The Gigantic Universe

The giant-like universe of ours is a colossal thing,

The abode of numerous galaxies,

The bastard black holes are there,

So are the meteors like the prostitutes, roaming.


The tiny particles merrily swim,

As if the naughty children,

Passing spare time concertedly,

Giving priority to their individual whim.


Like the lost Robinson Crusoe, the sun feels lonely,

With no moon by its side,

Feels a bit content and gratifying though,

For the clouds’ company.


The conceited moon comes into sight,

With the colossal procession,

Of the idle yet stunning stars,

The priceless ornaments of the night.


At times, a child looks as far as he can see,

Finds these all worthless,

The universe is a basket and inside we all are,


Trying to fly away like birds, trying to be free!

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from long before the sun rises
'til long after the sun sets
my thoughts
from waking 'til dreaming
are often of  you

of making you smile
of making you laugh
and even
of making you cry
with words meant
to draw feeling

not of viciousness
or of cruelty
but of  feeling
and connecting

of being together
though thousands of miles
are between your heart and mine

we're beneath the same sun
the same stars

distance is only
a measurement

and thoughts
can cross a universe

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the way it is

the way it is
it’s gray 
perhaps off white
pebbles arranged helter skelter
the inevitable two step
trekking tornados 
clawing at legacy

a progressive road
punching the horizon
signpost ravens wing the abyss
looping replays 
showcase what - 
is that the universe
endless dust
on the head of a pin

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The Person Who



There is nothing wrong

With staying in your own race,

Diversity is a beautiful thing 

To the mind that seeks creativity

And seeks understanding,

The mind that values each human being

And individual right.


The person who has reached 

The point of acceptance 

That we are the same 

And yet we are different

Both at the same time,

Until we no longer exist in a physical body,

And leave this level of existence.


The person who has learned what truth truly is.


The person who sees beauty in all things.




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He who knows it all


Truly knows nothing.



My father,


A wise, man of honor,


He always told us


That the reason we were blessed


To live in America,


Is because the higher brother


Was always looking down on us,


And watching over big brother


As big brother fell hardest


During times of egoism.




I guess that's why 


I believe 911 was staged.




It was,









Author's Notes/Comments: 


Haunting Inquisition





And they wanted to heal,

But the requests were riddled 

In disguises,

With delusions of grandeur,

And hopes of great riches and fantasies,

And so the healer likened the journey to the deep sea diver,

Who falls into the water with arms opened wide,

And forges his way to the depths of the ocean,

Deeper, and deeper,

He passes the wreckage of lost ships, and human waste

Of days past,

And at times must close his eyes to the remembrance

Of pain too haunting,

Because he knows the journey to reach his "treasure",

his "core",

Is a merciless path.




And when he reaches the ocean floor, 

He does not stop,

Because he knows what lies beneath is what he must face,

And so he begins to use the tools he learned,

And finally, after chipping away for months and years,

he uncovers

The worth of his soul,

With great joy, he retrieves the lost and precious gems

Of his existence,

And he begins his hopeful journey to the surface,

But his suffering does not end,

Because the road up, 

Even more wrought with turmoil as he endures

The caustic resentment

From those with no knowledge,

And he is made to relive the loss of his soul treasure 

Over and over,

Time and again the relentless visions of pain and torment,

That satiate the hunger of blindfolded eyes and sullen, hopeless spirits,

Hungry for the taste of their own lost piece of life,

Lost in their lust for material gain.




They cannot see his treasure is within,

The lack of "sight" for the divinity of his excavation

Into the "earth" within himself,

A common ignorance of human existence,

To be unaware of what one sees as 





And his plight becomes even worse than he could have ever imagined.




But when he reaches the surface of the water,

This vortex of pure love for all humanity,

Created by and through his own wounds,

Lifts him over the water,

And only then 

He revels in the love meant for him from the beginning.

The hard work that could only be done by him.

No pill,

No man,


Dollar amount,

Could have created it.


So you say you would like to heal?












Celestial Right

Nature / Folder 1




To hold one's heart 

Within thy hand,

'Tis a different sort of magic,

The thoughts that emanate from love,

Survive all be may wretchedness and tragic,

Thy love doth n'er be lost at sea,

Nor mine, in unfaithful woe,

It 'tis such love that shines above,

It penetrates thou soul from stars,

Thee planets!! Jupiter and Mars!!!




Mine "heaven" lies not from words of man,

And this key of life's mystery, 

'Tis why thy heart remain loving

Whilst beheld within mine humbly doting hand!




Author's Notes/Comments: 
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Dead Universe

Cthulhu Mythos

We are walking corpses,

Zombies at best

How can I enjoy?

That what falls apart?


Great Pyramid

And feast of Nitokris

The Ghoul-Queen

Married to Kephren.


All are dead, dead,

Nothing alive, so sad.

Gods and man alike

In a murdered universe...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mythos poem.

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Clarity Pyramids









midnight blue blanket

 do consume us wholly

you, raping bodies in death

"spill the light of heaven on me"







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Clarity Pyramid


(I didn't mean to erase your comments, Beeble. I hadn't realized I wrote it as prose instead of a poem. I did the other one the same way. Your comment wss appreciated, and thank you for your compliment♥)

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