That's no lie!!! ( NOTE: MATURE READING "R" RATING)

I'd love to explore every inch of you, whit hands, lips and tongue.
I'm sure You would enjoy it, I'd make sure you had fun.
I would look for all the places, that make you moan, and gasp alot.
And when I was finished, I'd do it again, just to make sure, I didnt miss a spot.
Softly, I'd kiss your lips, tender, easy, and slow.
Then, I'd kiss you passionately hard, then south my lips would go.
Down your lovely neck, to your perfect brests.
Then I'd take my time, but no way Would I rest.
I'd use my tongue to lick, first one nipple then number two.
As I suckle one of them, my hand plays with number two..
While my hand and fingers, pinch's, squeeze's and plays
After a few more moments, My lips are on their way.
Moving south and downward, is where they're going to stay.
As I pass your belly-button, my tongue licks it just to tease.
Then I am between your thighs, Now it's time to please!
My tongue goes to work, doing what it does right
You spread your legs open wider, so I fit between them perfectly right.
Then you feel the pleasure, that my tongue is giving you
You let out a moan and sigh, loving what I do.
Time ticks by so slowly, you dont know how long it takes
But then you feel the tingle, and your body starts to shake.
Then You gasp "oh my gawd it feels so good, yes I'm almost there!"
Then suddenly You feel the sensation, as you gasp a breath of air.
Then your hands take hold of my head, and you say that I must stop

But you know it's already to late, you're about to pop!
Your body goes electricity wild, as it starts to explode
You feel the rush and the wetness, as you spill your orgasmic load.
Then you pull me up to you, you look deep in my eyes,
 And you say, "I do love you, and sweetheart, That's no lie!"

 ©PAUL (ChryWizard) POSNEY 11/19/2019


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Be seven minutes, five or three;

in frozen zone time stops it's spin.

It's you and me...just you and me...

melting epochs in carnal kiln.


I'm here to scorch your sodden woods,

but soon to douse your every leaf

and bloom with gushing rapturous fluids,

till tremble you on crazy cliff.


Don't think all this a looney spiel

of one amnestic bard with crushed

psyche under the clocking wheel

or whooshing sounds of carnal rush!


You know, behind these stirring woos,

there's calmly love, as comely ruse!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a sonnet in iambic tetrameter. 

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My Lover's Touch

This is no time for romance. 


We've played our parts and done so beautifully, but now flowery script and greeting card banter is pushed aside for more base desire. 


Prowling on hands and knees towards you: a lioness stalking her inevitable prey. 


You love the way my full lips express my love for you without so much as a word; I adore how your fingers coax forth my innermost melody that erupts not in song

but in moans and whimpers. 


I'm clay in your hands, and there I want to stay forever.


Trace what you desire into my skin with teeth and tongue. 

Warmth and ecstasy will flow unbridled between us, the marks on your back testament to what you've done to me.


I am fully yours and you are mine...


Make me remember that tonight. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first time trying my hand at erotic prose. CC welcome!

You Ask How I Want You

You Ask How I Want You

You ask how I want you; as if the walls of my veins,

the marrow of my bones, the well of my soul

could cry out—


I want you in every place 

that my body could fit:

In the little crevices of my brain,

In the deep compartments of my chest,

In the hollows behind my eyes,

In the beginnings of my every breath--


I want you in secret and in sight,

Beneath my sheets

Or the naked sky—

I want you as a seductive whisper

In my ear

As a ripe fruit

For my teeth to undress


I want you in so many ways;

In “sshhed” moans or wild cries,

In heavy sweat or tiny tears


I want you inside—outside—

A top—beneath—

Planked against me—

Pushed down over the frame—

Legs upwards, outwards;

Dancing upon my back


I want you: right or wrong,

touched or untouched—

pure or tainted

But most simply,


I want you.

My White Knight

Just a thought!

This handsom man sat next to me and stared into my eyes

I felt a shiver down my spine as he breeched my inner thighs

With eyes glazed over in passionate lust, I didn't ask to stop

My lacey garment losing ground, I think I felt a drop'

As a bead of perspiration welled and trickled down my face

I silenced a little gaspy moan as my heart began to race.

My breathing now quite labored, I tightened up my lips

Trying to the contain the motion thrusting from my hips

Emerced in waves of moistened bliss, sweet tinges at a rest

I sat just for a moment with my hand across my breast

Contented there in my easy chair, this White Knight served me well...

I shall call on him tomorrow, to ring my morning bell'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A little birdie gave me the idea...Enjoy'Tongue Out

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Pleasured Depths


To depths I fall into the haunting,

consumed by the leisure of your soul

Aura akin to stilled stealthy dawn,

'held presence taking its breathless toll


In painted décor of soft whispers,

speaks the hush from impassioned eyes

Alluring tempt by fiery sapphires,

sweeps with desire - appeasement's replies


Simmers the touch with each sultry glance,

enchanting beauty casting a spell

Air alluding to shared savored bliss,

all fantasies and longings to quell


Titillating taste from moistened lips,

stokes the fervor of bewitchment's wile

Drawing you close with purposed caress,

comes felt tremble - with agreeing smile


Every lovely contour traced by hands,

pausing to heighten sensual sighs

As I take your sweetness to my kiss,

room's ambiance enthralls to sound's rise


To the depths I'll take you as I fall,

promised pleasures to body and soul

A loving aura being the dawn,

forever sharing its breathless toll


Dream for all wonders,

non-ending from start

Always in thought,

lady of my heart


Shaded locks of flaxen

shimmer for a wind,

Eyes with heaven's blue

beauty without end


Angel lacking fault

soul for my light

Meaning for life,

a love so right


© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A different thought.


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Within His Wet Dreams...(Eroticism)


It is the look in his eyes that intrigues me
Followed by mental passion excitement
Overwhelms me with sensitivity
Electric stimulations hits me deep
Power surges move within me
Shocking me intensely
As you kiss my neck
Lick me down my back
Submitting to our tantric stimulation
Has my thighs aching
Craving your sweet kisses
Please go deeper
As you search my treasure map
Dig a little harder
Yeah thats it right there

As sweat drip down my thighs
I love the way you make me high
Take me on this orgasmic ride
Thank you for allowing me to relax
Within the presence of your sexual essence
As you touched me in places
No other man would dare to go
As oceans of orgasms breached the seams
Thank you for unleashing me

You will never understand how i have longed for this
Too many nights have passed alone in this abyss
To many morning awaking from these dreams horny
Wishing i could just call out to you
When the urges hit me
You know when the thought of you
Makes my thighs weak and my pussy leak
Yes at that very moment when it begins to throb
Deep down inside my thighs
Waiting for you to come nourish me

Unleash me
Untie me
Fuck it Sweetie
Allow me to breach the seams
Kiss my back
As you stroke me intensely
Hell bring out the freak in me
Allow me to be that slut
You be fucking in your wet dreams
Come on Sweetie
I anit no punk
Give it to me uncut and raw
I wanna feel you deep in my belly
Crawling up the spine of my back
Dusting off this pussy
As you licking the cob webs away
Peirce my soul Sweetie
Hold on tight
I promise i want fight

Will you let me kiss your neck
As i suck on your adams apple
Kissing my way down your chest
As i relax my head
As I kiss your belly button
As I kiss the small of your head
Licking down the veins
That drives you insane
Allow me to enjoy you
As you enjoy every kiss
Every lick takes you deeper
And deeper within
The circle of my cyclone

Let's ride the storm Sweetie
Until our bodies explode
Pull my hair Sweetie
Make me scream
As you make love to me
Turn me over
Spank dat ass
Bit my neck
As you grab my pussy
From the front
Allowing me to bust
From your deep thrust
As i am screaming out for more
You dont mind giving me
Just what i need
And i dont mind Wetting you up
Because it relaxes me
Damn I love your Wet dreams..

© 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington

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Come Lay With Me In The Woods

Come lay with me in the woods
come strip me of my clothes
come tie me to a tree
let sunlight dance
across my breasts
as you taste my nipples sweet
tease them with your tongue
flick them pinch them
bite them hard

My tongue is wet
my mouth is warm
my throat is deep
whip it out and slide it in

Come to me
and let me suck
let me feel you
harden in my mouth
as my tongue slides round
bigger harder with a throb
pulsing as I lick the tip
slowly flick lick
sloppy wet kisses
till you beg for more

Knowing that before I'm done
you'll fill my throat with your cum

Yes I'll swallow and beg for more

Come lay with me in the deep dark woods

I run my fingers over my lips
imagining your taste your kiss
come spread my legs wide
kiss me there
taste my

Make me cum till I drip onto leaves
crunched beneath me on the ground

Come to me with glistening face
kiss me deep and long

Come and slide inside me
and feel my pent-up heat
feel the virgin tight
wet darkness

Love me
Fuck me
Push it deep

Fill me
Pump me
Spread me wide

Pound me
Drive hard
and deep

Make me cum
Whip it out
and slam it in
Fuck me now

Grab my hips
and thrust
your hardness in
take me like you mean it
shake me like your rag doll
watch me come apart

Cum with me now
let us explode together
as the shivers of pleasure
engulf our senses

cause I'm
a switch

Let me take control
take the dominant role ...

Come lay with me in the woods
and fulfill my deep dark desires

By Samantha Campbell

Author's Notes/Comments: 


previously posted on

my poetry tends to be erotic so only read if your 18 or over thanks

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The Dancer


She shines as she dances in the black light trance
Curious gazes emanating from behind the veil, of her embraces.
I am naked in this twilight intoxicated with her madness
What lies behind those haunting eyes? I would bleed to know.
Chaos chases her erotic gazes as she takes upon the stages.
Mirrors dance in her reflection, she is magic.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some thoughts from watching the dancers. Much more can be derived than the obvious from them.

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