Never Tell

The cold wind whistling at the window,

You can feel in the air there will be snow.

Another night of waiting for the first flake to fall,

Waiting for the panic attack to hit me like a wall.


Just the thought of driving through this weather,

Thinking anything else would be better.

Afraid of slipping and sliding so much,

I stay in my own world, out of touch.


Always thinking something bad will happen,

I want out of this world I seem to be trapped in.

This is just one of the many things I fear,

I wish I could explain it and make it clear.


Fear of anything and everything is no way to be,

But this is my life and no one knows but me.

So I’ll keep to myself, and stay in my shell,

And continue to fear, and never tell.

Don't Text and Drive

While driving, a woman decided to text.

It was horrible what happened next.

She wrecked her car and was killed.

I can imagine how her family must feel.

Texting while driving isn't a smart thing to do.

I know that and I wish that she had known it too.

Please never make the same mistake, don't text and drive.

If you do, you may also wreck your vehicle and not survive.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sadly, this is a true story.

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When Deborah and I drive long distances there is never any debate

We love to take to the back roads and stay off of the interstate.


We decided when the children were little, it doesn’t matter how near or how far

The start of our vacation was always the minute we got in the car.


It usually made the trip a little longer but none of us seemed to care

Our goal was to arrive at the place we were going as well as have fun getting there.


Coming back from North Carolina this time we took the back roads and it was great

Even so there are times whether we like it or not when we can’t avoid the old interstate.


We set our cruise control on the speed limit because from speeding we also abstain

We happily drive the posted speed as we cruise down the middle lane.


But I’ll pose this question to the masses, can somebody please tell me why

If I am going the speed limit, everyone else keeps passing me by?


I don’t think I am an old fogey, it’s just for safety and serenity I strive

For not only do I want to get where I’m going...I want to get there alive.


So many vehicles passed us with drivers using gestures meant to malign

That I assumed they were from other countries and couldn’t read the speed limit signs.


For instance a big truck pulling a long trailer filled with horses went by us in such a blur.

I couldn’t tell what state they came from or count how many horses there were.


A van with a ‘Safety is our Business’ sign must have been going at least 95

He was speeding so fast to show how safe he was I just hope that he got there alive.


A truck filled with new cars and vans passed me so fast it should be a crime

For a humongous truck with 6 vehicles on top to all pass me at the same time.


Finally a white haired woman from California with a bumper sticker from the Rose Bowl

Went by me so fast I had to wonder if her car was out of control.


When a little old lady from Pasadena passes you (I believe she called me a bad name)

You have to remember as you’re driving the speed limit not to feel embarrassment or shame.


I could go on and on with my tribulations but I promise not to bore you anymore

I’ll leave you with one thought as you’re driving...What the hell is the speed limit for?


So the next time you approach a blue Honda Fit on the highway as I have no doubt that someday you will

And you wonder if he’s going the speed limit as you pass him like he’s standing still



Don’t concern yourself with how slow he’s going, you don’t have to wonder why.


Just smile and wave to the driver...and I’ll wave back as you quickly whiz by.

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I am the one to Blame

D. E. A. F.

All these people sad and hurt,

because this girl is dead.

"It's all my fault, only mine"

is what pounds inside my head.

I didn't mean to do it,

it was an accident,

But that won't change the fact

that her body is bent.

If only I hadn't been drinking,

on that stupid date.

I regret ever deciding to drive,

But its much too late.

A little girl no older than ten,

could have explored europe,

But instead I ran her down,

now she will never grow up.

Everytime I close my eyes,

all I see is her frightened face.

I cannot bear these hostile looks,

I am my family's personal disgrace.

This little girl did nothing to me,

but know she's dead in the ground.

Her body smacking against the pavement,

I'll never forget that sound.

Until that night I took nothing serious,

and life was just a game.

But now a little girl is dead,

and I am the one to blame....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Basically about drinking and driving. Comment feedback :)

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Cleves Warsaw

His was a warm world with bare trees,

temporarily exposed by

the branches, in their nudity,

and the unseasoned sun that peaks

between the tottering gray clouds.

He drove through a bulldozed ravine,

condemned to stillness by concrete,

but overgrown in its dull spite.

He was afforded a clear view

into where the denizens dwell;

these wild and four-legged tufts

of matted fur, with big, wet eyes

that go dry when dying, roadside -

only to be granted respite

when cast into the yawning ditch

by modern whirligigs dyed black.

He avoided a porcine corpse

and briefly thought to wish it well,

but if there is no hell for humans,

there must be no rest for the beasts.

And so he continued driving.

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I'm driving past orange trees
And I wish I could smell the sweet citrus
But I would settle for having
You next to me
For the rest of forever.
I don't think we make the perfect pair
But I'm just fine being imperfect
With you.
Someday, when we're older,
We'll drive along
Like I am now
and watch the long grass
and stalks of corn
roll past.
We'll hold hands
And be happy
And smile the smiles of an imperfect couple
Perfectly in love.
Maybe we'll be going on a trip
somewhere far away from the life we've settled into
We'll both be doing something we love
And come home every night
to simply be content with each other.
I passed a flock of sheep
following behind an invisible shepherd
with doves flying overhead
just now.
Try to picture it.
It was too perfect
to pass up telling you.
While we drive
We'll talk about marriage
or kids.
you'll want the same as me
and we'll settle on names and plan it out perfectly.
We'll have a son first,
You'll say.
And a daughter or two.
A dog.
Some fish,
When the kids get old enough.
We'll pull over somewhere
on a coastal stretch
above a churning ocean
or next to a field of sunflowers.
We'll kiss, I'm sure
and sit
for a while
and then get back in the car
and keep driving.
We'll talk about our families,
our struggles,
our faith in ourselves,
our friends,
We'll drive
for a long, long time.
through the night
until dawn,
for a few days,
And we'll realize
after a while
that we need to turn back.
We'll find a grassy field
and lay
just you and me.
In a few days
We'll be driving
back through the city limits
the lights
flickering on the windshield
warning us to keep driving
to anywhere
but here.
I'll cry
knowing we may never be this way again
I'll wish for an escape and
the sweet smell of citrus
that's always
from the city.
But I'll settle for having
you next to me
for the rest of forever.

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Is someone around that corner?

Is someone around that corner?
Is someone going to step out between them car’s,
Just think of your child, just walking through the wild, stepping out on to
The road,
No time the driver had to stop your child would surly drop,
Just think of all the dream’s, just been broken for that child, another word,
Never to be spoken,
We all no it’s better to be late, than to make a date with a child’s fate
So slow it down when you’re around town,
Just be proud don’t show of in a crowd.

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