we shook her bonds with droplets flinging
lay warm on sand in a new sun singing
as our mother laughing all the while
writhed proud of her newborn drying child
kissed us goodbye with wind and spray
to the green of trees and grass we play
watch blues and purples crawl the sky
that ever called some into flight
felt trembling earths' breath deep inside
that some dug and nestled her soil night
and some lost, returned to mothers arms
for her waters never lost her charms
with us still we feel her kiss
in rain and snow and cloud and mist
filled full with life our olden home
in her flowing gardens still we roam
back down again some dream to go
back to her deep, her dark, her cold
from wich we rose to grasp the light
yet never lost our love of night

© 2005 Rob Crocker

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