Questioning Beliefs


What is life,
Is there a reason?
Shall I request a knife,
No matter the season?
Just stop living,
Stop the grief.
No more giving,
Die like a leaf.
Does anyone have an answer,
To the unforgettable battle?
It is like a form of cancer,
Played like a rattle.
I think nothings learned,
It's just judging grounds.
Something may be earned,
You may have multiple rounds.
What do you believe,
What happens when we die?
Do we have a body to leave,
Or is God and all a lie?
Is there a Heaven and Hell,
A place after this so called Earth?
Who knows when we will tell,
Or is it a form of rebirth?
I have no clue,
I will one day.
You will too,
But all that I can say.
God is hard to prove,
The Bible is just stories.
Or is it a true groove,
Full of so much glories.
I think it's mostly lies,
It seems hardly real.
Everyone eventually dies,
Then the stories reveal.
What is true and fake,
What is fiction and not.
It's all hard to take,
Slowly we will rot.
Our bodies in ground,
So no matter what.
No getting around,
We all are stuck in that rut.
Of eternal dying,
After is unknown.
No use in lying,
Or in crying.
You do not know,
Nobody can.
It is just so,
No women or man.

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The purpose of life, imho, is

The purpose of life, imho, is to be a little more capable of
love in each reincarnation.. until we graduate and are loving enough
to return to the All, God.