the experiments piece #1

naughty ramblings

i dig you deep in ways that i don't want to describe

things you think you see and say i hide

are not exactly what they seem to be,

and though you like to think that this is my influence and thought processing of you,

even though i consider you my boo,

you are so much more

including the not to be ignored

knowing you insures that i have endured more

than it seems or i'll admit

and has transpired

because our interactions keep my thoughts higher

and don't spit

it's even truer

sometimes when my thoughts go in the sewer

because there are fewer

willing to sift through what's true for what's real,

which is not about how i feel

or whether i can deal

but if this is in fact real...

is it real?

you think i conceal

out of fear that this will end

but that all depends

on what you want it to be

cuz for me

it is a good dream that is a glimpse into the space

right before i get to the place

that i dare not race for

i want summore

cuz parts of you i simply adore

and others i simply want to explore

until my checklist of getting used to you is torn into the many pieces

that only genius

can put back together

so i say it's whatever

and whether or not

you find me hot

never really mattered since you were my experiment

into the compliment of feeling content.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i will love this existence as much as the others...

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