My ode to Christmas 2012

current affairs

Today is the first Christmas
Of this new age of Aquarius
Does it really feel the same?
The positive energy is amazing

Santa’s sat nav got stuck
Other than that he’s well stuffed
stuck in a chimney somewhere
needs to go to weight watchers
you know what, I don’t care

just cos he’s nowhere to be seen
thing is, this really doesn’t mean
a lack of gifts and blessings to me
roof overhead and food for tea
since the 21st all this positivity

Great the olds are alive too
Every year a blessing this is true
Dad is 91 on New Years Day
And it is his last Christmas I anticipate

Mum never changes either too
Always looking to blame: True
This morn, I got the blame for
Her ability not to have a shower????

Long story, but all there is to say
On this subject, she is LAME
It is real sad, but at her age
Hard wired, love her anyway
She apologized too, a first for her day

My brother threw the Xmas tree out
So about decorations, first time without
It’s only another day anyway
Here in Wales, damp and rainy

Master Jesus was born in June anyway
Romans couldn’t kill him come what may
great our messiah gets his own day
dedicated to his Christian ways
shame system/religion mess with them today

no need to be psychic either to say
to know what’s coming, rest of the day
mum, kitchen for hours; boiling everything
lunch, queens speech, food i'm not eating
fasting on a day of excess means
later I can go travelling astrally

But I am nitpicking on this special day
Peace, love and light winging their way
To you all on this Christmas day
And please remember to be grateful
For what you got and not hateful
Doesn’t matter if raining or sun is shining
Every cloud has a silver lining

Billions of people worse off than you
And over a billion without any food
This puts everything in stark perspective
Just remember this when your getting festive

This will keep your feet on the ground
And keep your ego from dragging you down
Though onwards and upwards in 2013
Blessings, peace love and light from me

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We Hear the Time

We hear the time--beautiful time--
In the year when the truth is unveiled.

We see the time--beautiful time--
In the year when the light shines upon us.

We smell the time--beautiful time--
In the year when the earth is awakened.

We taste the time--beautiful time--
In the year when the false collapses.

We touch the time with the hands sublime
And the hearts like the sacred lotus.

We feel the time with the light divine
Bursting forth from the depths of despair.

We shout the time when the planets align
Like the sun with its sparkling hair.

We dance the time when the music rhymes
And we set forth where no one dared.

We breathe the time with our bodies supine,
Breathing in the transcendent air.

We speak the time with the language enshrined
In the nebulae debonair.

While the voices scream and the mystics dream
To the minds that are unaware

Of the time that in now, of the beauty within
That the surface things have concealed.

Yes, the time has arrived--beautiful time--
That the prophecies have revealed.

June 22, 2012

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Unique Poems

Everybody tryin be a star these days // I'm trying to be that sun that stays ablaze // becuz the sun is the most visible star from this planet // & like the sun im overlooked or maybe I'm taken for granted // but can they stop my shine? // of course not // I'll make them blind // snapshot // & if you going HAM then I must be going pork chop // aha // & I just laugh at the world becuz I gotta date // 2012 nikkaz I got chu in checkmate // I'm gonna make the world grow up so just relax & celebrate // who knows maybe even the haters will stop the hate // but that's for the next race becuz now it's time for faith so look upon the sky & watch me educate // BOOM !


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marching in a battle with death
what will you do with your last breath
the sun will be reversing magnetic poles
this is out of even our control

but think about today and forget about tomorrow
or continue your life in agony and sorrow
the predictions are there and hard to ignore
religious fucking preaching really nothing more?

2012 the end all be all
mother natures wrath mankinds downfall
humanity approaching its final death throws
the earth laughs, its hatred for us grows 

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