In Dreams

I can't sleep

while I'm dreaming,

Tossing and turning

through all the trees burning

running my hands through motor oil

to aluminum foil for some

alchemaic formula for courage,


Short skips in wild flowers

become thunderous jumps at all hours

While I'm flying through nimble clouds

with numbed out faces

passing judgement

at the springing passerbys,


Short crys and long exhales

sitting next to the rabbits singing

Where will they go when

all the luck has ran out

and the feet have been severed

to stick in those quarter machines

that you begged mom for after an

afternoon out of buying groceries

begging to her legs tethered,


Sick of sailing through the sky

with a vessal of dried blood

taken from the fortune teller's eyes

hovering over roof tops of candy shops

shouting,"There's room for you and I!",


I moved on to digging through

the core of the crust

the meat of the mantle

till soon the earth's blood

begins cinging my fingers

then turning my skin

to something sinister,


Where are we in these dreams?

Where are we in these dreams?

is this the natural state of things?

or I am still dreaming?

What's real and what's reality?


Sitting in a pool of paint thinner

questioning my spirtuality

I've lost my inner peace

running through streets

pleading the dream is never ending

even if my heart ceases to beat

and the brain decides to stop thinking

We will forever be in dreams I believe

Me, you, and everyone we meet


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I believe in a Divinity

In every human heart

There lay a seed of eternity

I call 'the divine spark'.


And even when weak

It's beginnings we can trace

Beneath layers of the conditioning

We have learned in this place.


Our mind has a purpose

Just not for this world

A stepping stone in the waters

Of this life's unmade pearls.


The dreams that we weave

In the light of each day

Become darkness in each night

Upon this, our heads lay. 

If we ask of our consciousness

Before lying down

To send insight to matters

That leave us lost and unfound,

Our plea will be heard

As we fall fast asleep

We'll be swept from our mind

To a place deeper than deep.

It is there, we'll get answers,

That will guide us to more,

Unaware of this force

That will mold what's in store.

We will not seek proof

Of this power that guides

Because no human life.

Can change what It decides.

Time waits for no one

On earth, or above,

But in the Aeons of slumber,

All knowledge is love.

If you find yourself doubting

Know it's yourself who you doubt,

In the time our eyes close

Human choice will run out.

Uncertainty is nil,

In this place of all gods,

And the spark within all of us

Just increases the odds.

All that's unknown

Can be known in deep sleep

But to know it in waking

Is to sow, and then reap.

The seeds of Divinity

Always subtle to (wo)man,

But to dream in the waking

Brings It's secrets to hand. 

So now I lay myself

Down to sleep

And all I ask is for understanding

Of this life that I reap.


And as dreams weave their way,

Through each daybreaking hour,

Be them frightful or pleasant,

May I walk in the light, and from truth, never cower.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was inspired by a combination of different thoughts on dreams and life in general. 



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Dream World

It's how low you go and how high you fly.

It's where the sun shine's grey.

But if you let it die. Just let your pain subside...

You begin to lift away...

. . .

In this dream world...

We make sense out of everything that's grey.

In this dream world...

I smile at all my friends...Which is everyone.

In this dream world...

I'm a rolling stone and the wind still blows.

In this dream world...

All I can say is: "I hope to see you someday!".


A passerby'er, maybe a liar, a thief.

Oh, you only steal what you need, love.

No rage on the road, no hate in your home.

You always have what you need

so just rest in peace...


I only have one reason

Just one reason.

It's love.






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Perhaps Edgar Allan Poe was right...(I hold his poetry in high esteem)

When he said all we see or seem is but a dream within a dream?


Yesterday I wrote a poem as a few of you may recall

The essence of that little rhyme was simply about being bald.


Last night I had a crazy dream and this fact I do swear

In the dream I was eating sushi and had a full head of hair.


Why would a bald man dream of hair...it seems odd just to repeat it

And why would I be dining on sushi when I really hate to eat it?


This led me to wonder about dreams and just what in our sleep do we see

Perhaps while we dream we are seeing the world more as we’d like it to be.


What if a man who can’t see a thing while awake on this planet of ours

While dreaming sees the sunrise, or a rainbow or watches the moon and the stars.


What if a boy whose hearing is lost...in his sleep finds time to rejoice

Because there in his dream for the first time he hears his father’s or his mother’s voice?


What if a woman confined to a wheel chair, as for walking she hasn’t a chance

Finds in her dreams she can stand up, or walk on her own, even dance.


What if a woman in the throws of depression feeling sadness in its extremes

Finds happiness, joy and contentment while spending the night in her dreams.


What if a parent whose child is suffering with a handicap or a disease

Sees in their sleep their ultimate wish...a child with no agonies


If all we see or seem is but a dream within a dream then it’s comforting for me to see

While dreaming...not the real world... but the world as I’d like it to be.


I like to believe that while we’re asleep in a dream at the end of the day

Perhaps all the world is at peace and our troubles have faded away.


So when we awake to the reality of our world...whatever reality which we have to cope

We awake a little happier than when we fell asleep and are filled with a little more hope.


As we go through our lives experiencing the ups and the downs and some of us even much more

Perhaps having hair and eating sushi is precisely what our dreams are for.


(I still don’t know how to explain the sushi, I’m sure it’s a dreamers mistake.


‘Cause I wouldn’t be caught dead eating sushi...at least not while I am awake.)

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It was five years ago when we met of the side of Monaco 

You held my heart in your hand and told me, lets just be friends 
It was first sight for me... Yet to you it was only a dream 
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Tabula Rasa

Earth time,

Wake time,

Sleep time,

Dream time,

Life time,

Some time,

Any time...

What is time?





by man,

to keep track

of his illusions,

his confusions,

and when we


and wander


the realms

of space...

and 'time',



Once upon

a dream so vast,

an infinite

number of

souls were cast,

beyond the

thoughts where

minds can


beyond the

planes where

spirits blunder.


My heart

forever longs

to share

the ecstasy

it holds,

I close my

eyes and leave

this world,

and don't know

where 'I' go.


The only thing

I know is that

the times when

I'm asleep,

is like a


the whole of

me, upsweeped.

dreaming holds

no slumber

there, no fantasies

suffice, it's

bliss becomes

my breath

in dreams


and alas...

once more,




5:35 AM 5/31/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

about life being the dream.


Nature / Folder 1


Baby in Universe Photographic Print

Baby in Universe  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^



By: Panoramic Images 









The universe holds me,
Gently in it's arms,
Lovingly, with the grace of angels,
Stardust sprinkled upon my tired brow.


The universe holds me.


The universe warms me,
Kindly, with it's luster,
Blankets of billowing clouds,
And whispering winds that feel cool
Upon my heated beads of sweat
Sustained through growing pains
And open wounds.


The universe holds me.


The universe morphs my human frailties
Tenderly, like swirling colors of the rainbows
That shine their golden mist upon the greenest hillsides,
Donning light upon the flowers on its rolling breasts,
Transforming solid ground
To birth the dreams of cherubs' quests.


The universe holds me.


The universe holds me,
In darkest night,
When life has left and all is withered,
Dreams, once shining stars of fire
Now turned to ash by life's demands,
I wake to find the universe,
So devotedly, tucked safely in my hands.


1:02 AM 5/27/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The most important relationship one will ever have.

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Really? Me?

Honestly, I really cant imagine a situation where someone could be falling for me.
There's just nothing signifiant about me, 
I can't see someone thinking of me as they lie in bed,
Causing butterflies to churn in their stomach for as long as the thoughts of me remain in their head 
I can't see a girls face blush to red,  
All because of something sweet I may have said.
I can't see how I could make a girl smile as she reads over my texts late at night,
Or why just seeing me could make her heart feel tight,
just why someone would fall for a guy who's face looks like he just got out of a fight.
I mean, in hindsight, Why would anyone even want too?

I know the odds of any of this being true are entirely against me,
...But a guy can dream, right?
- The Truth
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just jotted this down on a napking earlier today. I still dont feel it's finished though. let me know what you think.

You're the One

My Love

She’s the only one
To me, a beautiful thing.
Music is how she speaks
And how sweetly does she sing!
All throughout the day,
In my ear her voice will ring
All I want to do,
Is accompany her while she sings.

But soon she will go home
To a place that sounds like Hell
I want to comfort her
But I never can really tell
If she can feel how I feel
Her fears I wish to quell
But all I can do right now
Is listen to the bell.

I would give you my wings
So that you can fly away
But we’re all like fallen angels
And so here we must stay
But I can tell you now
That there can come a day
If you take me as your own
Then we could run away

Far, far away
No troubles can see us there
And possibly could escape
Fear and Death’s ghastly stare
As to where we’ll go,
You already know where
But until then
We’ll just have to dream that we’re there.

Although we are slaves to time
The moment’s coming soon
Just like the next note
In a well-remembered tune
If you should come to love me
And my return will come soon
Then we can disappear;
And restart like the new moon.

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