The Legend Part I: Reborn

The Legend

Born with a powerful destiny,
Only to destroy those wrong,
Many times to come fighting,
War at my feet and soul along,

Gathering that strength through,
My awaken blood so hot but cold,
Skin rotting but alive inside,
Fear me you will it will be told,

Stories frighten thy heart,
Reaching for that step,
Whispers hidden deep in the dark,
Regret shall what had left,

Wait till my next move,
Fire and water turn red,
Get ready for that move,
Come shall my birth to what said..

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Destiny Unknown

I know a girl
who thinks like me, talks like me
who is as funny as me
and yes sometime as stupid me

She believes in love
she believes in destiny
she lives in fantasy not in history
but whats in her heart is still a mystry

She always ask, what do you expect
being like a zillion miles away, Nothing
I don't know where I stand
wish I could stand somewhere, wish I could be something

what can I do to make her feel this
what can I do to get her back
what can I do to be that something
what can I do fill what I lack

I dont know what's written
I dont know what's destiny
I dont know what's gonna happen
Let the fate deceide whats my destiny.

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Sooner Will Be (Dandelion's Dance)

Sooner I'll be turning away
to follow my destiny,
And I know you will be missing me.
Sooner you will not be able to hear
the words that I will say,
And my voice will just be a harmony
in a melody.
Sooner you will forget all about me,
And I will just be a part of your fading
Though it's hard,
Yet so understandable cause it's
the reality.
Life is full of mystery,
Why I've met you?
And why you've met me?
Cause sooner we will be forgetting
each other,
And live our life as if we've never,
But if time will lead me again to you,
Im willing to say my name again
in front of you.

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Stranger's Destiny

He's not a paragon,

Or a vesper that shines.

At first incognito he may seem,

But later on I am able to love him.

I didn't met him by haply,

It's all because of destiny.

Yesterday I am hapless,

Today I became the luckiest.

I had a wan heart before I met him,

Inert life before I know him.

He falls for me without incantation,

His arms became my asylum.

Never we will be asunder,

For we love each other.

If ever I'll be incarnate,

My love for him will never be incarcerate......

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Behold Oblivion

Dusk's Rule

Should we march on, still shackled,
Into our destiny, toward our fate,
By this idea we call choice,
We should behold oblivion--

Why is the drunk unable,
and the homeless persecuted?

Here is the screaming,
Blood gushing, wounds gaping,
Fighting, as if we had a choice,
Where we are born,
Who our parents are,
and what we believe.

Eternity is an infinite loop,
Watch the sand swirl in the wind,
The waves lap any trace of time,
Forever marching onward.

Praise God, for he,
is the one you were born to.

Dancing in ceremony,
Singing hymns,
Bonded together,
Bonded at birth.

Slowly the world wakes,
With the one realization,
The illusion of choice,
It's naked, destructive force.

Idea of choice--acidic to existence.

The core of our dissonance,
Why society reverberates in white embers,
Burning itself, clawing, stabbing,
All the while, the few,
Behold Oblivion--

Supercomputers, generated,
Altered by the environment,
And all choices are inevitable,
Given time, given place.

Forget choice--feel reality,
See the paths that lie ahead of all,
Travel them each, forgive, mend, move on,
Should you say they had a choice--

Behold Oblivion.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The beginning of what I'll always show to the world. Few are ready.

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Suddenly it
a journey
ended so
a silver
beyond the
point of
no return
a destiny

A door opened
to the next
you stepped
just out of
out of reach
a destiny

yet in my
heart you

(c) copyright heather burns

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Exactly 18 years after my birth

I left home to prove my worth

In my heart I knew there was something I had to find

Yet twas unknown to me in my own mind


Two months after I left

I became the victim of theft

Someone stole from me my very heart

Deep inside my soul I knew, for my new life, this was the start


He was truly all I’d ever sought

I knew this time love was not all for naught

I soon realized he was what I needed to find you see

That ultimately he was my destiny


~Chrystal Swallows

Written on

July 5, 2003 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another one written to Steve. I didnt marry him (thank god) but I used his last name when signing my name so I continued to use it in my poems to this day. Even though we don't talk anymore.

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"A Mix of Want and Fear"

by Jeph Johnson


"it's so hard to dance that way"
when our eyes first met,
she said
I decided she was
pretty kickin'
next to me
at the table
so we planned
some time to spend
scribbling words
upon a page
like letters
and soon we had
the perfect day
...the best day of my life...
chiming in "so far"
she said
"what about tonight?"
but my tenderness tore through her
falling into a tender trap
floating through my poetry
crawling up in my lap
for while choosing my words too sweetly
like potpourri or perfume
true love, convinced completely
was all too close too soon
so she said she wanted to be,
like common people awhile
so letting go,
for three whole days
I did not see her smile
she feared what I wanted
I wanted what she fears
with the fear that greys
the night and haunts
the roadside raining tears
one night I thought
would be our last
kiss underneath mistletoe
holding tight,
throughout the night
she drove on
not letting go
and for three more days
I cried like she wanted me to hate her
and almost got me drinkin'
sobriety came much later
after the saddest
experience I've ever known
became the saddest
experience I've ever felt
she said "no"
but staying friends
at the time
seemed the best decision
and my heart
it almost melted
but again
she still looked in
my eyes
and smiled
with her special pout
that makes her her
and only her
trying to get out
so I don't cry any more
my tears are out of style
despite waiting
half my life away
for the miracle of her smile
dreams and nightmares
drift away
despite another perfect day
when I woke up
the rain was still
pouring onto the ground
like a wave of mutilation
built up
to wreck it down
if I were me
I'd fall in love
with you again much better
only this time
reason and rhyme
fight out in love letters
she might have said something
she didn't mean to say
and now it's going to be
one hell of a night today
I'll take these dreams
and make them whole
in a truly sweet collaboration
emotional idiocy inside my soul
with toned down exaggeration

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Twilla, 2002 

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"Destiny, Part 1"

by Jeph Johnson


Do I believe in destiny?
I'll tell you after all is said and done....

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