Someone Who Is


Every moment I’m here, spill the salt water,

hope it lands in all the right spots

or I’ve soaked something far from waterproof

no matter how sharp you can hear my thoughts.


And now I have found

someone who is, a live or die,

sparklit fantasy with no warning signs,

cold coffee, hot lava, can’t stop time,

tell you to miss me every time you say goodbye.


Lift your face like a lighthouse, sleep well,

we’re not sleeping when your breath is a moan,

maybe in another life we could- wake up here

and forget about who would throw stones.


And now I have found

someone who is, a live or die,

wide open ocean with no stop signs,

hot coffee, burning bitter, love this wasted time,

tell you to kiss me with your hand in mine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/22/17

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How long till we lose?

I’ll give you an hourglass.


Write me a list of all the things

we will toss into the flames,


all the chaos trapped in my brain

when you’re in the room

or not,


all the simple I long for

and the quiet and the close

I know I shouldn’t want,


all the letters I will pin to your name

that will stay after the bomb drops-



Now I can’t use a pen without dragging you behind it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/11/17


Light as death


Whispering slipping shooting from 


To behind


Quick as breath


Pounding thundering racking lungs


Loosing time


Grabbing greedily eating, ashing souls


It is here


I'm loosing it


It's lost to me

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Apart, Together


Eight days,

my time has slowed

to a


waiting for your touch…



The lonely has built walls around me,

every second I almost let it in

until I remember how I am with you,

I know we need to break for a minute

to bend so perfectly again…



So I find the top of the hill

to try to find you by the stars

from miles away…



Drive me wild,

lead me to the crystal,

to the chasms I can’t leap

without you there…



You have showed me

how I can shiver,

how this heart can break in bliss…



Time to miss you like melting

and still love the candlelight,

miss you like a fury

and keep finding my footprints,

miss you like a shotgun

and learn how I don’t fall apart,

time to shut the door for a moment,

see if it opens back up…


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/31/17



Goodbyes are the only promises I will make.


You can pretend we won’t hang by a thread tomorrow

we can survive the fraying

but from this far away I can’t color you in,

I can’t fit smiles and leaving together like puzzle pieces…

this is the first and last time you will see me cry.


Goodbyes are the only things I will leave here.


Now I seem to slip down all the slopes,

can’t hold myself to the ground without you,

I have always been afraid of the sky

but I’m more afraid of being buried alone beneath my feet

so I will take a running start.


Goodbyes are the only things I will let fall like hope.


When I tell my words to touch you for the last time

you know I will take any excuse to stay here a second longer,

I will write you into quicksand so I’m rooted.


But goodbyes are the only promises I will make.

Give me a different hello

and I will make you a better promise.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/15/17

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The journey of Love

A long way we have come

Yet our journey just began

Much still have to cover

Much of each to discover


Time for us courage to gather

Knowing the best yet to come

Much instore each has to offer

For now that seems still far


Growing up loving you never knew

That one day, surely yes I would

Meeting you never thought I would

Making you mine didn't think I could


Yet for this one thing I am grateful;

Loving you, and you being mine!

That, dearest, greatest joy tis mine

Happy Valentines my love...mwaah!!

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Enough (day 182)

There is always enough love.

There are never enough words.

There are always hours to sleep with you when our minds are in the same city

and not say goodbye,

and there are never enough walls to hinder us on our way to everything.


I would listen to your songs

if I knew I could memorize them like I want to

and I’d rather choke on nothingness to wipe us out

than a knife wound snapshot whiskey burn.


I always pass you spinning out of control

and I never say goodbye

it’s too shameless of an ending

so I cast my eyes to the floor.


There is always enough love.

There is never enough words.

There are always enough glances for inside jokes and infinite sorrow both at once,

and there is never enough time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/25/17


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Waste My Time (day 180)

Baby, this is how I wander

and chase the evening sky

Baby, this is how I want you

to spend and waste my time


I don’t mind just sitting here

with bones that snap so silent

Space I can’t fill perfectly

with words that spit out violent


Baby, this is how I wander

and chase the evening sky

Baby, this is how I want you

to spend and waste my time


I know we will gather dust

if we don’t use this wind

I’ve tucked time in my pocket

and all I want to do is spend


Baby, this is how I wander

and chase the evening sky

Baby, this is how I want you

to spend and waste my time


This is not a waste of hours

This is comfort in insanity

This is shivering with closeness

This is the together of lonely


Baby, this is how I wander

and chase the evening sky

Baby, this is how I want you

to spend and waste my time

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/23/17


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Requiescat in pace


The feeling of rest

After a hard day's work

The weightlessness of relaxation




No reason to fear

No longer any worries

My mind is happily blank

White like new-fallen snow

While I sit by the fireplace

On a Christmas morning



For my spirit is calm

My soul no longer pains me

I'll soon fall asleep

To waking dreams

And an eternity

Of sunrises