Sweet euphoria

so enticed by your own suffering..

it keeps coming back around.. 

just when you think you're standing up, you get pushed down.

you wonder, but why bother..


I know what that feels like... 

to be swallowing dirt, with your face planted into the ground..

your mind is in constant crucifixion..

you can't look at the clouds, & know the sun is behind it.. 


the hands of time move in circles...

quality is not quantity.. 

tomorrow is not today.


if this storm hovers over me,

if it fucking pours down on me,

for all eternity..

raindrops will glisten through my eyes.. 

you'll see I never tried to hide.. 


because the rain can bring out our true colors,

when given the chance to pass..

I will walk along a street of rainbows,

while the past burns, & falls to ash.. 


my heart says not to turn, & walk away.. 

but so badly it yearns to fly, & just escape..

oh, Sweet Euphoria..



2010-2012 Poems

Today is a new day.
I chased the sunrise,
I chased the waves.
I followed the bees,
Smelt the flowers.
I felt the sand on my feet,
The cool, salty breeze on my face.
Met some fishermen,
And captured a bull’s gaze.
Watched the ebbing of the tide,
As the pigeons flew by.
I sat on a rock,
And stared at the blue sky.
I walked on the shore,
Drew on the sand.
Saw a lost baby slipper,
And hurt my right hand.
I breathe in all these…
Thank God for life.
Today is a new day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(c)jerlin 14Nov12; Samila Beach, Thailand

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Today I really have with me,
The morning sun is bright to see!

All plans for today, I must work well,
I must begin my day with a prayer that I always tell..

I pray that today, I am focused deeply on my goal,
I pray that I do well in every role…..

Life can be best lived, by living for Today
Plan for tomorrow, but live each day!

Today if I bring a smile and happiness along!
My life will join moments of smiles that will turn into melodious song..

If today my goal is to be happy,
The Today and Tomorrow,
Will hold no sorrow……

As I am determined to be happy come what may…………….
I will always carry thoughts that say,
Let there be troubles today, but I see life as a blessing!

Troubles over time have made me so tough and strong,
That a solution to problems comes easily,
As “I believe nothing can go wrong!!”

So live in Today with the fullest you can give!!!
As the beauty of life, is seen in every moment you live!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"An approach to Real Living"

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Proud ties. (#1 sin Pride)

Police the state
Then my mind
Have fun wasting your time

Years in this head
But still no lead
Fight to move on

The sheppard has died
Burdening us with his pride
Drugs fill the whole left behind

Above looking, especially inside
Better off blind
Honest emotions left to guide
After all loves not trying to hide?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeah I think I like the original version of this without my changes thought up at 5 in the morning but ill deal with this at a later time