Two stray cats went exploring out in the world one day

One found it much too boring the other bright and gay.


They came upon a lonely man looking for a pet.

He said, “I’m sorry but I can take but one, I do not need a set.”


Cat #1 said to cat #2, “You go with him to live.

I was hoping to get more out of life than what he has to give.”


Cat #2 was ecstatic he thanked the stars above.

That the first man he encountered would offer him his love.


He needn’t look any further, he did not need to roam

How lucky was Cat #2 for he’d finally found a home.


Cat #1 kept on looking but liked no one that he tried.

And never finding what he thought he wanted in time he finally died.


After many years had passed I ran into Cat #2 one day

 I said, “I have a question I must ask, answer if you may.”


“Why are you still living while your friend died long ago?

What’s your secret, please dear cat, you have to let me know!”


The cat looked at me thoughtfully and a smile crossed his brow

“After all this time it’s hard to say but I’ll try to answer now.


My friend was always searching...I’m not sure what he was looking for,

He was never happy with anything, he always wanted more.


He could not find the joy in life which I found very sad

Because he never felt contentment with the things he already had.


I was very lucky… perhaps touched from up above.

For though my life was simple it was filled with joy and love.


I stopped searching long ago for things I’d never find

And spent a life of satisfaction with purrfect piece of mind.”


As Cat #2 departed on an old park bench I sat

And contemplated the lesson I received from that old cat.


If he’s correct, and we want our lives every day to feel blessed

Then we’d be wise to follow the wisdom he professed.


For we can search the whole would over but nothing will compare


With the beauties right before us if we stop to see them there. 

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