When Ghosts Dream


And when the dead lie down to sleep
in the cradle of the worm,
their gleaming dreaming souls the angels will keep
in the arms the cool breeze
of the unseen ever-after.

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In Tlachializtli

In Tlachializtli

The silence of the sleeping
Awakes me to all the speaking
Spirits surround
Silently impeding

I feel the warmth of the touch
On my face as they breathe me
My spirit arises to dance
The sacred circle of the matrix
I fly through the galactic portal
Time is not its keeping

My obsidian feathers are glowing
With the dust of the sacred
Stars to guide the journey
To the duality that is waiting

Shapeshift into human
And look into his soul
The one I had been seeing
Walking through the walls of my dreaming
Strong tan hands
And obsidian hair
No face I was seeing
Until Now

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Wish Upon A Star 11-13-11

“Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight...”
His eyes are hypnotizing;
They pull me into a trance
I can’t see, I can’t think
About anything else.
His arms are alluring;
I don’t wanna be anywhere else
But curled up into them.
His body is riveting;
I wanna be pressed against it.
His lips are enticing;
I wanna nibble at them
And feel them on me.
He is just so damned charming.
His personality is enthralling.
To have him touch me
To have him hold me
To have him kiss me
To have him feel me
To be with him would be complete ecstasy
“I wish I may; I wish I might; get this wish I make tonight”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

there's always that guy u yearn for.. who you're invisible to.

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From 2008 and on

Gravity. By Nikki Price Sometime in 2010

Rain pours. I turn a key and the sound of the click makes me smile. Something works, but not my life. The thunderous sound of the rain on the roof drowns out the sounds of the tv and my mind drifts away. Time passes as I sit numbly, staring out into space. Perhaps I wouldn’t exist except for the heaviness in my heart that pulls my body to the ground.
A loud click rings out – a door is opening. I jump, mumble an answer. Alone again. I’m a robot. I have no control of my life. Some force pulls the puppet strings and I move, some machine feeds out my answers and forces polite smiles onto my face. No choice, no say, just oblige to the hypocrisy. Mind shifts, starting to lose focus. Moments of nothingness. My diamond ring sparkles. Some lucky woman deserves it, some lucky couple in love. Why is it on my finger?
I am glad it’s raining. Is God crying the tears my body refuses to cry? I wish I could lie down in the rain, let the torrent wash over me, either drowning me or lifting me into the sky. Is madness so bad?
Few people would miss me now. My finger lovingly traces the contours of the face of death. Promise me it won’t be painful, okay? Will God take the ache away or make me bare it for eternity? Truth is, I’m dead already, but somehow my body lives on. Like brother Scarecrow I have no heart, for I gave mine away and never got it back. Greedy man; I smile, but it doesn’t make it to my lips. Turns out it was a gift never wanted, but nevertheless “no returns”. My heart wants to believe so bad that he was kidding, of course he loves me too – secretly, bone deep. This is how I know I am mad.
Am I hungry? Not sure. Am I tired at this wee hour of the morning? I don’t know. All I can feel is the absence of you that always makes me feel tired and my heart feel heavy. You tantalize me with friendly words, but my very soul aches for so much more. I want to know you, the ever-developing person of you, but will you let me? Some cherished moments of tender connection, then so much distance I feel pushed away. You have a life, your own life. I have dreams, memories, longings that threaten to ruin my life, my robot life. If I demolished my life for the sake of being closer to you, one of two things would happen: I would feel great happiness at following my “id” despite the fact that you would probably reject me again, or I would be more scared and alone than I am now, with no one to turn to. But the manifestation of you in my mind constantly calls out to me, giving me very little peace. It teases me, bidding me to come closer, to taste, to touch. I open my eyes and you disappear. Leave me in my dreams where my affections are returned.
But robot woman has a robot husband who gave her a big, sparkly ring. People become machines when the heart is silenced, when loyalties are not questioned, when souls form deep chasms of emptiness that echoes with desperation.
Eyelids grow heavy, breathing slows, sleep comes. Dreams begin.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About a year and a half before I got divorced.

Waiting For My Angel from Heaven

1st poems

I lay on my bed and I stare at the ceiling
Wondering what is this feeling I’m feeling.
I run my hand through my face,
I reach my cheek
It’s that empty place
Arid and lonely like a desert.

I begin to ponder about love.
People say that the heart is the processor of emotions,
But if that is so, then what is blood?
It must be its messenger.
It delivers the good and the bad
It transports all that’s happy
And all that’s sad.
Well if that is the case, then you would find my life to be a void.

So, where are you to make me whole?
Did you get lost on the way here?
Will you ever even come?
Did the fog make you see unclear?
Won’t you knock on my door?
Will you leave me hanging?
Come here, and take away my suffering, I don’t want to feel this way anymore.

Illuminate my life,
Wash away my rain.
Brighten up my night,
Tell me that life is not all in vain.
Kiss my lips and tell me our love is strong
That it shines and holds itself like gold
And just like diamonds we share a bond that is indestructible.

Let me look into your eyes and get lost.
Let me hold you
And let me touch you.
But most importantly let me love you with every cell in my body.

I finally figured out
That you are the change
I walked in circles and around
Just to put the pieces as part of the chain.

Yet I still have so many questions
Where are you?
WHO are you?
When will you reach me?
‘Cause I believe you’re out there
Maybe just as lost as I am
One day though, when you enter my life
I will comprehend that the wait was worth the anguish and the hurt
And all the miserable sacrifice.

I wish on a shooting star
That wherever you are,
You are searching for me too.
And that you feel the same love that I do.
I won’t stop dreaming
I will never give up
With my life I will hold on to hope
And figure out the meaning
Of this puzzling feeling
That has surfaced from my heart
And brought together all the pieces
That were once set apart.

I will refuse to listen
When people call me a fool
Their thoughts are poisonous
Their words are cruel.
And just because I haven’t met you yet
Doesn’t mean I’m irrational
It just means I’m faithful and true
I have a disease
I am solely and unconditionally devoted to you.

I know you’re not yet real
But one day you will be
And together in our angelical embrace
The sunset we will see
Holding each other face to face
While watching the sun dance its way back to the horizon
Holding you, amazed at all your grace.
Everything with you is perfect
Our feelings are uncorrupted.
I can’t wait ‘till the day you are mine.
Darling my love is only sublime.

I run my hand through my face
I reach my cheek
It’s that empty place
Waiting to be filled.
I now stare at my bedroom wall
As I patiently wait for you,
My angel from the heavens to fall.

Read more: http://www.blessedwithlove.com/poem/waiting-for-my-angel-from-heaven#ixz...

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I Dream By Day

I dream by day,
When thoughts provoke
And wonders awoke.
I dream by morning and noon,
When the sky is so blue,
The sun glistens high,
When you can wonder why.

I dream of wonder,
Or galore and splendor,
Of fear and strife,
Of equality and rights.

I dream utopia,
The incredible impossibility,
A topic so often raised,
My vision different from all,
My view only my own,
Can't see other's thoughts.
They can't see mine.

I dream of freedom,
Of wings that fly
And legs that run and run,
I dream of blissful skies
And the depth below.

I dream of dreams,
Of wishes and hopes,
Of the great human flaw
To hope the impossible,
To wish the unthinkable.

I dream by day,
Thinking about the night,
Wondering what the birds are doing,
Wishing I could take flight,
Leave it all,
Condemn this blight.

I dream,
I dream of wonder,
Of horror,
Of splendor
And dreary dismal.
Nothing is ever perfect.
Not even dreams.

I am a dreamer,
Don't worry about calculations,
Those numbers always floating,
I dream of paint and letters,
Of art and writing,
Music and acting,
I dream of the sky,
Stop to think,
Wonder why.

I dream by day,
Nothing's always okay,
I know,
That's why I dream,
For the world to be well
But without the boredom.

I dream because you'd be surprised
How often
A single dream
Can change the world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only by night." -Edgar Allen Poe


The quote I live by. I dream by day.

Run Away To Nowhere

Run away to a better place

Somewhere that will embrace

With open arms they will accept

Give me love and show respect

Be kind and treat me the same

Not be harsh and shift the blame

Not call me things that get me down

Never make me have a frown

Not hit me and make me hurt

Not make me need to be alert

Make me feel like I’m one with you

Include me in the things you do

Speak to me like anybody else

Make me want to be myself

But I know I can’t go there

Because that place is nowhere.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just thinking

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Dream weaver,
Weave for me,

A beautiful

Stitch it with
a thread of gold.

Strong enough so
it will hold.

Interlaced with
silver too,

Make all my dreams
come true.

Dream weaver, weave
for me,

My life's tapestry.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dream weaver weave for me, my life's tapestry...

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Is An Angel Calling

Just a thought!

I lay here in this broken body
trapped beyond my years
I can't escape the thought of
better days behind my tears
Did I hear the words beneath her breath
Have I captured her intent
Was it someone else she spoke upon
Or me this message sent…
Is a blessed Angel calling me
Am I the chosen one
As the banks of light burst thru the clouds
Are my Earthly works now done…
Will my life be measured in kinder deeds
Or countless failures I bear
Have I treated kindly, those in need
Were my thoughts enough to share…
I humbly now, await your grasp
Like a rock in an endless stream
Is my time at hand, have you called me up…
Or was it just a dream

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"We never know when an Angel will call!"

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