though he denies

One more eve in his arms

To wake up to his eye(s)

Rolling out of bed

A moment separation

But never so long

Gapping the destination

Caressing so gently

Around my neck

He pulls me in close

For a lingering peck

To walk by his side

As we seize the day

Every step, my two

Yet doesn’t walk away

In total silence

Or bounding guffaw

A semi-stare down

Or total withdraw

Talkin’ on the phone

Or merely just there

These moments with him

I still want to share

But all in the past

No longer are we

These moments are gone

And thus cannot be

Since every moment now

Are just these it seems

I’ll share them once-last

With you, in my dreams

Inspired by:/Dedicated to: Shadow Jovan Silvas

Created on: February 26, 2009 - 0435

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He touched her with the thoughts of marriage

Playing with her emotion

He left her in a state of disparage

With his deceptive notion.

All he desired was a quick interlude

With a woman who would relinquish

All she desired was a good attitude

With a man who loved and meant it.

She dreamed of life forever

As a happy long lasting couple

He dreamed of a quick escape

After he got her in trouble.

She's all alone in life now

with a product of deception

He quickly took a bow

And escaped without detection.

She learned a lesson that lasted for ever

That men have needs and lie to get them

This man who thought he was so clever

Forgot the seed which became a problem.

For you see, there is no escape

From the laws that were created

To protect the innocent babes

From love that has been overstated.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about women who get in a bad way and men think they can desert only for the government to catch up with them..lol

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Heart on Your Sleeve

Pour your hope into me

This cancerous addiction

Sick intoxication

Lose yourself in that place

Lend me your pain, dear

I linger with the taste

Longing to consume

But everything I am

Everything that burns

Will be ashes

In my tinder box

With the broken lock

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have no real way to explain all the references because they are all quite personal and relate only to me.  Sorry.  I will say this.  Its about a person who loves someone else, wants to be there for them, but cannot because they feel like they would make the situation worse so they just hold in all their thoughts and feelings and desires and keep them to themselves and just hold on to all the memories they can.  Yeah.  That is the best explanation I can give without a full on breakdown of my life.  LoL

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