13 g h o s t s


Voices echo down the hall & across the wall
In a white haze, everything's a blur, a white fog

And forms encircling 'round
And forms encircling 'round...

The constant tone of flesh and machine

Giving life...taking life
Giving life...taking life

Then comes the cold, flowing in your veins
Beware The Reaper's face
Making you insane...
You better shake off death!

Faceless GHOSTS twisting 'round
Don't follow the blindlight in their eyes
Or you'll be gone... Forever!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Though sterile institutions emerging Stronger still, through mental and physical dimensions of manmade terrors and wonders, The Beast prevails.


The subject "sacrifice" somehow find themselves in a hospital room, after a bout with a sudden mysterious illness after drinking from a strange goblet unearthed recently on the grounds, thought to be part of a rumored hidden family treasure for centuries. The goblet was cleaned and preserved in a cabinet for display, yet recent birthday celebrations bid partaking from it for the special occasion. 

At about 13:00, the lights flicker, buzzing out incrementally until the flashing stroboscopic pulsations reveal forms moving about in the gloom, almost like 'white shadows' moving to and fro... of a sudden, black-holed eyeless, featureless faces appear forwards, overshadowing in a haze, drifting through the walls, out of the mirror, and through slowly creaking doors. As they near, the victim passes out... 

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Nubean Scripets

Just a thought!

Have you ever been attacked by Nubean Scripets,

the ones that invade your head?

They pass through your brain, in silent whispers,

tiny screams, till you wish you were dead.

They come and they go as apparition spirits

flashing death or something unkind

Twisting and turning to possess every thought

Laying waste to a fragile mind

Seizing all memory, they change for effect,

You resist, in a moment of repeal

You swallow some water, choking down Xanax,

There's a calm, it all seems so surreal.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Nubean Scripets"   my new words......my diagnosis for ailment'Tongue Out.....seeing or hearing things'


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September 12, 2013




She walks a strange peculiar walk,

sunglasses mask her piercing stare,

and yet the masses stop to gawk,

and whispers fill the Autumn air.


I know not why she walks this path,

she has no story to be told,

you'll feel no hatred in her wrath,

her smile will never keep you warm.


But when the people look at her,

they'll see a goddess with no fault,

when sanity begins to blur,

they will succumb as she has planned.


And in the end I know not of,

a way to bring her from the path,

her bleak and dreary kind of love,

will satisfy them none the less.


So let her falsely resonate,

with empty shells she echoes best,

for it will take a twist of fate,

to bring her ghostly form to life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a model I happened to run into today. 

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I Want to Contact You

Baby sister Poems

I want to contact you,
I want you to show me,
that we still have
our bond together.

I know that you
are no longer on
the earth, with a body;
but, I believe
that I'll be able to contact you.

I'm figuring out how to do this,
by talking with a friend,
and she is being very helpful.

She can be contacted by
spirits and angels,
so I know she's the
one who can help me!

I want to contact you,
to feel your presence,
to know that you are by me.

I want to contact you,
to know that you
have heard my voice,
and came and talked to me.

I want to contact you,
and I hope that we
will be able to!

I can only hope and pray
that you can hear me,
and are able to contact me.

I'll try and keep
my heart wide open,
and my mind, also.

I want to contact you,
my darling little Jessica,
my little sister who died
too young, of cancer.

I want to contact you,
and I want you to know
that I love you so much,
and will never let myself forget you!

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Spirits of the Night

I look upon a sky of black,
where have the stars gone?

The stars I saw as a child,
true rulers of the sky.

Dethroned by harsh, orange despots,
"streetlights" we call them.

Bring back the stars, my stars.

My spirits of the night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this while looking out my window.

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Spiriti nei boschi

saggezza buona fata si blocca

lalbero di noissttes.

(c) copyright heather burns

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Spirituosen im wald

gute fee weisheit hangt in

hazel nut tree.

(c) copyright heather burns

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SPIRITS--LICOES - --senryu


Espiritus en el boszue

la sabiduria de hadas brienas cuelga en

el avellano. 

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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