A Freestyle Dream


I try to freestyle, but it doesn’t work it comes out in blurts,

I try to rhyme fast, but I have to rhyme slow,

I can’t read my lyrics out loud,

Although they would make me proud.

If I had the skill dropping a pill,

Be a rapper freestyle, let the lyrics flow.

Read it fast, read it slow,

Drink Red Bull all day, probably have a better flow.

With a pill and a bong MDMA, mescaline sounds good to me

To feel free

You take some too, come with me and we will party!

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Busy Life

The noise grows louder

And my head starts to swim

Sick anticipation moves under my skin

I can hear it echo

The babbles and rambles...


click,click, click,

A drumbeat in my ears

A constant nagging on my fears

Click, click, click

I have to go faster or risk tears


The drone continues one day into the next

Click,click, click

Is all she wrote, or at least, somebody said?

Gray walls climb around me higher and higher

Wonder if the Sun still shines on the other side.


Tap, tap, tap

My fingers feel like they're bleeding

My soul draining away with each stroke of the keys

Tap, tap, tap

I wonder, is that rain?

No, rain wouldn't make my hands sore this way


Ring, ring, ring

Ignore it-maybe it'll go away

Another noise to add to the symphony's array

Ring, ring, ring

Hello? Are you there?

I can't hear above the static in the air


Ring, ring, ring

I think I heard a roar on the line...

No sir, that's not suitable or required”

Then it goes silent- “Sir, are you on the line?”

Ring, ring, ring

Forget it, not worth my time


beep, beep, beep

Oh no...what is it now?

I can't see a thing and there's no light to be found

beep, beep, beep

I was just drifting off again

envisioning boats and fairies...and Link was there...?


I shoot up, looking around the room

Only to realize, I'd fallen asleep in my cube

Blast it all, back to the grind

Maybe today will be benign. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 



What's this?
I found something amiss.
There's a pencil there,
Just lying on the stair.
Picked it up and what did I find?
A pencil of the same kind
That was a month ago I lost,
And a heartache it did cost.
But here it is, good as new.
Pencil, I'm glad I found you.
If you're the same one,
Guess what! You're home!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my sister's poem, and the sequel to her Lament of the Pencil.

She just put it up on Facebook with this text;

"Some of you may remember my Lament of the Pencil a while back. Well, I found a pencil that was curiously alike today, lying on the ground in the same building. Thought it seemed appropriate to write another little poem.

(Insert the poem here.)

It turned out pretty good, which is unusual. So now I'm convinced I can't write poetry unless it has to do with pencils."

So as you can see, my sister has little confidence in her poetry skills, which seems to be unfounded. Don't you think these are good?

Anyways, like before I will be letting her know about any comments, so just feel free to address them to her directly!

Link to Lament of the Pencil:

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Lament of the Pencil

I lost my pencil today

It slipped off the desk

As I walked away.

I went back to look

But my poor pencil

It seems someone took.

It was dear to my heart

Now it's gone for good

Forever we must part.

Goodbye, good pencil.

Be well.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my sister's poem. She wrote it in October 2012, and just now wrote a sequel, so I decided to put them both up. The sequel is called "Reunited".

She originally posted it on Facebook with this text;


"So on average, I write poetry about... never. But today my English class was exceptionally dreary, so instead of listening to my English prof, I spontaneously decided to write about something that's been weighing deep in my heart since last night and share it here on Facebook.

Behold, the Lament of the Pencil."


So again, this is my sister Sarah's poem. I do have her permission to post it and the sequel "Reunited" here. I'll let her know about any comments, so feel free to address them directly to her!


Link to Reunited:

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Summer of Love

In her conscious '67 colors storm her head,
She's speeding down the highway of route 96,
Headed for July,
In this druggy bliss,
The men keep marching in red.

The crowd chants," HEY JOE!
There you go,
Raging on your WAR."

The parents chant,
"Bringing on those tie-dyed flowers,
and Beats galore."

She's Back to reality,
Swaying to the melody,
Swirling more than a thousand suns.

The children chants,
"Bring your daises,
and put down your guns."

The general says," Joe if you don't get shot,
you better RUN!"

Back to reality she keeps swaying her hips,
to the Beats of the night.

Here comes "Agent Orange",
prepare for the flight!

Back to reality,
She keeps the spirits alive,
by dancing away the pain.

As countless men,and women,
Lose their lives,
During the reign.

This is the Summer of Love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is sort of a freestyle. It's about this mysterious lady who uses dancing as a symbol of releasing emotions during the war. The poem takes place during the time of the Vietnam War and Summer of Love (1967). I try to incorporate the spirit of the era in this free verse poem as I like to call it. Hope you like it.

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Sick Words dO_~b


Yea my words are so sick I got that influenza flow // laying down in bed as I influence the flow // got the only headache in this eye ~__• so u can call this moment beast mode // shooting words to the mic like i got no chance to reload // cuz ima rap god & you just a hip-hop criminal // your name don't even matter it's just dumb ass syllable // its when I'm on the mic that I perform miracles // hits so big that they become biblical // dam.. just listen to my words as I begin to let them free // store them in ur mind as they start to manifest & feed // collaborate ur thoughts as they will help u to exceed // yea some hip hop medicare will help u to ur feet // but try to diss me & I'll get u begging on ur knees // a gemini at birth with sides like isosceles // man y'all must be getting sick all I hear is god dam weeze // but my words became that asthma pump that made that niqqa leave // & I'm done with this rap cuz I'm finna take a nap // just a quick freestyle I had to get off my back // dueces v__v


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