Drunken Cop

I turned to the bottle because I'm a Cop.

I was a good Policeman but it had to stop.

I couldn't stand the crime and violence anymore.

It got to be something that I could not ignore.

A six year old kid was killed in the cross fire when a gang decided to attack.

I had to explain to his parents that their son got a big hole blown in his back.

I saw so many deaths that it became hard to even keep my meals down.

I could no longer tolerate the violence in this crime infested town.

I couldn't continue being a Cop, it was something I couldn't take.

It bothered me so much that every day my hands would shake.

My career as a Police Officer came to an end.

And sadly, the bottle became my best friend.

As I sit alone in this bar, the bartender is pouring me drinks.

Please don't be a Police Officer in this town, it really stinks.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem.

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Dick Tracy

I'm a cop and my name is Dick Tracy.

A lot of cops are corrupt but not me.

I can't be bought just like Elliot Ness.

Because of crime, this city is a mess.

A Crime Lord runs this town and his name is Big Boy Caprice.

While he's operating, there will be no peace.

Some times I fight criminals with my fists and some times I use guns.

This town will be safe for people to live in when my job is done.

Yesterday I got in a shoot out and I killed Pruneface and Flattop.

Taking those two down means that a few of the crimes will stop.

Two months ago I brought down 88 Keys and The Blank.

Citizens are grateful for what I do, they all say thanks.

I have a wonderful family and that makes me blessed.

I have a boy named Junior and a wife named Tess.

I wear a 2-Way Wrist TV that allows me to communicate with other officers.

When I bring Big Boy to justice, the streets will be safe again, that's for sure.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is based on the comic strip that was created by Chester Gould.

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I creeped into the house,

Where dwelled Warhead.

I stayed living there,

Yet he did hurt me.


Years ago, we lived in a home

In extreme circumstances.

No electricity, no water;

Disconnected from the outside world;

Being underground...


Warhead was regularly drunk,

And then became aggressive.

He evicted my friend from the house,

And now I lived alone with this creep.


I desired him to leave the house,

But I didn't spoke my mind.

Instead, one of my episodes,

Which he didn't like.


One evening I came home,

And all was scattered in glass.

He had crushed the glass door,

And ostracism all around.


He left thereafter...

Weeks later he returned,

And started to threaten me.

I was so afraid that I started to chant:

"IA! IA! Cthulhu fhtagn!"


Then the window fractured,

He had crushed it in.

With a stone,

So vicious.


Then the police came around the corner,

Warhead got arrested.

But not for long,

And this was frightening me.


So I took my Book of Shadows,

And took from there a spell.

This would bind Warhead,

So he could do no harm.


I made a voodoo-doll,

And bound it with a rope.

Said some mysterious phrases,

And buried him in the garden.


So now we were in the house,

But Warhead was not at home.

And if, he could do no harm,

'Cause he was under the spell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A terrible event that happened in my life.

Fuck the Police.

The people who are suppose to serve and protect
Abuse their powers that's why they don't deserve respect
How are the people suppose to ask them for help
When they are scared when they find out how things are dealt
The saying "the punishment fits the crime" doesn't apply to them
As you can tell the chief's common sense is as good as pretend
So I agree with people when they say "FTP"
They're the same as the bullies but use brutality
Innocent people being pushed around and falsely accused
being thrown in jail, while the douche-bags are amused
we pay them, So we're their CEO
We should decide who stays and who goes
Some of them are good, but that is very rare
The others should be fired and taken to a daycare
Where they'll be surrounded by people who are very similar
And they all have the same name, They are criminals.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Too many stories about police brutality.

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The Emergency File Corruption Alert System

Those who have corrupted files
must report to their case workers immediately; you will then be
directed to the proper Buffer station for temporary holdover.
if you suspect anyone is corrupted do not hesitate
to report them to your local Bios Inspection Officer.
Those who fail to report anyone suspected of being
corrupted will be arrested immediately and without hesitation.

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As a backup to the fear propaganda, a network of spies and secret police known
as the Algorithms were embedded within the mainframe
to watch and profile programs/citizens;
those thought to pose a threat to the security of the underground sanctuary i.e.
those accused of speaking out against the master programmer or attempting
to escape the confines of the cities, were hunted down and reprogrammed;
those who could not be reprogrammed were purged from society.

Algorithm:(1) A formula or set of steps for solving a particular problem.

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His Eyes Are Blue


Sirens wail a silent screen,
And I don’t know where the hell I’ve gone.
His eyes are blue with a loaded gun
And why he smiles as he watches me die.
I’M DYING! I think I’ve passed away.

I’ll cry and cry, but never sleep
Like waterfalls and oceans. And a breeze
Escapes his lips. His words are sweet
Like daggers, blades, but I’ll never bleed
He sees the scars and smiles at me
Cause his eyes are blue.

Clouds in the sky, they stretch and thin
The stars are white, stitched into lines
Made of cotton, pain, and autumn leaves
Like those straight from Jesus Christ
His eyes are blue with a loaded gun
But he doesn’t judge, he loves, watching
My life fall away from me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/30/2011

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