As a backup to the fear propaganda, a network of spies and secret police known
as the Algorithms were embedded within the mainframe
to watch and profile programs/citizens;
those thought to pose a threat to the security of the underground sanctuary i.e.
those accused of speaking out against the master programmer or attempting
to escape the confines of the cities, were hunted down and reprogrammed;
those who could not be reprogrammed were purged from society.

Algorithm:(1) A formula or set of steps for solving a particular problem.

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For those who obey the code

For reasons long since lost in the past
the surface of the earth has become a forbidden paradise;
a mythological land where the great civilizations of man once stood
tall under the heavens and defied the gods
but now have become nothing more than mythological horror stories
told by the master programmer
as it installs fear into those who live within the walls
of the mainframe to keep order and obedience; to keep its programs
from becoming too self aware.

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Extinction of the human as a flesh and blood entitiy and the rise of the mind-comptuer overlords

The body itself was no longer needed,
and was soon discarded en mass,
however the line between human consciousness and artificial intelligence still existed,
as the human mind made home in new, stronger, faster bodies that had longer life spans, and total power over the mainframe and the world within, and had controlled the A.I through enslavement programs. A small few however fought for freedom of the A.I, seeking unity and peace.

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