Contentment hidden within love's eternal fire

I shielded you from flames, and fire
 your wounds I did bandage
I promised to fight your every fear
Because you gave me courage, and strength
Your presence alone brings contentment
But my feelings I will keep hidden
Your heart you have kept hidden
And inside burned a fire
With every touch was instant contentment
As I unwrapped the bandage 
And held you with subtle strength
Not enough time is what I fear
I look into your eyes and sense a little fear
You have a secret kept hidden
How, you have kept silent with strength 
How, my words burned like a fire
How, they stung like the ripping of a bandage
I will leave you with no contentment 
For you took away all my contentment
And did what I fear
For we stuck together like the adhesive of a bandage
And our love was hidden
Like the dousing of a fire
Like a light, losing strength 
But I ask, from me do you draw strength?
Do I, bring you contentment?
In your heart, do I light your fire?
Is it me, that you fear?
What is it that you have hidden?
Is it your scars that I bandage?
Or is it your heart I bandage?
Where do I find the strength
To keep my love hidden?
For in you, I seek contentment 
A broken heart is what I fear
For love is a fire
Let this fire melt the bandage
Together we will fight fear and give each other strength
And no longer will we keep our contentment hidden
Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this at work for a friend. I told her to give me six words and ill write a sestina for her. 

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