Guardian Angels

The Ride of Life

Everywhere I've been and the beautiful sights I have seen

When I endure vivid images while I dream

I know it's all meant to be,

And these trials have a parallel in between.

Life's like a road trip, you try to find your own lane

Buckle up and be safe, hope others around you do the same.

Find your own speed that fits you, and when others fly by without hesitation,

Just enjoy your ride, and keep your eyes on the destination.

I'm so blessed to still be here, my guardian angels always been there to defend

Even though I've gotten lost, they steered me away from those dead ends.

I don't know what tomorrow brings, and that's not for me to know,

It could be the highest of the highs or the lowest of the lows.

But I must trust in my Lord, and learn how to embrace my faith, Take the good with the bad, and those mis-steps try and not retrace.

So this ones for the people punching the clock twice a day,

Barely sliding by from there measly pay,

Hardworking folks who deserve another raise,

Who get talked down to and deal with it anyway.

There's always a light at the end of your tunnel, sometimes its hidden away in a trap door

But no matter what you keep on moving, and remember that great things are in store.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another piece that I've wrote, give me some feedback if you'd like, thanks!!

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My Guardian Angel E


I've got a guardian angel
here on earth.
I've never met her,
and she's never met me.

But she was there
when I needed someone,
someone to listen to,
and comfort me.

I've got a guardian angel,
here on earth.
She is someone special,
and I want to get to know her.

My guardian angel,
I'm not sure whether or not
she knows that I call her
my guardian angel on earth.

She might not have wings right now
but she is still able to be an angel.
She and I only know each other online,
but I wish we knew each other offline too!

My guardian angel,
she's not up in heaven,
she's grounded on earth
for a while right now.

My guardian angel is a beautiful girl,
one who's not single,
but I'm starting to think
that I'm falling for her.

Is it bad luck
to fall in love
with your guardian angel?
I'd love to know!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about someone special... My own guardian angel on earth!