You’re On My Mind

To all those who have found IT and know they have IT.

© by Chuck McGlawn/

Daydreaming now as clouds drift by

Thinking of you while I gaze at our sky

Destiny gave you knowing brown eyes

Then sent you to me, to idolize 


I love the love that your love is giving

Your love makes life, so worth living

You’re made for me, I’m made for you

The love we have is something new


New vistas of love we’ll surely find

As life goes on our hearts entwined

Daydreaming now with our clouds in view

Thinking of just how much I love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I generally do not write about my expeirences, I just pick a topic and develope it. I try to pick topics to which many can relate.

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December Sky

When the bitter December air blows and the girl

screams on the street corner, a Christmas list of dreams and demands

in her unrelenting grip, a bit homesick, though she is young,

wishing her poppa hadn't drifted so far

from who he was when she was born.


When at school the boy had day dreamed of staying home

and keeping the door closed--

now amidst his mother's disillusioned cries to be understood

and the solace of the radio in his room,

he imagines himself singing "Blue Christmas" like Elvis

and impressing all the kids at school.


When the young woman pulls a tray of chocolate chip cookies

from the oven and turns on the television,

wishing there was someone there to share them

and so she opens the window and smells the night,

the snow approaching with the wind from beyond the moonlight.


And the young man strikes the guitar strings with fingers

cold to the bone, a tragic tale sung in every note

but his heart beats warmly and echoes up the street

along the cool walls of every home

in search of something kind


underneath the December sky.  

A Daydream


Your hand in mine looks perfect together

Your sweetest smile that makes me feel better

We're terribly inlove which seems to last forever

I believe, with you, life will be brighter

We're arm to arm while walking on the park

I'm not afraid even the monsters would appear on the dark

Because I know I'm your Louise and you're my Clark

No one can touch me and leave a painful mark

And now the greatest moment finally arrive

You're the most handsome groom and I'm your beautiful bride

I wear my sweetest smile as I walk down the aisle

Feels like I am flying because my spirit is so high

Our love is so strong, but there's something wrong

I'm the only one who knew it all along

I didn't realize I've been daydreaming for so long

How I wish in your arms I do belong

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just wrote this poem, because I believe many people already experienced daydreaming..

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