Dove [Fiverse: Poem of Five Lines]


I love

It swims away

In the sweet zephyr


Like a soul in rapture

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A Dove

 There goes the dove,


Flying freely above,


The ambitious trees,


Being glad about whatever it sees.



At times it moves like a rocket,


Yet it never does forget,


Its root, its home,


Even after a long roam.


The sky appears more beautiful because of dove,


A bird so shy like a bride, a bird we love.



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Days Yet To Come

Days Yet To Come


Reverence turned into reality

In the days gone by

Glimpses of truth from my fantasy 

I can see him through the sky


He whispers my name

Days are yet to come

Everything is setting to be the same

Warmth seeps in, no more am I numb


Nostalgia doesn't chill me

My soul slowly drifts

Love and longing fills me

My heart makes a shift


And then dreams arrive

And hope survives

And i know we can again unite

To make this happen the world I could fight




Author's Notes/Comments: 

With reference to Dove's Days Gone By <3

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All of the tenure,

Dove so recognised,

We at post poems,

Me and all gals and guys,

Love all your poems,

How they leave us amiss,

Some tragic with heartache,

So sealed with a kiss,

Lovingly tender, 

Soft bunnies and rabbits,

You make this site "post poems"

One awesome good habit,

We write up these stories,

Put them to the test,

But oh, dearest Dovely, 

You post poems the best!!!

Your lyrics are lovely,

Your graphics aglow,

We love them in spring,

And they warm us in snow,

A fire burns brightly,

Beneath thy feathered wing,

Please fly o'er us nightly,

And in daylight we'll sing,

To light up a candle,

In darkness, they say,

Is to spark up a flare,

That will n'er fly away,

Like the flowers that bloom

Under such Poetic Eyes,

A Touch of Ink reads us,

She paints the sunrise,

The moonbeams are Ssmoothest,'s just so damn right!!

I'd say you make the sun shine,

But then of you I'd lose sight,

See, its shine shuts me off,

'Cause my name is "Nighlight"!!!

**** Inspired from commenting on the 'poet's circle. Link in comment section.
Author's Notes/Comments: 


Here we go:

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With love and sincere gratitude

she flutters her caring wing


across our weary brows

her warmth is a comfort

so heartfelt and sincere 

can't help but hold her dear.

with a lullaby or good cheer 

shell come by and spend her good time

To encourage and shelter in her lovely rhymes 

her lovely rhymes chime and 

in them we shine 


abreast of her magnificence 

she tucks us under her wings 

she flutters here 

she flutters there 

 seeds of love laid with care


if she's gone it's not for long

if you look up you'll hear her songs

on the breeze on a bough just above

you will feel her words of love 

the melody of the beauty in her soul 

resonates hope love and peace 

may her heavenly whispers of wonders never cease 


our lovely Dovely so kind,

who enravishes us with her beautiful

heart and mind 






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ssincerest thanks Dovely, for always there being lovely and for your wonderful support and friendship you're one in an infinity. Hugss 

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Mourning Dove

Oh mourning Dove, why are you mourning, Love?
Can’t you see how I empathize with thee?
The evening’s done and all that’s left for me
is a rising sun and its hot curelty
the warmth he brings does make me sing,
but like you Dove, I do
want to rip off my wings.

A bathe in the rays leaves us in a daze
while the sorrowful band just plays and plays
That good morning tune has more solemn in June
as the morning Dove mourns
the scorched rows of corn,
crack beneath my feet,
I inhale the scent of wheat
burned in this heat,
leaving us with none to eat

Oh mourning Dove,
Where summer nights had life
the summers rest is death,
the Earth’s warm breath
that causes sweat to drip
and minds to rip,
that pours down trees,
no shadows to be seen,
but leaves the land scortched and torched
and in us hopes of Summer Nights
not close enough to make things right,
but mourning— oh- Dove,
your sweet song sings along the cautious shades of blues,
fading out of view,
you lament the loss of summers true Boss
and as the curtain of night is drawn back,
we await summer’s daylight attack.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part of my Searching for Summer Nights compilation.

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