The Artisan's Throne

I think that just beyond the deepest point

Our souls can reach, 

There lies the place where 

Our children wait to incarnate,


And in the darkness, 


Actuated through voluminous walls of air,

Gravity sucks them into it's vacuum,

They enter into slimy saturation, 

And flesh and bone begins 

To imbue their being.


They permeate this budding existence 

Without defense, or knowledge,

Propelled by the force they left, 

Where they circled in space,

For thousands of Earth years.


Now a human, living love essence,

Bound to slice the charred debris

Of our sometimes too well thought out plans,

A step ahead of us they plow their way

To mold us, sometimes scold us, 

Scar and control us.


As they journey to become born, 

While seeds of this innate knowing

Burrow deep within their subconscious,

Our eyes, gazing upon the miracle of birth itself,

Project us into blissful delight at their presence,


Comforting us as we spar with the hand of mortality,


Reminding us in our deepest repression,

The space from which we came,

Taunting our moment of utter euphoria,

A subtle elusive gnawing query, 

Starved, by and through our own ignorance 

And trepidation of who we are.


So our retort to this vexatious notion 

Becomes an obsessive adoration 

Of these fleshy creations which do not even belong to us,


They are the squires of our purpose,


Like projectile bits of sawdust and splintered wood

From a carpenter's saw,

Remnants of the artisan's aspirations,

And humanity's desperation to fullfill the promise of 

A life well lived.


I used to love to watch my grandfather in his basement,

Carving fine artistry from rough edged pieces of wood,

As I rocked in the small rocking chair he made for myself,

My siblings and cousins, each taking our turns,

At the artisan's throne.





1:47 AM 6/25/2013 © 






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A human experience

Maybe You Should Have Taken the Bus?

The santa claus sombrero watches over the helium head heart ballon,

it drinks softly through the straw into deep empty wine bottles,

and i'm the only one up,

the only one who hears the bugs sing and crawl,

the only one who hears the night train strain and stall,

fall into gravitys-gone nosedive,

how to survive the narrow-neck summer,

I guess just tip back,

Into the greatest dark of yet unknown,

tip-back and sit in a chair not fit for rocking,

it will be a bump-bump ride,

don't fasten any seatbelts and resume smoking ladies and gentlemen,

the pilot has been drinking all day and your stewardess's have been fucking all night,

Enjoy the ride,

the plane will be crashing in approximately an hour,

Thank you for flying the friendly skys with us tonight,

the peanuts are uncomplimentary and each passenger will be assessed a nut-tax based on the state-fly-zone policy and allergy-reactive population zone-tax,

Maybe you should have taken the bus?

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The Harder We Love

you are my purpose. my light gravitates to yours.
you and i entwined in passion's embrace erasing our past mistakes.
it feels good to hurt this way. i ache when you're away.
your kisses hold the cure. your touch purifies my soul.
together we achieve nirvana on an earthly plane.
light fills our empty spaces and the dark shadows are chased away.
there's power in our love. we've only scratched the surface.
the closer we become the deeper we trust. the harder we love!

you are my heart. my being vibrates with joy when you are near.
you and i talking about the day chases our blues away.
it amazes me how well we are in tune. i compliment you.
your energy energizes my lethargic ways.
together the world cannot help but bow to our demands.
love overcomes the most hateful of souls and we gain control.
there's no shame in our emotions. we show them proudly, like a badge of honor.
the more we proclaim our love for each other the deeper we care. the harder we love!

you are my need. my happiness depends on yours.
you and i laughing at nothing satisfies me.
it feels like the first time every time we touch.
your desire for me jolted me out of my misery. you awakened me.
together we ignite each other's fires.
luck brought us together and we've never looked back.
there's magic in our chemistry. time can't destroy us.
the faster we explore each other the deeper we become inside the other. the harder we love!


My Work

Faint recognition;
ambiance, for hire,
this job is precarious,
but can she steal the show?
Holding the position;
mistress of high wire,
toes point nefarious,
to the sweating mob below.

Concentration mesmerizing;
every eye transfixed,
tickets funded by the dream
on the back of the artiste'.
And beautiful is sighing,
"Let 'em have their kicks-"
she picks up the balance beam,
silencing the beast.

This is holy treason;
lost in deep translation,
corseted travesty,
compelled by safety net.
Furtively she blows a kiss;
to conquer hesitation,
winks, knowing gravity
hasn't eaten yet.

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