15 Reasons To Avoid A Dead Holiday Tree At Home

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15 Reasons Those With Holiday Trees Should Make Them Permanent Ones, Not Axed Dead Trees



Over 81% of those who have holiday trees have ones they can use year after year and not axed trees.  In 2020, massive fires by cattle ranchers in the Amazon rainforest, in Australia, in California, Colorado, and much of the US West, etc. have destroyed zillions of trees.


1. Massive tree cutting is the single biggest cause of global climate extremes, drought, fire. Each average sized tree evaporates 42 gallons of moisture daily becoming mist, then clouds, then rain.

2. Many parks and fields have been totally stripped of fir trees by those who have axed them so that they may slowly die in people's living rooms. The result is forests with no evergreens.

3. Raccoons, squirrels, birds, beehives and butterflies are smashed or evicted when the trees are axed.

4. Pine trees with dry needles coming into contact with hot electric lights are a cause of fire

5. Needle cleanup is a timewasting chore.

6. Amazon wants $115 for an axed tree, whereas artificial trees are good year after year.

7. Trash pick up of dead trees is expensive and an energy waste for cashstrapped municipalities

8. Landfills are clogged by the tree carcasses. Their replacement landfills create even more deforestation.

9. In terms of very large trees, lumberjacks have one of the 5 most dangerous occupations in the world.

10. USA Today, itself a deforester, reports that of 95 million households with a tree, 81% of the homes will have an artificial one.

11. Numerous studies by Chandra Bose, inventor in the 1890's of the radio which he demonstrated in 1895 ,several years before Marconi Luther Bank, research recorded in the book The Secret Life Of Plants etc. indicate trees have feelings and should not be killed.

12. Trees were not axed for Christmas until the 16th Century in Germany. Queen Victoria brought the tradition to England.

13. Small eggsacs of spiders can come into the home unobserved on the branches. In the warmer house temperatures they can hatch out.

14. Dogs and cats are sometimes confused smelling the outdoor fragrance of dead trees sometimes urinate on or under them.

15 Other holiday tree killers are Chritmas cards, wrapping paper, unrecycled cardboard. Yet 100% recycled, cotton, rice

   options are available.

The Hallmark Channel, Amazon, Bloomberg and CBS have promoted the killing of fir trees for the holidays.


saiom shriver


Thank you to J Bohannon for the eggsac story.

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13 n e e d l e s


Pricking needles in your skin
Watch the metal slide right in
Drawing deep, the vampire drinks
Life away in tubes and trays

Drip, drip, drip
Slipping away... Getting paler day by day
Drip, drip, drip
Fading away... Getting weaker as you pay

The wailing and the lights
Spinning in your mind
The bed is moving by itself
The mirror darkens to a door
The faces appear, getting near

The needles stab... into your veins
The needles stab... into your brain
The needles stab... into your eyes
The needles stab... into your mind

The swirling blood... streaks of white and red
The ghosts are back again!
In shadows and in black
The swirling blood... turning dark, the lights go out again!

Eat the flesh of other beasts
Gain your strength from the feast

Are they needles? Or are they thorns?
Are they spikes? Or are they horns?
Watch the liquid slowly fall
See the bodies slowly crawl
The Devils make the trade

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The whitemare reveals another level in the blindlight haze, a test to traverse into strongest life! This may be a method by which certain forms in black draw forth lifeblood from victims as a veritable "sacrificial offering" to dark deities.


The subject awakens to find the figures hovering above combined with sharp pain in the extremities, and an increasing sense of weakness throughout the body, while the heart begins pumping more fiercely, though it feels like there is fire flowing in the veins. A sensation of falling follows, when the brain is of a sudden assailed with a vision of streaks flowing around consciousness, blending into a scene of slow ebbing bloodrops cascading down a long cone-like spike festooned into the stained earth, while impaled bodies descend down towards the ground, and the echoes of resounding laughter.

Over a table carved with the Seal of The Draegon, a parchment is signed & sealed with the pentagram & 13 hellish signatures, and a final diabolical recompense. All grows black again. 

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All alone All along

like porcelain shavings

her skin began to crack

like a feather floating on thin air

she's losing strands of silken hair


the mirror spits back 

all the qualities in which we lack

like needles in our eyes

poisoned with vain lies


she savored the quiet moments 

devoid of conversation 

the sound of still breathing

the footsteps that followed him leaving.


the closer I feel

the further you fade

the more I crave

the less you feed

so I chose not to need 

a single thing..


will there ever be a solid bridge built to cross..?

a river below, to toss our fears away...

voices muffled, as she sank deeper

yet no hand reaches.

sunshine streaks through the surface

the only warmth you'll get

engulfed in cold fluids

& a heart weighed down by loves disillusions---

many reminders of what could have been..


all alone

she knew it all along..

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Sharp things

  Push, owe that was a bad spot, try again. Slide, pull back; red like a gyser inside the small world you created inside this plastic vessel for a false awareness of your surroundings. Everything is ok for the time that encompasses what just transpired; everything is ok.

  Eyes close, the heart slows, things around dull but explode. You hear someone in the background not sure what is said, but you know it was pointless and you'd rather stay here instead. Don't worry everything is fine it can't be happening to me, yet this is really fucking here.

  No more pain for another 2 to 4 minutes, i will set up another to extend this feeling, my best friend.

  We are friends right? Ha answers you're company; yes but if you run out of money i will make you feel oh so sick and so bad death will seem not achievable only a far distant dream you wished for when your thoughts still processed on the neurons that now misfire.

  The color of your eyes, nature has no mercy, please don't forget me we can share this? Yes we have shared this.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Truth; or lies.

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Anxiety pill

Clocks slow to a crawl time creeps it's deceit 

Some days lack ambition no spring in my seat

Pounding heart sure to cave won't endure it's fatigued

Need mighty endowment strength stability proceed


This pen hits the paper racing heart slowly calms

I believe in my words the sweat dries from my palms

Trembling hands quieten be sturdy as steel

I take a deep breath... Now to enjoy how I feel

Shane Aaron

Dec 7 2013

The Crucifixion Of Humanity (formerly 'Eyes Wide Closed')


I found my daughter dead today with a needle in her arm,
I thought I taught her right from wrong to shield her from such harm.
Authorities preach “Just Say No!”.  Do they simply play the “game”?
Society yields a great cash flow…their naivety a shame.

Egos argue a dollar bill amount….
As innocent lives don’t seem to count….

A man decays behind steel bars…
He pays for his mistakes….   And ours.

The fight goes on…
What’s right?
What’s wrong?

The lesson’s learned.
Be careful what and how you enjoy.
This life….so brief….is not a toy….

         …….I found my daughter dead today.


© 2002


Edited by a Title Change 2013 © 

Author's Notes/Comments: 


When we read a story about someone else's misfortune, it can be difficult. That is when all we have been taught as child comes tumbling down upon us. It sears into our psyche and emotions in much the same way that a branding iron burns a mark onto the new flesh of a baby steer, leaving with us all of the anger that we can seemingly hold to last us a lifetime to fuel our revenge for who we perceive as the one who caused us to become so stigmatized by an event or action of another. When grave misfortune happens to ourselves, it can be quite different. Trauma is something that will make you or break you. Ask any veteran who has healed from the traumas of war if given the chance, would they have declined invitation into the military. You may be surprised to hear that many of them will say that they have no regrets and would never change a thing. I do not know, because I am no where near an expert on much of anything at all, let alone psychiatry, but I am pretty sure that is how it is supposed to work in the best scenario, given the fact that there has not to my knowledge, ever been born, a person who has lived a full life without having things go wrong. Things are suppposed to go wrong, I think. The phrase, 'life handed to them on a silver platter' doesn't really happen to anyone. It is a fairytale that we imagine happens. The murderer, the rapist, the theif, the adulterer, usually has a previous life of hell or psychological and emotionsl turmoil before they commit the horrific acts that we judge without any consideration to our own tresspasses or what they must have experienced to commit the act in the first place. It is much easier for us to project the 'good vs bad' scenario that man's conditioning has created and shove them away into the darkness of our minds, crossed off the list as 'a job well done', and move on as if we have completed the task. It doesn't work. On the other side of the karmic drama we have the first time victim, who usually sees life cloaked in a picture frame of pleasantry and flower paved roads until the plastic shell that their conditioning created buckles under the rigors of reality and cracks the surface to give their soul a breath of it's own antipathy to balance the scales of justice within. And then there are those from war torn countries who have lived nothing but trauma... I do not know, but understanding trauma now as I do, I am thinking about what happened on September 11, 2001, was altogether different from what we were told. If we do not see trauma for what it is, --a need for the balance of inner harmony-- it can result in years of pain and anguish, and the trauma is never healed. The divine spark within us will continue to create the same story over and over in our lives until we learn to accept our best and most useful self as the version of who we are....who we were meant to be from birth, before the opinions of conditioning and the scales of justice invented by men twisted our own inner scales and toppled down our divine tower of reasoning and discernment that was meant to shape the puzzle piece of ourseves to fit the larger puzzle we call 'life'.

Accepting facts can be difficult when it comes to a truth that we must face about ourselves. We can ignore it, justify our actions, hide it away as though it never happened, and see what we want to see. When we broaden our scope of vision, we can clearly see that everyone has these moments in their lives. The things we endured did not happen because we were, or are, any better or worse than anone else. They happened because they were meant to happen for us to learn from. In between the taboos, conditioning, and lies that we are raised with, some people are able, through spirituality, through a 'God', through another friend or relative whose lives touch them in some magical way, to break down the walls within ourselves and look at the world in a way that promotes the balance and peace of mind we need to accept that we are human, and we make mistakes. Sometimes, a ray of light somehow makes it through the tiny cracks in the places of our mind where we have neglected to be merciful with ourselves, and we become free to accept that we all enter this life with a purpose, each individually designed to complete it's own task in order to move the wheels of evolution a step furthur into the future for ourselves, our loves ones, and the people of this planet. The great wall of our conditioning can run alongside of each culture like a childhood friend. We honor it as our friend, we love it as we do our cultural birthright, but like any friend, it has no capability or place in our lives when it comes to our own innate discernment about our purpose on this earth.  A mirror reflection of our dark side, it is there to remind us we are fallible, but only if we have the ears to listen to it.

We justify our right to label those who do not deserve the labeling to give them, under the petty faults of our 'parents, teachers, and society's' judgements of 'right' and 'wrong', 'their purpose' whilst being ignorant to our gods, divne intelligence and inner gifts without conscience in attempt to  create harmony for ourselves without regard to the harmony of all beings, and then we wonder why the pieces of our puzzle do not fit. It doesn't make sense.

"I found my daughter dead today"