To the Arms of My First Love

2010-2012 Poems

It feels like my soul is REUNIFIED with my body.
It’s like - “THIS IS IT!”
It’s like coming home…to somewhere I’ve always known
But haven’t really been.

I could write tons of words…poetry!
Of why it should be,
Why it must be,
Why not? I’m so excited, Destiny!

But for now, this I know:
Since I was 7…It was a subtle call.
A wink, I turned my back but you are feisty.
I took the first step. I took it slow.
But all roads lead to where I should be…

Now I see you, and you’re hollering at me!
Sweet call to infinite passion of creativity.
I am coming right at you…my first love…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(c)jerlin -23Aug2012 - My love for photography. :)

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Flaming Memories

Replace my cool soft pillow
With the warmth of your solid chest.
Fill the overwhelming silence that consumes my ears
With the rythm of you heart.
Wrap my body in your strong yet gentle embrace.
Nothing but sweat seperates our beings.
Even the most skillful DNA Analyst would have difficulty
Seperating our particals.
The release of your breath
Becoming the inhale of mine
Welcoming each one
As if the very being of my existence depended on you.
Body motion in unison to the beat building within like a crescendo
Climaxing with symbols crashing
Fire still blazing
Flames growing inwardly.
Fan towards the leak
And we both will explode.
Won't be consumed by the fire
Body activated extinguishers release once the temperature is just right
Saturation suffocates the inferno
Putting it out with ease.
Not a flame left in sight.
Only evidence is steam arising from moist hot flesh.
No words are spoken.
There are none to be said.
The memory should live
Only inside our heads,
The only reminder that will remain
Is in the moment our eyes meet
And our minds dance again
To a silent beat.

A Soft Touch

Soft as spring petals, on flowers gifted to you,
a lover's caress beneath satin covered down
Embraced in arm's comforts, kin to pillow's fold,
touches stir, with whisk upon your silken gown

Contours defined, in sheerness of garment's drape,
traces your beauty in the room's tapered light
Succumbed to allure, from tempt of arousing view,
placement of every passion's kiss, prevails the night

Taste of rapture's wine, seeps onto my lips;
a pleasure defined by all devotions shared
An ambiance of bliss, created by our hearts,
with sweepings from my touch, never spared

Soft as spring petals, on flowers gifted to you,
comforts are found nestled to your breast
All promptings calmed, by delightful bliss,
held in loving arms, comes night's peaceful rest

© C.E. Vance

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What a beautiful one world!
Like a silvery shadow falling through the tiny light
Like a smart slim smile aweing from face of the night
A beautiful eyes blinking like christmas strobes
From smooth face that expresses like violetrobe

I see a winkling eyes enchant my wilt
When the night ducks like cliffing beach writ
As the scarlet mountain crest the hooking valley
Then the motivated heart sets like spacious barley

I can't doubt your wailing wound
That encoils my gracious hound
There's movate ray that suits my buddy
That settling out through your bountiful day

I can feel a barbados's smell from your nostril
Through the biunty dam of my cereal's reel
Your simple step widens my sunny sand
From that tiny space comes through your heartsted

You are the Diana only one living
In the heart of world's dudes,staying
All monday of the weeks
From the wick of my weak
To that wake through ache

Author's Notes/Comments: 

True love cares for all seasons while deceits care only for a ripe one

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I saw a growing brews
Growing in a peasant plantation
Under it blooming vale
that cover round its roots

I draw the attention of sun
Unveiling its secret from sand

the dusky sun that will not scotch
But i think i can make scorch
From its alien torch
That ring down from horizon

I stay in the midst of scurvy soil
Willing to endear its toil
Then i start my lyrics
In the way of Michael Jordan
Because i believe to stay still
Until clamouring moon steals
I will call the zion of zenith
Seeking its attention for my victory
Micheal Jackson will stand a stage
And call her to my feast

Marian Makemba is there to sing a country
That will repair the rift on earth
I see the mimy moon shining at
The end of the day
And she must be mine whatsoever way

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Heat of the moment

Slow down 
Move slow
This is one of those moments
We don't ever want to let go

Stand still
Hold tight
I'm so in love with you
We can do this all night

Baby your driving me wild
Baby Iv lost all control
Iv captured this time
And now Were on a roll

Right there
Don't move
Your touch is hot and I'm  in a grove
Go crazy girl
We've got nothing to prove 

You make me cringe
So never blue
You keep moments alive
So real... So true
Now close your eyes girl
Cause Iv got something for you
Nothing spectacular 
But most defiantly new

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Moments we can't forget written by me inspired by you

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The Harder We Love

you are my purpose. my light gravitates to yours.
you and i entwined in passion's embrace erasing our past mistakes.
it feels good to hurt this way. i ache when you're away.
your kisses hold the cure. your touch purifies my soul.
together we achieve nirvana on an earthly plane.
light fills our empty spaces and the dark shadows are chased away.
there's power in our love. we've only scratched the surface.
the closer we become the deeper we trust. the harder we love!

you are my heart. my being vibrates with joy when you are near.
you and i talking about the day chases our blues away.
it amazes me how well we are in tune. i compliment you.
your energy energizes my lethargic ways.
together the world cannot help but bow to our demands.
love overcomes the most hateful of souls and we gain control.
there's no shame in our emotions. we show them proudly, like a badge of honor.
the more we proclaim our love for each other the deeper we care. the harder we love!

you are my need. my happiness depends on yours.
you and i laughing at nothing satisfies me.
it feels like the first time every time we touch.
your desire for me jolted me out of my misery. you awakened me.
together we ignite each other's fires.
luck brought us together and we've never looked back.
there's magic in our chemistry. time can't destroy us.
the faster we explore each other the deeper we become inside the other. the harder we love!


The waves intently crossed the sea,
Similar to me fighting to be free.
Wishing to one day reach my destiny,
And hoping you'll be there to comfort me.
Accepting the past,
Enjoying the present,
Rejoicing the fact I never stopped breathing.
To hold and embrace every second with you,
Paying homage to the ones who helped this become true.
Like time never ending and the world still turning,
I'll never forget the time you gave me.
So special and unique I never felt so strange,
But I guess its okay cause you made me feel this way.

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To become the thing once despised

Azrael's War

"And because of my love for her, because I sought her love for my own, I am shunned and cast down; no more the keeper of more the favorite son. Shall my passion become my demise? Shall my pain lead me into war?"

"Brother, you speak as though you desire rebellion...the very thing you once stood against."


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