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Band Lyrics

Verse 1: My heart aches in pain To be healed of these timeless scars. Maybe, if I keep faking it, Things will illuminate. Light the way.

Chorus: Show me what it means to live Show me the meaning of love. Show me what I cannot see 'Cause I am alone in this world. I am a lonely self in the darkness... Waiting aimlessly to be free Of pain, suffering, and worries.

Verse 2: My voice and story will be heard. Now, is the time for me to Rise from the ashes. Like a moth drawn to the flames, I will be heard. The heart blooming yet shattered, Yearns to be heard.

Bridge: This tattered heart, Torn into pieces, Aches to belong In this world... I am nothing on my own. But, I also know that I am nothing without you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reality of living with C-PTSD and Depression atop anxiety and being bullied for Autism...

Our Story

Band Lyrics

Verse 1:

I can sense it:
Our story is not over yet.

You are the one.

You are my life.

You are my dream.

You are my soul.

You are always

On my mind.



As long as you are here with me,

We can truly become “us”.

I realized you cannot find

“The True You” alone.

But, with the one

You love the most.

I love you.


Verse 2:

I’ve taken the long way back to us.

However, I found “us” in each other.

The only thing worth living for

Is the power of our love.

Give it away.

Take it away.

You heal my scars and wounds.



‘Cause tonight, I’ll be at your side.

Our story never ends.

It begins with us,

In finding “us”

In each other.

Our story begins now.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on episode 11 of the Japanese Drama series: Tokyo Wankei (also known as Destiny of Love) where Mika (Nakama Yukie) and Ryosuke (Wada Soku) characters reunite with each other and confess their love for each other. The scene starts at the 38:05-42:20 mark where this song is based off of.

60 Seconds Part 1

Band Lyrics
Verse 1: 60 seconds is all I have/to see this through/60 seconds is a story/that is enough with you and me/Don’t you let me go
Chorus: Even if you’re hurting/know that I’ve got your back/60 seconds is all I have for our story/Help me carry on/Lead me out of darkness
Verse 2: Out into the light/I walk towards/the hesitant you/your memories of me/have become cold/I can see it in your eyes/that I am not the one for your anymore
Bridge: Give me 60 seconds of your time/It is all I need to write this story/In it, are our hot and cold moments/Both of which, you gave me
Last-Chorus: Our last goodbye was bittersweet/It tasted like the tobacco on your lips/’Cause you got me falling for you/Over and Over again/Give me 60 seconds/to write a new ending
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song response to Kim Sung Gyu's song: "60 Seconds" (A Korean pop song with rock elements). Look up the English subtitles on YouTube.

They Fought For Our Liberties Yet We Fought Not For Theirs

They fought for our liberties yet we fought not for theirs
They watched their friends and comrades die
Let them live in alleys or on a park bench as if nobody cares
Is this the reward we give them for sacrificing their life

They enlisted in the service as any proud man does for his country
Dodged bullets, grenades, rockets, terrorist attacks & land mines too
Now returned home we leave them with mental scars and hungry
We toss them aside as if they do not exist and treat them cruel

Back home they rushed with their heads held high
Those who lived that is, lucky enough to escape the horror of hell's wrath
Exited planes proudly, hiding the pain & wondering why they did not die
Waking up at night sweating, reliving a bomb that blew up on the path

You were drinking a cup of hot coffee and reading the morning paper
They were knee deep in freezing water, trembling in fear, guns held tight
After a joyful day at work you join your pals drinking in a mischievous caper
No party for them as they Burl deep in the cold ground for the night

You drive home with a buzz, kiss your wife, and put your children to bed
Take a nice warm shower, sit cuddling in front of a movie, laugh and eat
No luxuries for that soldier fighting for you because he has to count the dead
Carry his comrades wore torn bodies to be stripped head to feet

If he is lucky he will squeeze in a quick peak of a photo of his kid
Kiss the photo and mentally tuck his child in to bed
You slumber a sleep of fantastic and wild awesome dreams, heaven forbid
While a hero mentally pins his eyelids open, no time for sleep, evil he must rid

When was the last time you thanked the hero's that fought while you slept
That missed the children they love, while you tucked yours away warm
Most of them came back broken, missing limbs, while all of yours you kept
They can't seem to get decent medical yet for you they rode hell's storm

They fought for your liberties, when in God's name will you fight for theirs!

By: Wayne Hoss

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Tribute to our military and all that they do for us. Thank You!

Up Against

Verse 1: Now that the odds are stacked against you,

             Who or what will you run to now?

             'Cause duck now or take cover

              These lies you tell yourself continue to grow.


Chorus: Without a care against the world,

             You smile and carry on

             As if your heart has never been broken before.

             You and I, we're both up against something greater than ourselves.


Verse 2: After all that you've endeared,

             You put yourself to the test.

             Up against something greater than ourselves,

             The battles won, the game's over, you've won.


Bridge: Now that everything is over,

            Who or what will you run to now?

            What keeps you alive and running?

            'Cause babe, we're up against something grreater than ourselves.


Last-Chorus: The battle's over, the ship has sunk.

                    Could you be my unsung hero?

                   'Cause I'm fighting these battles alone.

                   We're up against something greater than ourselves.