I Have an Unknown Friend

I have an unknown friend, who lives in the sky

Why I question him, I do not know why

I should not go to look for him, they say

But I know he'll want to look for me someday

I wonder, I ponder, even as I sleep

I dare not awake, for I have gone too deep

But again, the sun calls to another abrupt wake

Alone again, to find an answer for my sake

I take another step foward, for this I will fight

Forever wrapped in this question, how it echoes through the burning light

Bottled Sun for Ladybug

I have an extra room, good for nothing but

bottling the sun for one, lone ladybug.

She goes still for days on end, spending

hours motionless while hanging, backside-down;

on occasion taking flight and swirling 'round,

dizzy in her adoration - soon blinded,

and ramming her head into the molded glass.

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Ashes Of The Phoenix



In the early morning sun I travel eastward,

My shadow follows every step

And I fear nothing,

The comfort of its presence,

Like the warmth of the sun's rays upon my skin,

It makes no sound except for the echo of my smiles

Seen only in its darkened gloom,

And as the minutes of the daytime draw to dusk 

It begins to hover over my then weary form,

And grows to the heights of which my soul cannot touch,

And the wind brushes my face,

And my hair becomes coarse with the sand of the desert,

Dry and brittle,

Broken leaves dancing feverishly off-beat

To the rumble of doom.



The sun...once lighting my way, 

Now becomes as a thief in the night,

As it burns me with no fire, 

And the shadow so befriended in the day's beginnings,

Swallows me whole under the moonlight, 

And no one hears me cry, or plead for some small shread of hope,

And no mercy knows of my name, and no dream finds me,

The very beating of my heart has been forgotten by any living being,

But my eyes are singed and soon opened wide

Like a shattered pane of glass upon jagged rock

To see my heart upon the dusty earth.


And as the quill dips itself into the well of blood 

That pools at the edges of each pulse,

It writes the word...







Copyright 2013



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The Night

The darkness arrives
And yet something wakes.
The sun goes to sleep
Covered in the blankets
Of the horizon.
The moon wakes up 
To take the sun's place.
Where the sun once watched over,
Now the moon does the same.


The creatures below sleep 
Both in comfort and discomfort.
The creatures move about 
In the shadows
Untouched by the moon's light.
Quietly they sleep.
Stealthily they crawl.
The night is quiet,
With silence the night wears on. 

wailing undertones

Nature / Folder 1





dimly lit skies, and a dewey, warm waft of air

saturates my skin with breezy atmospheric breath,

in the distance, dark luminous clouds frame the skyline,

like a syndicate of angry politicians after an unfulfilled mutiny,

scathingly awaiting a liberating reprise.


clusters of dark grey sheets loom 

behind multiple satiny sheer curtains of microbursts

that frolick beyond the parched brush,

and far away, a crescendo of rumbling chaotic warnings

can be heard, but it's arrival is unknown

and the length of it's stopover a mystery.


still, i am confident as i witness it all,

my mind's eye knowing of the sun's 

flirtatious collaborations 

in this dramatic dance 

of nature's undertones of fury,

and await the show with anticipation.


as i pull in the driveway i hear

the expected yelping 

of a 70 pound red heeler/sharpei mix,

his keen aural senses in a tizzy.


7:31 PM 7/21/13 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

(ok--he's really 98 lbs. but i was thinking he would have been mad at me if i put that in a poem--we're on a diet lol)


Expanding here upon the magnificence of power nature has over us. That there will always be something or someone that has power over us---of that we have only left, a choice of how to perceive it---and that our inner strength of character and faith, during those moments, is really all we have left in the face of any fear, no matter how overwhelming. 


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My Sunshine

Morning sun, 

In my eyes,

Twinkle, twinkle,

I feel you warm and strong,

Worked all night,

Now it's time to go in,

My guardian in song,

Rest these locks upon my pillow,

And wrap my joy within,

Send it up into the sky,

Let another day of yours begin,

Keep it full of light for me,

And when I awake, 

To see you soon,

You'll be my shining moon,

It will be my daybreak.



11:01 AM 7/1/2013





Ah, and so the grays pass

Glorious blue

has taken the day

as the sun shines

his beautiful rays

The greens,

they pop,

contrasting color

as pillowed whites

rise up behind her



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and i want love to hold your soul

Love, Romance

i want to take you for a ride

through the mountains,
watch the sun go down

beneath the shade of evergreens,
and make a wish upon the first star we see

under the moonlit sky,
and on the way home,

i want to buy you an ice cream cone,
and i want you to hold mine for me,

as i drive through the streets,
because next to you, my love,

i am mesmerized,

just as i was on the very first day,
by the twinkling light

dancing in your eyes.


i want to pull in the driveway
and feel you smile inside

when you hear the dog bark,
and are at last assured i was comforted,

despite your absence,
by an unconditional love,

equal to that you have given me
for so many years,

immeasurable among the reasoning

of common people,
your love has been a gift of inexplicable worth,

that shallow men cannot fathom.


i want to watch as these ties of love,

having bound us so close,
manifest all the years of deep committment

while we bask in those first hours

that unfold our new beginning.


i want to touch your lips
and feel the warmth of your breath upon my fingertips,
feel my heartbeat jump into my throat
and my eyes become as magnets to yours,
and melt away the scornful words of men
that sought to tear your manhood down,
relentless and bitter cruelty leaving scars
without a sound to human ears,
but sure as the sun shines in the sky,
wounds real hearts can hear.


i want to feel your flesh on mine,
as my mouth touches every part,
and trade the place i keep in my mind,
for a journey into your heart,
i'll tell you every longing
as each breath becomes desire,
unspoken, though well understood,
as love takes ahold of our fire.


i want to hold your soul
in love's embrace,

too much time denied,
because to me, my love,
you're just that precious,
i don't want to change

what is shining inside,
and with time we'll journey on this road,
the good things and the bad,
and know that little can lead us astray,
because the worst has already been had.


and so that is what i want... i want love to hold your soul.



11:58 PM 6/13/2013 ©





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love Sonnet #1001






MOTHER OF MINE (Relationship between Star, Sun, Moon and Earth and how human beings disfigure Mother Earth by committing Nuclear Crime) 

Oh! Star, our Great Grandparent!

Thou had cast us off from you;

You still remain elusive;

Is it for what we call you Star?


Your son, the Sun is the father,

The father of the planets in the Solar System;

The earth is your Grand Child,

With its aunt, the Moon nearby!


You choose the night to emerge in your stardom,

And show off as the twinkling star of night;

But, thy stardom distances your relationship;

And we, the frail children of Earth are deprived of your affinity!


Oh! Great Grandparents,

Your winking eyes look so fascinating!

But your ephemeral timely disappearance,

Makes us fancy that you’re dead and gone!

But …….to prove ourselves wrong,

You emerge back again and again.


Oh! You Great Grandparents,

Won’t you come one day?

To see your Grandchild’s (Earth’s) hassles;

Your, wily Great Grandchildren

Are so mean to test her forbearance.

How long can she go on?

For her patience is running out!


My…..My…..My…..Mother Earth,

You never forget to point out what’s wrong;

When I go wrong you shed your ‘Rainy Tears’,

When I exceed tolerance, you shudder like a ‘Thunder’,

And erupt like a ‘Volcano’,

Yet, I am done no harm!


Oh! My, Mother of mine,

How long can we disfigure your blemish less face?

Should we trample on you?

And lash you with our fiery tongue.

And blast you with the ‘Nuclear crime’.


Oh! You men, you dare not kill

My mother, whose virtue is ‘Patience’.

Oh! Heavenly God, show us the way;

The way to obey and love; and

Adore the ‘Mother of Mine’.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As per the writer, the Star is the Great Grandparent of human beings on Earth; the Sun, their father and Earth, their mother;  the Moon an aunt.  The Star, because of its stardom remains elusive and human beings aren't able to reach! When the human beings on Earth, commit sins and disfigure it with Nuclear Crime, though Mother Earth shows forbearance, still it warns its children by means of lightening, thunder and volcano.Nevertheless, the writer finally appeals God to show human beings a way to love and adore Mother Earth!