How my life began,

I wonder,

How it will terminate,

I wonder.

I seldom sought worldly pleasures,

wealth, status or be a man well known.

All I wanted is true love,

And God did give me one,

But she was taken away from me,

By the Almighty Himself.

I became disenchanted with the world,

And all its structures, people and places.

I often dreamt of the girl that I lost,

Taken away by God Himself.

Other women formed associations,

And tried to work their charms on me,

But I still missed the girl I loved,

The one taken away by God Himself.

I also became friends with a very good man,

Selfless, helpful, caring and generous.

He became my crutch -- so to say.

But now, after a lapse of 40 years,

He has also disconnected himself from me,

Just to please -- as I presume -- his wife.

Now I spend my days and nights alone,

Even though I have a mother and three children,

But all of them are busy in their own tasks,

And amusements and hobbies.

I am losing my peace of mind,

Maybe I may suffer a nervous breakdown.

I do not know what my last days will be,

As it is a mystery known only to my Creator,

The Lord God who took away my beloved...

Perhaps  she was too good for me and this world,

Maybe I am consoling myself with this thought.

But I miss her terribly,

As I have yet to see or meet a pretty girl like her,

Endowed with an equally noble character.

She too loved me with all her heart,

But she had to leave me and depart,

For God's Will cannot be altered,

At any cost, whether we pray or spend hours,

Weeping to Him alone in the night's wee moments.

Nobody can change destiny...

What will be mine, I do wonder,

Will I die a loner,

Just the way I came here,

Or does God Almighty have other plans for me?

I wonder, I wonder and I wonder.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on an afternoon in September. Believe me these are my heartfelt and genuine thoughts and not just plain sentimental poetry. It is as I believe the result of my pondering on my existence....only God Almighty knows how it will end. I WONDER!!!

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I am really thankful and grateful to you dear Shannon for your nice piece of advice. It made me think a lot. I feel I should try forming a new friendship with somebody true and loyal. Will you be my friend? Please reply.

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed.

Pen name:Emmenay.

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Initials: M.N. Ahmed.