Double Standard

Animal Rights


To keep in a hot car a beagle

is in most states illegal

but since some humans do

animals eat

it's not unlawful to keep

pigs and cows in freezing or 105

degree truck heat


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Blood Sweat And Tears..


  • We have nothing to offer you say the cows but our blood sweat and tears. The blood humans cook and call juice or gravy. The sweat is uric acid, the pre-urine in their muscle cells which causes
    arthritis. Their tears and terror become adrenaline which saturates their flesh during
    transit and as they are murdered.

    saiom shriver

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Senator Inhofe Cancels 1 Mammal Cruelty, Keeps Many Others Going


Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe's Bloody Record

Oklahoma GOP Senator finally ended his annual fundraiser pigeon shoot murder after several years but continues his mammal murder votes.
In 2017 after perhaps 10 years of the annual pigeon murder, Oklahoma Republican senator Jim Inhofe stopped the brutal pigeon shoot.

1. he continues voting for the murder of trillions of animals in illegal immoral wars, whose 21 trillion $
cost keeps Oklahomans from having decent schools,
2. he continues to be the pawn of Oklahoma centibillionaire cattle rancher butchers who have murdered billions of mammals cruelly while
causing diseases to those who eat them, and baking the planet in 3 digit temperatures through deforestation
and methane gas,
3. he continues supporting AETA which is law because he and Senator Izakson were 2 of 4 original cosponsors still in the Senate
4. he voted to allow hunting in Alaska's national park and the murder of hibernating bears and wolf cubs etc.
5. Inhofe is also a pawn of oil frackers who have with the help of Scott Pruitt and himself caused 5000 earthquakes in Oklahoma
.. a record for the nation. The biggest earthquake in Oklahoma history was generated by frackers.
6. Inhofe voted for serial judicial murderer and dovehunter Neil Gorsuch as a Trump nominee to the US Supreme Court,
the Republican pentocracy of war rubber stamping, execution supporting, racist gerrymandering approving justices who are unelected, at present serve for life, and can quash the will of 330 milion Americans.

Jim Inhofe was one of 4 initiators of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act which protects factory farms,
butchers, trappers, etc. from the video cameras of nonviolent animal protectors. The AETA
law shields the terrorists against animals while criminalizing unconstitutionally the first amendment rights of citizens.

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Brutal Rodeo

Animal Rights


Agents of mammal murder ranches

amuse the crowd./

Sometimes they tear in half

an innocent baby calf

saiom shriver


Spectrum Cable, Rupder Murdoch's Fox Sports, & KHOU Houston profiteer from the brutal calf roping, steer wrestling, horse abuse which are part of the bloody industrySof raising mammals for murder


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4 Poems

Poem Strings

4 Poems

-saiom shriver-

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Cows and chinchillas

find a world mean and chilly

in the fur stores and the

con carne chili.


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Immersed in fog

in the lily'd bog

live polliwogs

before they're frogs


In Italian woods

goes Francis unshod

on the path

to oneness with God


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Anything which kills

little bug beings

can accumulate

to kill big beings.

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When raindrops

fall down

they sometimes

leave crowns

as the descent

of grace

does fearfulness



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6 Poems

Poem Strings
-saiom shriver-
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Darkness is oblivious

to what to Light is obvious



Footnote: don't agree with the quote but thought it was interesting

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Because cow butchers
made cows sick
there are mad cows,
mad roses, and
mad lipstick.




Long record of livestock companies feeding parts of animals to other animals

Lipstick from cow brains 

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Daily fewer of

Venice' sons

taste of

dead venison

while more

every day

read Dante

Lao Tsu and Tennyson

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They met at an Emotions Anonymous

meeting. Each was considering

suicide after the death of a beloved spouse.

It was paradoxical that though they were

each in emotional pain, their auras

healed each other.

As they began to talk to each other

 their minds which had for months

been in turmoil were powerless to stop the

magnetic energy which flowed from each

to the other.

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The deer running for her life

was large with child.

Hunters chased her down

and killed her in the wild.

This horror was in

the mind of John Prestige



British journalist John Prestige was assigned to cover a Devon and Somerset Staghounds event, where he watched hunters chase and kill a pregnant deer. In protest, he formed the Hunt Saboteurs Association

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Jesus illegally took fruit from an orchard for His disciples
Jesus was executed as a felon guilty of a capital crime
Gandhi illegally stood against the 'laws' of invading Britain.

Martin Luther King illegally sat in at lunch counters.
Rosa Parks illegally sat in a seat on the back of a bus.

Henry David Thoreau went to jail for refusing to pay a tax

   which would support slavery.

Elizabeth McAllister, a Catholic nun, went to jail for

      trespassing on nuclear weapons property in a nonviolent


Martin Sheen has been arrested over 60 times at nonviolent

   nuclear protests.

Nelson Mandela spent over 2 decades in jail for his nonviolent

   opposition to the apartheid of the S African regime.

Over 1000 suffragettes working for the right of women to vote

     were imprisoned in England.. some were forcefed.

Ken Saro-Wiwa and 8 other nonviolent environmental activists

    were hanged by the Nigerian government at the urging of Shell Oiol

Countless activists have been arrested for nonviolent protests of the

   School of Americas which at Ft Benning, Georgia trains Latin American

    military in torture 

What spiritual power do laws made by unelected pawns

of billionaire butchers have?

King and Gandhi said part of their ethical structure was taken
from Leo Tolstoy, who said we should not cooperate with
unGodly courts.


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