My pencil

My pencil is my best friend.

 With every thought I have, I can turn to it and just release it all.

Expressing my emotions without expressing them at all.

My pencil makes me stronger.

My pencil holds me up.

Takes all my crap.

And rarely breaks under the pressure I selfishly put on it.

My pencil is sharp.

It knows everything I know.

It helps me in my times of trouble.

Fixing my mistakes.

Wiping them away without looking back.

My pencil never changes.

Never gets mad at me for the things I say.

The things I do.

Or even the things I don't do.

My pencil holds strong.

My pencil is straight with me.

It never lies.

It never steals.

It never goes behind my back, unless I put it in my back pocket.

Yes, my pencil is always there for me, but I can't say the same for myself.

I regret how I abuse it.

How I toss it aside.

Take my anger out on it when I'm mad.

Subject it to my feelings and emotions without a care in the world for its own, because as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't have any.

I feel bad for just using it.

Giving no thanks.

No 'job well done.'

No congratulations for another successful session of dealing with me.

My pencil is not mine, but I treat it like it is.

I did not buy this pencil.

I found it.

Called it my own.

Stole its peace.

Its calm.

And you'd think I would at least have the common courtesy to stick with it until the end, but I don't.

I forget about it.

I move on to a bigger and better one.

I only think about what I want.

What I think I need.

I won't always make the choices I should, and I know I never will.

I can try my hardest, but I will find disappointment time after time again.

I can only try and make amends.

I can try and fix the past.

Find my old pencil and apologize.

Say I'm sorry.

Sorry for all the terrible things I've done.

Sorry for all the things I didn't mean to do.

And more importantly, the things I did.

Mostly I can say I'm sorry things lead to this.

And I know I can't change all the things that happened......

But at least I know I can try and make them write...... 

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What's this?
I found something amiss.
There's a pencil there,
Just lying on the stair.
Picked it up and what did I find?
A pencil of the same kind
That was a month ago I lost,
And a heartache it did cost.
But here it is, good as new.
Pencil, I'm glad I found you.
If you're the same one,
Guess what! You're home!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my sister's poem, and the sequel to her Lament of the Pencil.

She just put it up on Facebook with this text;

"Some of you may remember my Lament of the Pencil a while back. Well, I found a pencil that was curiously alike today, lying on the ground in the same building. Thought it seemed appropriate to write another little poem.

(Insert the poem here.)

It turned out pretty good, which is unusual. So now I'm convinced I can't write poetry unless it has to do with pencils."

So as you can see, my sister has little confidence in her poetry skills, which seems to be unfounded. Don't you think these are good?

Anyways, like before I will be letting her know about any comments, so just feel free to address them to her directly!

Link to Lament of the Pencil:

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Lament of the Pencil

I lost my pencil today

It slipped off the desk

As I walked away.

I went back to look

But my poor pencil

It seems someone took.

It was dear to my heart

Now it's gone for good

Forever we must part.

Goodbye, good pencil.

Be well.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my sister's poem. She wrote it in October 2012, and just now wrote a sequel, so I decided to put them both up. The sequel is called "Reunited".

She originally posted it on Facebook with this text;


"So on average, I write poetry about... never. But today my English class was exceptionally dreary, so instead of listening to my English prof, I spontaneously decided to write about something that's been weighing deep in my heart since last night and share it here on Facebook.

Behold, the Lament of the Pencil."


So again, this is my sister Sarah's poem. I do have her permission to post it and the sequel "Reunited" here. I'll let her know about any comments, so feel free to address them directly to her!


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