This time it was her fault;

She regretted everything. 
He grew tired of her, she hid that sad face.
Things fell, hard.
This was her first heartbreak
A feeling she can't understand. 
That's that, nothing lasts forever
Unless you believe it will.  
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The Cycle

She forgives them too quickly.

   She always follows her heart,
   Only to let her down. 
They say they wouldnt
   Do it again. 
But they break her heart 
   A million pieces everytime. 
Why do they have to repeat
   The same things over and over again? 
Will the cycle never ends? 
Where is her happy ever after. 
She's now broken than ever before.
And its all because of them. 

I Love You

She said it everyday, 

   She thought they were

   On the same page. 


He was there with her. 

   Two long years,

   He thought she thought the same. 


Even if they talked everyday, 

   Those words mean different 

   To the both of them. 


"I Love You" they both said. 




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There was once a boy.

Waiting has never been my past time

But you arrived and kept my hopes up;

Everyday and every night,

My mind was running fast all the time.


I suddenly got tired,

Went back to the normal boring life before you.

Everything was running smoothly,

I’m ecstatic and free,

Thank you for making me wait.

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I kept on pushing, believing it will work

But I’m terribly wrong.

You never cared, you never loved

What kind of a person are you?

Was I never special to you?


Series of girls’ names I’ve heard

Looks like they got the same treatment as me.

But I was there longer.


You never appreciate the things I’ve done.

Let alone the amount of sleep I’ve lost.


With those decisions you made,

I’ve arrived to a conclusion,

It was nice knowing you.

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Wrong Love

If you don't get it back,

   Nothing will happen;

   Nothing gets solved.

You sent me a hearbreaking love song,

   Had me in tears.

   Had to be strong.

You and I are in the wrong era;

   Never cried like that before.

   I will love you forever. 

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What he's done.

He thought he's always right.

He thought he's always more important.

All he wants are his wants, 

   not mine, not ours.


Selfish is the correct word.

Nothing can replace him,

   But I just have to do it. 


I'm too attached, I'm finally admitting it.

It's scary, it's wonderful

   How funny he always makes me cry. 

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Move On

The actual drug to my heart,

Side effects are depressing.

No one will know.

No one should know.


I’m alright, I’ll always be okay.

Thank you for all the laughs

And tears.

This was a huge surprise,

You are my accidental love.

Accidents happen, accept it.


Move on.

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Suffocation at it's Finest

when i see people in there perfect little relationships, 

with their cute pictures, 

their inside jokes, 

that twinkle in their eye, 

and the fact that they actually have plans for tomorrow night with someone they love, 

i can't help but feel a little jealous. 

but then I ponder on the idea of me with a significant other, 

and if I acted the way I see other couples act, 

I'd puke. 

Suffocation at it's finest.