Everything under the sun


Under the heat of the dying sun, every ounce of fear and hate, and determination to survive bled through the pores of his sweat soaked skin, as he swung the heavy broad sword in savage desperation at the rushing monsters. Covered in the blood of the damned, as he slaughtered the relentless rabid, his arms became weak from the struggle; his legs became soft, as his heart rushed adrenaline through every vein. Running on fading strength, only the will of the soul could keep him going; only that unseen hope to live would be his saving grace. Everything he loved, and everything he knew was nothing more than a mindless cadaver; an infected abomination. By the hands of man, all that he loved had been murdered.

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Condensation Shades Radiation

Smothered by this weightless white sheet,
I become sightless, unable to see.
With no benevolent light,
how could one have any sight?
Need of the star kills,
but she perpetually fills
our bleeding desire full
of her warmth and the pull
that bring us to life every day.
I crave her, but there’s no way
to satisfy my wishful want
of killing this dreadful taunt
of her face: bright, lively,
the only way to revive me.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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The Sun and The Moon

The sun may shine within
Her smile
But the moon may shine within
Her eyes.

The sun may reside in
Her heart
But the moon will reside in
Her soul.

The sun and the moon
May share
Her words
But her meaning
Belongs to the stars.

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Comments please :)

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Another Day Done

Hold your head up high; catch the rain drops falling from the sky.
Feel the warmth off the sun when another day’s hard work is done. Enjoy the leaves blowing across the green grass; time will pass by so fast.
Inhale the fresh clean smell after the rain fall; it is another beautiful day after all
There are always better days to come, the key is to look forward to getting the worst days done.

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Time flying by

I Look out the window what do I see?
I see a beautiful tree, bright and green,
the summer sun glazing down, clouds floating by.

I Look out the window what do I see?
The moon brightens the midnight sky, showing me that same old tree.

Looking out the window what do I see?
I see the sun and the different color leaves, falling from that same old tree.

Looking out the window what do I see?
I see the moon light shining, shimmering down on the cold dark ground.

Looking out the window what do I see?
I see the sun and the beautiful glistening snow, setting on the branches of that same old tree, we know.

Looking out the window what do I see?
I see the starry moon light shining on the that glistening snow.

Looking out the window what do I see?
I see the sun shining bright, the green tree anew, the nest of the baby birds chirping happily they do.

I look out the window seeing the night coming in.
I wonder what is happening before my eyes.
all these visions i realise
is time flying by.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Would like some insight.
been trying to make this read better i know i use Looking out the window what do I see?, to much in this poem but its to show its a different day/or time, how else can i word it so it reflects another day/ week.
Any ideas from you great writes

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Unique Poems

Everybody tryin be a star these days // I'm trying to be that sun that stays ablaze // becuz the sun is the most visible star from this planet // & like the sun im overlooked or maybe I'm taken for granted // but can they stop my shine? // of course not // I'll make them blind // snapshot // & if you going HAM then I must be going pork chop // aha // & I just laugh at the world becuz I gotta date // 2012 nikkaz I got chu in checkmate // I'm gonna make the world grow up so just relax & celebrate // who knows maybe even the haters will stop the hate // but that's for the next race becuz now it's time for faith so look upon the sky & watch me educate // BOOM !


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my soul blew in from the east
where the sun rises perpetually
it carried with it all the debris from yesterday
soiled and stained and riddled w/rust

my heart blew in from the west
with the sunrise and the peasants and the beaches
and it grew in my chest like an aging child
breaking through to adulthood & extinction

my memory blew in from beyond the sea
& the currents of the oceans carried with it
my heart & soul – now complete, I push on into the night
chasing my breath, creating my dreams

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From my poetry collection called 'A Place In Time' as yet unpublished.

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In The Arms of The Mother


Where it was where it is where it will be again
the sun sets the sun sleeps
the sun goes down on the living

Living dying dreaming under the moon's glow
the moon sings the moon comforts
the moon cradles the people in her arms.

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Sunday morning, rising with the sun, the smell of coffee,
It almost perfect, almost…
Like some coffee shops in Marrakech,
Smoke blurring the mind of the deceits,
Black widows hand’s amalgam through the seeds,
With toothless smiles,
The corner of their eyes sparks with ageing tears.

Century after century
The same ritual, yelling’s like banshees to the …
Young lovers walking down the streets,
They freckle skins stains by memories,
Pushing their baskets to innocence,
Pick a seed ,soon to be two in a pod,
The amalgam of love.

Souviens toi for the death of one pod,
Thousand travel through history,
Crossing oceans and deserts,
Some loose, some win,
Hold tight to the tiny hope,
Through this deserted land,
Remember the wind is here to caress you.

While robbing you from all pains…
Sunday morning can be exotic and beautiful,
Somebody smile,
Somebody cry,
Close your eyes and you shall see them too,
These old widows’ hands,
Amalgam of love.



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mind game

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