Perhaps Edgar Allan Poe was right...(I hold his poetry in high esteem)

When he said all we see or seem is but a dream within a dream?


Yesterday I wrote a poem as a few of you may recall

The essence of that little rhyme was simply about being bald.


Last night I had a crazy dream and this fact I do swear

In the dream I was eating sushi and had a full head of hair.


Why would a bald man dream of seems odd just to repeat it

And why would I be dining on sushi when I really hate to eat it?


This led me to wonder about dreams and just what in our sleep do we see

Perhaps while we dream we are seeing the world more as we’d like it to be.


What if a man who can’t see a thing while awake on this planet of ours

While dreaming sees the sunrise, or a rainbow or watches the moon and the stars.


What if a boy whose hearing is his sleep finds time to rejoice

Because there in his dream for the first time he hears his father’s or his mother’s voice?


What if a woman confined to a wheel chair, as for walking she hasn’t a chance

Finds in her dreams she can stand up, or walk on her own, even dance.


What if a woman in the throws of depression feeling sadness in its extremes

Finds happiness, joy and contentment while spending the night in her dreams.


What if a parent whose child is suffering with a handicap or a disease

Sees in their sleep their ultimate wish...a child with no agonies


If all we see or seem is but a dream within a dream then it’s comforting for me to see

While dreaming...not the real world... but the world as I’d like it to be.


I like to believe that while we’re asleep in a dream at the end of the day

Perhaps all the world is at peace and our troubles have faded away.


So when we awake to the reality of our world...whatever reality which we have to cope

We awake a little happier than when we fell asleep and are filled with a little more hope.


As we go through our lives experiencing the ups and the downs and some of us even much more

Perhaps having hair and eating sushi is precisely what our dreams are for.


(I still don’t know how to explain the sushi, I’m sure it’s a dreamers mistake.


‘Cause I wouldn’t be caught dead eating least not while I am awake.)

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