I see the forebodeing coast
This storm is one i've seen coming longer than most
It will be a shock
The plot will manifest and soon the clock may stop
But not for us
Just the thought is ridiculous
They are the few, We are the many
How many willing hearts?
I see many
But no matter how challenging or slippery the steep
No matter how cold or warm the water's inner most deep
We are no longer afraid and asleep
Awaken we have
The Lion finally refuseing the path
We can see that
We're it leads
Its so shocking its almost funny
Killing one another over un-backed money
This Control System must end
It will
It has a finite life
Real life never ends
It doesnt need to hide or lie in order to pretend
It simply lives, breathes, and plays with anything it sees
Regardless of the quiet vices that hold us in subtlety
We are unique, wild, beautiful and free
The time is right to take it back
Thats what sounds good to me
But before I close my eyes and wait
For the gorgeous mystery of my dreamscape;
Just know its never too late
To take the eggshell of fear and give it a break
Literally of course is the course
Typing and speaking until my skin coarse and voice hoarse
Imprisonment or freedom?
We have the power
The choice is yours

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Hello Escanaba

from St. Clair Shores, MI - nice prosily written - Lady A



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Hey there! Nice to see

Hey there! Nice to see someone local in such a diverse place; small world! Thank you! :D