Saving My Tears


Your smile flickers.

I do not cry.

Some might call this an accomplishment,

I call it saving my tears.


All our friends want us to fall in love

but we’re too busy burning the firewood

to ever think about sealing our lips,

don’t give us a hint.


We are stuck the way we are.


I am not clever

I will read into every phone call you make

so when wait is the common word

I still need to stay here.


No matter how many layers between us

you walk into a room and I can feel you reading me

and how quickly our skies collide leaves me a broken sidewalk

Every night I save my tears.


I am hanging here even when I shouldn’t,

not sleeping because I want the darkness to be your skin when it swallows me.


Sometimes I stop walking because I think about

how pushing everything forward can’t keep the avalanche from rolling

can’t keep me from wishing I had something to feel sorry about when the saltwater rolls.


Time is all we have and the world is devouring it out of my hands.


I save my tears

for tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.

I save my tears.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/2/18

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