By jfarrell


Even the sand flowing through the hourglass

Echoes ‘tick-tock’,

When it lands.

He’s catching up; your time is running out.


I may be pressing ‘send’ on my phone;

The alarm on the timer says ‘beep, beep’

But its still ‘tick-tock’;

My, our, time is running out.


‘I’m a clockwork creep’; 10cc are so under-rated;

Clockwork; digital; psycho…

Us clockwork creeps; we all sing ‘tick-tock’;

As we press buttons that lesson our time.


Don’t look behind - just RUN!

You heard the ‘tick….’

Maybe you can run far enough; fast enough;

And not hear the ‘TOCK!’


I saw someone make it, once;

I saw someone dance through raindrops;

Drip-drip; Tick…… and POW!

Gone before I could ‘Tock’.


As a bomb, that’s very frustrating :-)

I wish you all rainbows, my friends :-)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

time ticks down

No way to say it perfectly


We never write what needs to be said,

the barely whispers you can taste in the hallways,

the silence that sits here too long.


We steal pens from each other

as they track down the lives

and I start a chain of the meetings.


It is a dangerous place

when sky meets star and star meets head

and we might say a little too much about this moment.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/14/17

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Under Liquid Starlight


We sit under regrets

and make our own heat

and know what we’ll be through in the morning.


We sit under unmade promises

and spend all the questions we have

on the universe and each other.


We sit under liquid starlight

and waste time that can never be wasted here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/12/17

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All I want is you!

                   All i want is you!

Day after day I wait for just a moment of your time

And night after night i spend crying oh what  a crime

Why do I have to wait for my time to carry through

I miss our time together. And all i want is you

We used to chat for hours andTalk about our lives

And we didnt  stop talking till morning light arrives

I don't know why its so but it's made me feel blue

The distance keeps us apart but all I want is you

I wish I could turn back time to when we first met

Cus that's when you talk to me with out any regret

One day we'll be as one right now all I want is you!!!!! 





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I haven't been on in a year but I'm back and here's my latest! It's about this special someone who's away for a while doing a job of making roads and he stopped texting me almost altogether hope you all like it!

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Tell me what you see


Sitting here the moments are sped up

and I can fit all of us into broken bottles,

a beautiful saltwater time capsule,

we would glint off the sky like perfect ghosts.


Sitting here the moments are slowed down

and I can feel what my laughter sounds like in your head

like yours in mine,

echoing off the air and

we breathe it like we don’t need anything else.


Tell me what you see.


Good luck,

better smiles,

tears like spending this precious time,

not knowing how much we don’t know,

this is how I love you,

things we wish would never change.


If I had these nights again 

I would hit rewind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/14/17

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Freeze Time


I have never seen

those double rainbows,

the glimmers of light

little voices point out.


I have never known

the smile of an angel,

the kiss of the wind.


I have never been

the kind of girl

to hope for magic.


I wish things

because I know they will never happen.


But in your hands

the world holds something

more than just a sunset…

I might call it love

or magic.


I am a realist

but in this moment if you asked me to freeze time

so we could take one more breath in this world together

I might try.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/9/17

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Our Promises


Awake, asleep.


I close my eyes better with your head on my shoulder,

I still don’t promise.


Late nights, early mornings.


I shake and I can’t stop smiling,

you’re half awake and still twice as beautiful.


Something, nothing.


I look over at their promises,

maybe in half a breath they could be mine.


I want to, I won’t.


I would choose in a heartbeat

to break my heart with you.


We have said too many times we will not promise,

these are our promises.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/13/17

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Someone Who Is


Every moment I’m here, spill the salt water,

hope it lands in all the right spots

or I’ve soaked something far from waterproof

no matter how sharp you can hear my thoughts.


And now I have found

someone who is, a live or die,

sparklit fantasy with no warning signs,

cold coffee, hot lava, can’t stop time,

tell you to miss me every time you say goodbye.


Lift your face like a lighthouse, sleep well,

we’re not sleeping when your breath is a moan,

maybe in another life we could- wake up here

and forget about who would throw stones.


And now I have found

someone who is, a live or die,

wide open ocean with no stop signs,

hot coffee, burning bitter, love this wasted time,

tell you to kiss me with your hand in mine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/22/17

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How long till we lose?

I’ll give you an hourglass.


Write me a list of all the things

we will toss into the flames,


all the chaos trapped in my brain

when you’re in the room

or not,


all the simple I long for

and the quiet and the close

I know I shouldn’t want,


all the letters I will pin to your name

that will stay after the bomb drops-



Now I can’t use a pen without dragging you behind it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/11/17