Love is on its way




Love is on its way

Through the years love has come and gone;

at times just grazed my heart-

                                                 But I know love is on its way!

Beautiful smiles I’ve met, honey colored eyes,

with suckling lips; after a date or two they

become strangers again-

                                                 But I know love is on its way!

At times I wonder what I’ve done wrong, maybe

said. To still be alone, lonely at heart-

                                                 But I know love is on its way!

Love is the pain of rejection, the knot in my

stomach, the heart ache, and cries of lament I’ve


                                                 But I know love is on its way!

Never had a high school sweetheart, yet many

sweet hearts have crossed my way, none have


                                                 But I know love is on its way!

Ladies I dated are now married woman with

families; it’s hard not to think,

“That could’ve been me.”

                                                 But I know love is on its way!

Once, I fell truly in love, gave her my heart

and her daughter the world; she inspired many

love poems into sadness-

                                                 But I know true love is on its way!


Time and love don’t coexist neither does war

and peace; the time may be right, the lover


                                                 But I know love is on its way!

The heart is still single, no children to sing too,

or a lady to make my wife and start a family-

                                                 But I know love is on its way!

I believe in destiny, reason for every action.

When you least expect it love is knocking at

your door-

                                                  I know love is on its way!

There’s a lady out there just like me, who’s

been through the ups and downs of love and

hate; patiently waiting, knowing –

                                                 Love is here!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think I met her!



one day i sat too long staring at the sun.. looking into that blinding light i saw my destiny fly from it.. a great hawk whose claws shred my eyes as they 

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Life is What you make it

The World is so full of wonder,

Life is what you make it

Be yourself dont fake it


Look around you keep your eyes open to everything new


The world holds so many oppertunities for you

Think twice before you open a door

Just be sure


A world of wonders are waiting while you are contimplating,


When you grab what you want 

relax be cool take a jump into that pool be wise

and prepare to comprimise


Life is what you make it

spread your wings and take to the skys



Dont look back have no regrets, ditch the might mare sweats



Here we go, into the flow

The world is big but not to big for me!


Time to fulfill our detiny,

Baby if you you are me

I would love to dive in and see, You have the inner grace you are perfect for this human race


We wont be be timid we wont be shy

We will definatly do more than just get buy



Both hands on the job

Exciting and new things for us to odo and see



No more heartache, ban that misery,

To long life has been a mystery,


Jump in both our feet flat on the ground,

Feeling cool to walk around,



We are who we are Your my super star,

Thankyou because you are who you are!



You will go far your up there already,


Your cool and steady your so ready,

Lets discover what you know

I'll discover what you know

I'll learn what you have to show



Im listening to you

I know that your super true

So baby boy im ready

with you,

well put our love is everything we do. I love you

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Back To Us

I need a sign,
today, maybe tomorrow
and Ill be there
I know i ask too much
I just need your touch
I’m true to you, and it wont fade
not tonight, not in my reality
what more will a sign do for me
what more can i ask of it
Is there something left of us
tell me yes, and i will profess
my fate gloom’s upon it
but yet i seek it none the less
I discover a grey outlook changes nothing
no frown makes me need you less than before
I’m still here transfixed
I’ll die like those from before
hoping till the last moment
for something more


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any constructive criticism would be most welcome :)

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As she lay there

As she lay there, it all made sense
ready for the inevitable - sorrow pierced her heart.
Greed the fickle master and Pride, his shallow companion - chased her soul to the depths of despair -
fuelled by her thoughts, driven by her actions.
Time wasted, elusive dreams, haunting her passage to the Afterlife,
Regret surfaced, she smiled - At last a familiar face,
and as she lay there, it all made sense.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Why is it so much easier to write depressing content regardless of your state of mind.

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Simple Twist of Fate

Sitting in his room staring out the
window, remembering the good
times his wife and he used to have-
now he's a widow, alone and old,
dying of sadness...he blames GOD,
for his 'simple twist of fate.'


She's only thirteen- entering her
teenage years in full bloom, trying
to hide her bundle of joy knowing
her folks won't be pleased...scared
to be teased and called a bitch...
succumb to temptation now she
realizes her actions resulted in her
'simple twist of fate.'


The first time I met her was the last
time I saw her- her smile imprinted
in my mind, yet it couldn't hide the
pain inside...A mother to a beautiful
daughter- wife to a monster that
became her burden, the reason for
her 'simple twist of fate.'


Here I stand before you full of grace;
nevertheless, my strife to get here
has been rough- tough on the mind
but I've manage to get by...reactions
are set by actions, never question
the reason for our
'simple twist of fate.'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

we have our calling from birth...

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Swooping in flight on wings of a fledgling,
forgotten wisps in the journals of time.
From hither to shores of destines wait,
aloft on winds begins journey's climb.

Soaring past threshold's weathered stoop,
countless dreams enter far-reaching doors.
Ageless tides rippling with flourished hope,
gather inside the recess in un-tallied scores.

From breaking dawn to evening's fall
challenges by day end suddenly with night.
Spirits that beckon for closure of eyes,
forbear the demise of imaged plight.

Envisioned triumphs succumb to the hour;
earth 's mortal kindred fall to slumber.
Whisper filled portals surrender to silence,
tomorrow into eons come without number.

Fledglings anew taking flight on wings,
children born to follow future's scheme.
Into waiting unknown they one day part,
none to return except in a passing dream.

Swooping in flight on wings of a fledgling,
forgotten wisps in the journals of time
From hither to shores of destines wait,
aloft begins another journey's climb

© C.E. Vance

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Cooked up a destiny,
not meant for me
The plate was full
but my lips were sealed inwardly
Dreams became practical through life, blasphemy!
talking flexibility,
i'll work you intellectually
The complexity of the brains design,
intricately connected to the spine
Tolerating the intricacy of my lines,
as if they aren’t mine
but well defined by the signs that you read between,
formed and shaped in His image,
long live the king
so let it simmer, sizzle even.
imploding your insides with gestures of corruption,
but He flicked the switch to reveal blessings
so the indigestion is just an expression
of another lesson being brought to birth, non-rehearsed
see me now
you wanna be's, cold cocked trial diggers, stone throwers,
so judge me not; unless u be judged
I was guilty before the good Lord
but His blood washed away the evidence
to bring us to the first fruits
like Obama being the first black president
the revealing of my faith is evident.
unblemished, non stick, teflon
so all opposition gets the rug treatment,
stepped on!
no leant removal.
left alone, flagrant foul.
change your angle,
before your casket bound
6 feet deep is a long way down
so don't fall victim to the flames that prey around
I see the tears,
it hurt huh? stool cushion
I take Curtis Mayfield advice and keep on pushin'
induced transformation;
so leave your tool kit and stretch yourself
take the road less traveled
to put some trophies on the shelf
case closed,
ring finger filled;
time to tell the testimony, King James!
So point and shoot with grudging accuracy,
prolific mastery
ur throwed by kinetic friction
of the sablimenary contusion of confusion
now catch yourself, you still stumblin.
there's no rest for wicked,
quick to shed blood
Tiny Tim cruel, flim spitter
Donald Duck slow, you da da done!
stop trying,
you haven't figured;
I'm brick house stable
Hurricane Katrina couldn't break through my demeanor
I'm prayer ready,
faith faded, trim cleaned
i've done my business,
automatic flush sequence
but the drain can't dispose of my lush pieces,
because I've seen heard
and touched Jesus,
now sue your sacrificial seed
and break the shell,
lift your hands
and praise now!

By: David Johnson & Jeremy Baker

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jeremy and I play a game called word play and this is what we came up with. He does a line, then I do a line and we keep going till we feel we're done. Enjoy!

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Like A Bird

Like a Bird
May 10, 2012

Like a bird sing a sweet melody
Declaring His works continually

Before the sun rises the oracles escape from your lips
Sing all day long so you won’t forget

Listening like an attentive mockingbird
Mimic what He says, yes everything you heard

He spoke of unity, power and wealth
A prospering spirit and divine health

Open doors, favor and grace
He confirms His Word when you seek His face

Like a beautiful eagle spread your wings as you fly.
Singing a song of freedom and strength as you glide


DaShonda Patrice, His Gracious Gift
A pen in the hand of Elohim, Creator of everything