Within His Wet Dreams...(Eroticism)


It is the look in his eyes that intrigues me
Followed by mental passion excitement
Overwhelms me with sensitivity
Electric stimulations hits me deep
Power surges move within me
Shocking me intensely
As you kiss my neck
Lick me down my back
Submitting to our tantric stimulation
Has my thighs aching
Craving your sweet kisses
Please go deeper
As you search my treasure map
Dig a little harder
Yeah thats it right there

As sweat drip down my thighs
I love the way you make me high
Take me on this orgasmic ride
Thank you for allowing me to relax
Within the presence of your sexual essence
As you touched me in places
No other man would dare to go
As oceans of orgasms breached the seams
Thank you for unleashing me

You will never understand how i have longed for this
Too many nights have passed alone in this abyss
To many morning awaking from these dreams horny
Wishing i could just call out to you
When the urges hit me
You know when the thought of you
Makes my thighs weak and my pussy leak
Yes at that very moment when it begins to throb
Deep down inside my thighs
Waiting for you to come nourish me

Unleash me
Untie me
Fuck it Sweetie
Allow me to breach the seams
Kiss my back
As you stroke me intensely
Hell bring out the freak in me
Allow me to be that slut
You be fucking in your wet dreams
Come on Sweetie
I anit no punk
Give it to me uncut and raw
I wanna feel you deep in my belly
Crawling up the spine of my back
Dusting off this pussy
As you licking the cob webs away
Peirce my soul Sweetie
Hold on tight
I promise i want fight

Will you let me kiss your neck
As i suck on your adams apple
Kissing my way down your chest
As i relax my head
As I kiss your belly button
As I kiss the small of your head
Licking down the veins
That drives you insane
Allow me to enjoy you
As you enjoy every kiss
Every lick takes you deeper
And deeper within
The circle of my cyclone

Let's ride the storm Sweetie
Until our bodies explode
Pull my hair Sweetie
Make me scream
As you make love to me
Turn me over
Spank dat ass
Bit my neck
As you grab my pussy
From the front
Allowing me to bust
From your deep thrust
As i am screaming out for more
You dont mind giving me
Just what i need
And i dont mind Wetting you up
Because it relaxes me
Damn I love your Wet dreams..

© 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington

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The Mercenary and The Squire

The nightly curtain crept across the land
Forcing to life all that are under its command
And by its hand, lustful shadows cast upon a wall
As into a passionate love we do, once again, fall

Soldiers, basking bodies in their master’s lunar light
A practice field where many may show their true might
It is here that in private rounds longing is released
When it is flesh of the innocent upon which they feast

Enter the ring, a ravenous mercenary with many kills
And by his hand he brings along a squire of many skills
To dual away until altered is the purity of her soul
So that come morning he may say it is her he has stole

But smart was the squire whose sinlessness was feigned
By her body and to it so the mercenary would be chained
Unwise was he as he drew her closer by his leading hand
So quickly the she squire gave him all he could withstand

Long into the hours of their master’s reign they battled
Until it seemed that both fighters were visibly rattled
Battered and panting they agreed to a truce
To stay in each others arms required no excuse

Stay like that they did, well into the reign of dawn
But with no fear, for their master had not gone
Wrapped in his curtain of darkness they remained
Safe from the world, their lust filled night contained

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The mercenary is a man.
The squire is a woman.
The night is their master.

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Chasm of Trust

Traces of your tip left indelible marks of burning desire
The closeness of your breath raised puckered mounds reaching up
Your eyes desirous and fierce with the aggravation of the endless barriers
Your hand so close to my cheek magnetically drawing closer

The lost longing little boy look in those baby brown eyes pleaded for a second
Then you clenched your fist so tight I heard your knuckles crack 
Starting to shake frustrated in front of me then slapped it on the wall by my nape 
Your arms capturing me in your trap leaning over breathing each other in.
You move close, electrically close within a hair's width
so close we feel each other's charge in the minute chasm
brush lovingly past. your lips part wider. 

I lower my eyes breathless totally in your control,
you own the moment I'm held hostage by the want,
the need to affirm you in my soul through my flesh
I hang there jaw raised, eyes lowered waiting an eternity,
I've given up weak

Silently begging for the join that brings me peace
then I feel the charge recede 
I know something's gone
I ached for its missing the instant it was gone
Reconnecting again in the tips of dexterity, no you said.
I have loved so long to build this trust
Let us not defile this with an ordinary lust. 

As you left I knew.
As I stayed you knew.
This is not the end.

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Destiny Unknown

I know a girl
who thinks like me, talks like me
who is as funny as me
and yes sometime as stupid me

She believes in love
she believes in destiny
she lives in fantasy not in history
but whats in her heart is still a mystry

She always ask, what do you expect
being like a zillion miles away, Nothing
I don't know where I stand
wish I could stand somewhere, wish I could be something

what can I do to make her feel this
what can I do to get her back
what can I do to be that something
what can I do fill what I lack

I dont know what's written
I dont know what's destiny
I dont know what's gonna happen
Let the fate deceide whats my destiny.

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she came into my life through a project team
my emotions went all extreme
she was like some river and I was flowing downstream
and suddenly she all into my dreams

One day I held my nerves and asked her out
She had no clue at all, she was in a doubt
somehow she agreed and finally we were hanging out.
date was fine but I dint expressed my feelings throughout

Seriously, when you are in love with someone its hard to say
she get it all by herself, you can just pray
I should have expressed, should have portray.
made the same mistake the "DELAY"

we entered the friends zone.
adjusting my guitar for the right tone.
but the tune never matched, all songs unheard unknown
she became queen of the bee hive and I was the dead drone

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Sweetness, Will You Push Me Into Love?

Lover I've never met,
Oh, the promises you make.
Pure sweetness falling from your lips
And onto these keys

I drink your words hungrily and beg for more
And when my eyelids meet, it's your eyes I see,
Such a brilliant green, like those I've seen in my dreams
Loving and mischievous, with a smile to match.

Oh, Lover, do you know what you do to me?
I drive myself mad with the want to touch you
To reach out and feel flesh instead of this cold air

And, oh, you know you could have me if you wanted,
It wouldn't be hard to make me yours.
With every sweet word and seductive smile you chip at my will,
You push me to the edge.

And if ever your lips were to meet mine,
I know I would slip and happily fall

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Pining for Love

I want to fall in love. Madly, stupidly, completely in love. I want to be so wrapped up in the feeling that I can barely breathe and the rest of the world passes by in surreal blurs and swirls of color.

I would give anything to have your lips pressed against mine. Your warms hands pulling me close. As you look deep into my eyes. I'm sure they could cut straight into me. No, I know they can. Even when you look at me now I can feel them, reaching inside of me and searching out every little secret I've ever held. And you smile sweetly, almost mockingly, because you know. You know that in an instant you hold my strings. And when you pull them I dance for you.

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Secrets of the Heart


Secrets of the Heart
The heart is not the maker, but the bringer of all there is.
It changes to the soul of the person, good or evil.
The heart is honest, a liar, a lover, and a hater.
It feeds on hatred, and blossoms from happiness.
One word can tear it apart, and leave it defenseless.
A line can make it flutter, and skip a beat.
Or it can be cold like the steel iron of war, instruments of death.
Conveying landmarks throughout the pages of history.
Those who look too deep can become lost, hidden.
Or vanity can rise and one can easily reach the bottom.
Smiles and grins can change the surface from a hard shell into an open wound.
Soft like the pellets of a rose, can leave it open to pain and suffering.
Those who keep their iron shields will be free from damage, but lacking in joy.
A risk one must decide on their own.
Catastrophies full of lives could be torn at a whim, or saved by a request.
One strong enough could scatter apparitions across the planet, leaving echoes in the wind.
Simple yet complicated, just like the light and darkness.
All are different, and are all the same.
Without them, nothing will be pure, only destruction and chaos.
With them, nothing is sure, similar to life and death.
His is one of the utmost difficulty, filled with puddles and lakes.
In places there a barren desserts, filled with the devils of pleasure that run wild and prey on the souls of the innocent.
And in some there are vivacious creatures and beings filled with the energy and given the breath of life that compares to one at the Holy Ones gate.
For a while, no one was granted entrance into this heart, only fools who dared to try were quickly cast away, left in the wake of his horrid history.
Many came and gone trying to break this wall protecting his most sacred treasure, many thought they found the key, but were sadly mistaken.
But then came the day where there was One, the One who held the key.
Love was exchanged, or so it seemed, and he embraced her with all of his being.
Hiding nothing from her and doing his all to please her.
Spending every waking second trying to keep her with him.
But for some reason, unknown to him, she left him, betrayed his love and ripped his heart out of his chest.
The lies and promises she told him never left his head, haunting him day after day, constantly tearing at his soul.
He hated her, he loved her, he needed her, he despised her.
All these things attacking at once were too much to handle.
So he did what he thought was best, he destroyed his heart, voiding himself of emotion.
And after that day, he left a trail of broken hearts behind him, moving onto the next heart until he grew tired of it.
Then one day, he met another, One similar to the other, but yet very different.
This intrigued him, and he decided to play this little game and see how far it went.
But as time went by he realized how it was slowly turning from being a game and into someting more serious, more limpid.
Fearing of the pain that broke him once he tried to end it, thinking it would solve everything, but he was too late.
The door to his heart was wide open like the fields of Garden of Eden, and she was his Tree of Life.
He did what he could to get away from her, lying, cheating. But all in vain.
Her purity did not let his plan stain her, for her love was true, shining brilliantly.
He did not want to admit it and never showed her, but her love for him was as strong as his love for her.
She, unlike the other One, truly wanted to be with him and wanted to stay.
After time he finally realized the angel sent to him, and embraced her.
In time his heart healed, and was able to fully extend his love for her, and reach her outstretched hand.
Hard times went by to destroy their bond but all failed.
Their love is brighter than the light itself, and time is only making the rays even brighter.
The secrets of his heart were in the form of light and darkness.
Only light can defeat the darkness, and love is the purest form of light.

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My Work

We came together from pieces,
life was slipping away.
I thought that whatever life teaches,
we could learn from each day.
Mistaking anger for passion,
chaos colored the skies.
Thunder and lightening was crashing,
and all I saw were wild eyes.

Are we part of a vision,
that sees deeper than we can?
Are we the start of a mission,
should you be holding my hand?
Can we arrive there the first time,
to save each others' screams?
Are we the reason love is blind,
or must we sigh, in dreams?

I stand alone here now,
though you remain so close.
Flesh and bone; I fear somehow,
that we are becoming....ghosts.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About a fractured relationship.....

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