You’re On My Mind

To all those who have found IT and know they have IT.

© by Chuck McGlawn/

Daydreaming now as clouds drift by

Thinking of you while I gaze at our sky

Destiny gave you knowing brown eyes

Then sent you to me, to idolize 


I love the love that your love is giving

Your love makes life, so worth living

You’re made for me, I’m made for you

The love we have is something new


New vistas of love we’ll surely find

As life goes on our hearts entwined

Daydreaming now with our clouds in view

Thinking of just how much I love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I generally do not write about my expeirences, I just pick a topic and develope it. I try to pick topics to which many can relate.

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"Destiny Calls"

Just a thought!

I board a ship,her name is Destiny

She guides me through deep, and dark seas

The swells I encounter break hard over the bow

Her hull is strong, she repels all debris

The map I follow takes me to many places

Her compass leading the way

My heading points towards adventure

Without waver, bring new exploits each day  

These routes are navigated over timeless waters

Through sandbars and a long narrow straight

My journey will end in a beautiful cove, called...

"Destiny"... designed by Fate'








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a thought, through the journey of life'

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Prisoner of Lore

Foretold once was a place begotten in
the Legendary War of Mankinde.....
faire in wealth and luxourie but void
of love and charitee..
But blind are not who root in povertee
fancy by foe, for foe forgot 
once a war
raged on in these lands 
but now led to become who 
once was won by ways of war
and the villainee they abhorr. 
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Insane Love

Once in a while you drift away ,
away from your destined path,
You fell in love with a rogue wind,
You fell in love with that freedom she had,
Freedom to wander without knowing where you are going,
Its a bliss to be free,
Free like a wild horse
But , for how long . . . !!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I as many other dreamers out there, always dreamed of being free, free from everything that would stall me from doing what I love, but I always feared of the outcome, how that will affect my ife how deeply that will affect my inner peace, what if that is temporary.sometimes I feel like a little control over life has it's benefits .

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Fable "The End", by Sergio Nocedal and Luis Prieto

The End

It had to happen. Not a prayer in the world could stop it, no man or machine could flick a switch and start over. Everything was falling and burning, huge thuds like thunder from buildings half in ruins. Chills traveled through spines and eyes traced the path of destruction that laid ahead, leading to paralysis and then helpless death. This did not last, however, it took only a few moments to end the world, with only a handful of survivors. Maybe they were lucky, maybe they were chosen, by the gods, by destiny or maybe the world itself, it didn’t matter, though, not to them at least. And so, when everything died down, and there was almost no one left, a few stones moved and fell. Out from a fallen structure came a dog, walking with caution, scared but unscathed.


This dog looked around, the end had brought such peace and quiet to the earth, all that was left was the crackling of fires and the dirt moving beneath his feet. Gaining a little more confidence, the dog started walking a little faster, less fearful, looking for survivors. He had no luck for the first hours, then, light footsteps from behind him graced his ears. A cat, white as snow, approached him.




“Have you seen anyone else?”

“Alive? No, I’ve had no luck”

“Shame” The cat sighed.

“You can join me if you’d like. There doesn’t seem to be another living creature anyway”

“Yes, I guess I could. Suppose we could help each other.”


And so it began a time of mutual support that none of the animals were able to measure. Whereas the dog gracefully walked with innate strength, the white cat seemed to balance itself among trash and debris with instinctive ease. More than once did they survive those warm but icing hours, seconds that were not day or night but timeless reminders of chaos and destruction. It was that same bond that kept them alive, a union that could fight adversity through cooperation, each with their natural strengths, complementing their every weakness.


The dog advanced nervously as his ears were pounded by the sound of nearby thunders. Its tongue, dried as hell, hanged freely towards its filthy paws. Never had he been hungrier, never had a living organism been as starved as he was. Its stomach desperately craved food. The white cat was no different.


"There's no food left, its over"

“No, there has to be something left”


And it had to happen, it just happened. It's not a matter of evil, it's just reality at its perfect form. Someone had to take that anguish, someone had to take in that eternal guilt. Suddenly, the cat was no longer a cat. It wasn't a friend anymore, nor an animal, nor a survivor. It was, indeed, the only different thing up there in between the dirt, the burned ruins and the lawless sky. The dog felt its pupils change in size, its paws sinking into the mud and the air getting heavier for no reason. Blood squeezed through its veins as it felt its own inside the cat’s luring entrails.


“Now there’s no one left”


The dog wept, finding himself alone, he lay on the floor, next to the cat’s remains, once white now tinged with red. A world that could’ve been, a world that would’ve been was now lost between tempted fangs. And it was bound to happen.

WRITTEN BY Luis Prieto AND Sergio Nocedal

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Next Lifetime

I find it unbearable 
to   look,
at   times,
 a beauty so fair 
my eyes  
should  not 
contain  nor
      spy .    
         pink foot-prints  
      dance a lovely dance 
 across my grey brain,
   and your scent
      plays chase 
          with my pen.
Maybe next lifetime.
For in this
    life that we're in,
      I find it hard 
        to ignore
      If this force that I feel
     Is some time portal 
and your body;  
once mine 
to explore
   until that day;
   may I bask in the embrace
                 of your 
eyes                                from afar?
                   your mind
          do you              long for
                   the    same ? 
I have felt eternitys blue eyes
   tip   toe   up    my    spine.
So              maybe
 ill see you   next lifetime;     
Ive got
to chill  
 and the 
of the  
 dont be late.
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fate deviant




In the end,

you will swear

I had ill intent,

but you could not be farther 

from the truth.


It is just how I am,

the world is my dartboard,

and I,

the haggard soul

who sits at the end of the bar

who you would expect to reek

of alcohol and stale tobacco.


but instead,

you just pass by

not even bothering to take a whiff,

disgusted by what you've created of me,

too insecure and empty inside 

to hold a notion of manifesting

something beautiful

through the likes of me,

and yet,

I could give you the world

on a platter.


things are predestined 

because that is how you've made them,

so I aim to please,

as the bets have been placed

and are always in my favor...

you know...?


but in the end you will

say I had ill intent,

that I have no 



and I will smile.










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We are fortunate to live in a land where we are born and grow up free

Free to select what path our life will take and choose each possibility.


Yet I often wonder how much freedom we possess, not over-dramatize,

Or if our lives are a bit more predetermined than we first realize.


For instance there are two important facts on which no one can deny

We don’t choose when we come into this world and we don’t choose when we die.


We didn’t choose our fathers or decide upon our mothers.

And we certainly didn’t select our sisters or our brothers.


We didn’t determine the color of our skin, or how tall we will one day be

Why we didn’t choose how we look at all, that’s family history.


Although some of our tastes evolve as into adulthood we all bloom

Aren’t most of our likes and dislikes established while still guests in our mother’s womb?


If I hadn’t been born with Mom and Dad’s genes would my baldness be this extreme

I may have even liked olives or beer or, God forbid, hated Neapolitan ice cream.


Is my love of chocolate and all kinds of treats a choice I made willingly

Or is it part of my genetic make-up...part of my sweet destiny?


(By the way if many of our propensities come straight from our creation

Doesn’t it make sense we also don’t get to choose our sexual orientation?)


If my parent’s hadn’t moved to Twinsburg would my life have paid the same dividends?

Would I have had the same education, same experiences, made the same friends?


It seems to me that all our choices, everything we have amassed

Is influenced or driven by the voices of our past.


And though many things about us are determined from above

We do choose the people who inspire us...the people whom we love.


True the voices of the past will always be there but with inspiration as our guide

Our destiny can be altered, our future modified.


As I watch the world go by I find that inspiration in my friends and family

I’m happy with the choices I’ve made and content with my destiny.


And I look eagerly onward to whatever die destiny will cast


As I blend my inspirations with the voices of my past.

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"The road that leads to nowhere has a name now,

Destiny! ...................................................Sadly,

its not the name I care for.

I started this path twenty years ago and 

finally I'm reaching a destination still unknown.

.....................................................................I had great times alone, but lonely is this road!

Hearts came and went never cared to conquer them all.

______________________________________________I am now standing at the crossroads, which way....should I go?

Every direction leads to a Destiny that I am not running from, yet feel cursed!------------------Every action taken created a reaction, now a ----------chain reaction has begun.

I am only the one to blame;

there is shame in my heart and joy in my mind.

I will find a way to conquer the unknown.

Love is still nowhere to be found and that's what 
hurts the most; ..................................................a destiny without hope, a future of uncertainties?!

can't help but think, karma is following me home.

A smile I will meet, but break another heart along the way...

the story is still the same with a new chapter beginning;

I will write it my best, this test I will not fail.

Destiny I feel you are blessed with me in it, and we shall

create moments that will last forever;

however, some of the moments will be laments and regrets.                                             Reasons are no longer acceptable

                                                                                                                                               only repercussions,

which I accept gracefully but not wholeheartedly. ___________________________My journey continues...this road will not be the last 

                                                                                                                                                        I travel."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a blessing not curse!

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